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Attract Leads & Convert Like Crazy


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You have a business idea & want to quit your 9-5
  • You have a business already, but are struggling
  • You are constantly worried where will you get your next client
  • You are tired/ frustrated /overwhelmed
  • You are ready to implement tried & tested ways
  • You want a shortcut


Relax. You are in the right place

Your Dream Business is Just a Click Away...

digital marketing and sales in the box ebook library two customer reviews

Results- Driven eBook Library

Everything you need to succeed online.. Instant download. Get ready for the greatest Business Lessons ever. The proof is in the pages.

digital marketing and sales online courses

Mind- Blowing Online Courses

Quick and Easy Strategies to turboboost Your Business. Learn anytime  from the comfort of your home. Your Success is just a click away…

one on one consultations your business audit

One-On-One Consultation

Your Business Audit. I review Your website, sales pages, ads and give you an action plan to reach your goals. WARNING: 7 weeks waiting list. 


Hi, I am Rina

I dreamt to help people since I was a little girl…

I am a Digital Marketer by default.

Amanda’s epic success-from homeless to 6 figures in under a year, was that moment when I realized that Digital Marketing was calling me.

Although I felt I wasn’t enough, that’s not for me, I haven’t got what it takes and got lots of critiques like “get a real job” etc…

My desire to help others was bigger…


Let Me tell You This…

I know You Have a Dream…to make 10k, 20k, 6 figures in a year or more…

But some days there may be obstacles that come up in your mind…

Let me tell you-YOU can do it! You are here for the reason…

Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your belief to match your destiny.

Never listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it. They are not at the level you are attempting to achieve. They reflect their limitations on to you. Broke ass people like to shit on dreams. They have their own insecurities going on from their past.

Don’t let small minds to convince you that your dreams are too big!

Let your bank account to prove them wrong!

And… if you have failed in the past…. it is not your fault. Because….

To build a successful business is a hard task.  All the competition, noise online and constantly changing Algorithms….

And so many gurus saying different things…

A web designer will tell you a beautiful design is what you need, while he may not even know how important website speed is…

Facebook Ads Agency will tell you need to hire them to run ads.

A successful YouTuber will tell you need his course on YouTube channel.

A logo designer may have a master’s degree, but won’t tell how little impact on revenue it makes…

That’s all lies.

The reality is you need a proven, tried and tested system,


Building a Successful Business is like baking a cake- you need to know all the ingredients & a recipe.

I totally get YOU! I have been there. Likewise, I heard the phrases like “get a real job”, “It won’t work” …etc …. and yes, it was my mum who told me to stay silent about my 10k a month dream, as she thought anyone who would hear it would laugh at me.

And yes, my first two Businesses failed flat on the face… You know what? I didn’t make any money for 5 years… But this didn’t stop me from trying, because all my life I dreamt about financial freedom.

I learnt it all the hard way…but you don’t have to. I can give you a shortcut.




Digital- Marketer- Rina-Slusnyte- working

If I can do it, My Clients can do it, You can do it too!

Imagine results like this...

Brian Horward

Software Developer

Today I earn more in two months than I used to earn per year. Rina gave me valuable strategies, skills and vision to nail it. What Rina teaches is life-changing. Incredible businesswoman, dedicated to help more and impact lives. Do yourself a favour and go for it. You’ll thank yourself for taking the step the minute you get access to any of Rina’s educational lesson. Goodbye 9-5.

Pamela Scott

Life Coach

 Marketing is in Rina’s bones! Rina’s deep Marketing knowledge is not just in one channel, but in every flavour of marketing. I will never ever forget the day when I told my grandson I was fully covering his pilot school fees and paying all extra. I have planned our next luxury vacation for all the family. With all-inclusive, top-class hotels.

Sarah Wilkinson

Natural Wellness

The first night, I couldn’t fall asleep, because I couldn’t wait to apply the knowledge. I built my successful business just from her e-books. The value is mind-blowing. Rina is a real BLESSING! Goodbye to rushed mornings and late day-care pickups. Today I am financial FREE, have so much time with my husband and kids and enjoy life at my terms.

Attract, Nurture & Convert

The SECRETS how to attract, nurture and convert your  leads into customers. 

Learn what your customers want and how to hack into their mind, push-your client’s BUY NOW button in their brain and 10+ x your sales.

The lessons  are so powerful, that you’ll wonder how you ever SOLD a thing before you discovered what you’re about to learn in this e-book library today.

The best part? No fluff! No filler! Fast and Easy hacks you can implement instantly.

The proof is in the pages. You probably will not sleep tonight…

Turn Your Passion into A Million

Coaches, Consultants, Infopreneurs and All Service Businesses

You Believe it, when you See it. It will blow Your Mind 

Just Imagine

waking up & never worrying again about getting new clients, even if you have no list of following…

Learn Before You Earn

Why My Services?

My passion, dedication, and experience gained over years of testing what works in today’s Digital World, can bring your business to the next level. Blow up YOUR competitors and make them wonder how did you do it.
online visibility, traffic, and sales.

Your Business Goals are my destination.

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