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Hi, I am Rina

I love diving in the business world, mastering the art of Digital Marketing and helping big and small fishes in a big business ocean.

The best Part of all the hard work is when I hear a happy customer’s voice telling me the success story. I love being a part of the successful stories, it’s the highlight of my work. Will Your Business be the next Successful Story ? Contact us and we can make this happen.


I want to help you to BE more, to DO more and to HAVE more

Who I am

Lithuanian emigrant living in Ireland for nearly half of my life. Business Coach by default… Read my story and find out.

My Imagination is my Engine.

My service is the fuel

& your Business Satisfaction is my  Destination.

My Mission

My aim is to connect you to your  prospective customers using me experience, skills, knowledge and passion. Innovative technology and tools, various channels, bringing brand awareness, sales and all your business to the next level.

My vision

Customer is number one to me. I always do all the best  to achieve amazing results.

My vision is to make Marketing and Sales education affordable to everyone. I want and help as many business owners as possible to increase their businesses value through the use of Digital Marketing.


My Story

When I was a little girl, I used to close my eyes and picture my future, and what I saw on the horizon was FREEDOM. The freedom to do things the way I want.

We, a family of five, lived in an extremely small apartment: the kitchen was so small, that our all family wouldn’t fit, our sitting room was also a bedroom. I’d see my parents working so hard, trying to build a better life for us all. No, we didn’t go on numerous holidays, nor did we buy what we wanted from the shelves in the shops. We counted every penny as we had a dream- to own a bigger  house with lots of space and separate room for everyone and a nice garden for all of us to relax.
My parents worked so hard and we helped them too, but it wasn’t easy.

Being their daughter, I envisioned myself taking a different path: I dreamed of leading a large successful international business.

My passion drove me to join a prestigious college and then one of the best universities in the country, without a second thought, right after completing my secondary education.
I studied Business for 8 years, I put in tremendous effort to attain my Bachelor’s degree and learn about the various dynamics of business.

In 2005 I finished university and decided to emigrate. I sold my PC and bough a one-way ticket to a better life. Ireland. Little did I imagine, what was waiting for me in Ireland- so much criticism, jealousy, discrimination… I had it all: ups and dawns, good and bad, black and white, disappointment and joy… So many temporary jobs, was let go “just because i wasn’t native speaker”, unemployment… Life in Ireland wasn’t as I imagined myself… No, I haven’t left a well paid corporate job either…I decided i set up my first Business after I was let go again…

I was positive- I knew beautiful things are coming…

Yes, finally I met Matthew, a love of my life and some more nice beautiful people.

I knew that setting up a business and earning a significant profit within a year was a mere imagination. It requires a lot of time, resources and assiduous planning. Building and retaining an audience isn’t a simple job, a great deal of effort has to be put in. And so, I studied diligently to excel in all aspects to fulfil my long-sought goal.

The year 2014 marked the beginning of my business Journey, one that I had dreamed of forever. I was finally an online Business Owner, hoping to thrive and soon earn considerable profits.

Digital Marketer Rina Slusnyte

Appallingly, little did I know it was going to be so hard. Stepping into the practical world made me realize how challenging the world out there was. It wasn’t a smooth journey. The rudimentary stage itself brought its share of hardships and obstacles along.

The first setback came when my website got completely pushed out of Google, a platform I thought was a permanent forum once you’re able to earn high Google rankings. To my utter dismay, it caused a detrimental loss of customers for my newly established venture.

Perhaps, the stars were not in my favor. I was still dealing with the agony of my failing business, when I fell ill, diagnosed with serious health issues, and perturbingly, ended up in the hospital.

 My health was deteriorating and my treatment required a few surgeries, leaving me devastated. I was emasculated by the illness. It was painful, it was tormenting, it was not what I had planned for myself. This trauma immensely impacted my mental health leading me into a phase of severe depression. I tried hard to stay vigorous, to keep myself composed, and not lose strength, but I was so emotionally shattered.
I prayed day and night for a miracle to happen, for my ailing health to improve, hoping to hear positive words from the doctors.

Time passed by and I kept on losing motivation. Such despondent had I become that it felt as if I had lost everything. I was once a person who had very perspicuous goals in mind, but now it felt I had no purpose, making me feel even more miserable.

I felt useless and miserable. My confidence was even below zero… The world was so dark, that I had some dark thoughts in my head…”What’s if”- I  thought myself. “No, I can’t”- the little inner voice would whisper me…. My parent have already buried their son…It’s just too much…


Until one fine day, when I woke up with an array of hope and enticement, willing to rise up with a new vigor. I was young and able to work on my goals, so why give up so soon? I thought to myself. And then I put myself together, propelled to achieve my ambitions.

To regenerate the optimistic approach that I always had towards life, I began with studying Positive Psychology and Mindset. I, once again, draw my plan, started to work on my goals, hoping to succeed this time, accepting the fact that failing doesn’t mean relinquishing all your efforts.

This time, I decided to identify and work on my shortcomings, in order to polish my skills.

Digital Marketer working on Strategy

Despite having a Business degree, I discovered that a highly crucial element required to succeed in any business today, specifically online, was mastering the art of Digital Marketing. I, on the other hand, had inclined all my efforts towards traditional ways of Marketing, which were not very effective today.
Therefore I decided to go back to college with the aim of learning Digital Marketing, spending hours and hours to become proficient at it. My enthusiasm to succeed was at its peak, leading me to experiment and try different channels, techniques and tools to gain the maximum expertise. I was able to expand my pool of knowledge by gaining a lot of wisdom in the field.

In the process, while studying Digital Marketing, a few colleagues saw my knowledge and started to ask for an opinion and advice. I assisted them in their business prospects over phone or cup of coffee. I was able to deliver eminent results, with the colleagues highly satisfied with my plan and strategies.
My greatest source of encouragement was the phone call I received from a prestigious and long-established business, thanking me for the outstanding performance that resulted in an increase in sales by 3 times!

I felt highly ecstatic, wondering I had stepped on the road to accomplishing success. It was at this moment that the idea of starting up own Digital Marketing agency struck my mind.

digital strategy plan gave results

 After serving a few colleagues and being a part of their success stories, I had thoughts about selling my business and start my own Digital Marketing agency. More than anything I wanted to provide superior service to Business owners and help them achieve their online success.


I wasn’t sure if it was for me…If I could be a leader…If I had it all what it takes, if I was good enough…and…I am a very shy person…

Then something amazing happened, that changed my life forever…

In August 2018 a woman, with a tragic life story approached my Facebook Page, asking for help. This page was not even a business, it was set for my college project. After hearing her story I agreed to help…

Little did I realise, that from that moment everything was about to change. Amanda’s epic Business results was a sign Digital Marketing was calling me.

On the 1st December 2018 I secured my domain and Business name and started to build my website. 


Listen to Amanda’s story… As you listen to the end, it will inspire you…

seo professional dublin taking orders

Amanda’s Business epic results gave me a kick and made me realise where I truly belong… After she told me she was making 10K a month, I had no more doubts. I started to build my business, draw a plan and brainstorm on a million points.

No doubt I learnt my Business Lessons the hard way. I tried numerous methods and strategies to excel but couldn’t. In my dictionary, I don’t call it failure. I consider it as finding out the ways that don’t work and discovering your true potential.

Today, I aim to impart my skills and impact your life positively!
 I have finally found my passion, putting in the best of abilities in my work. I am happy once again! I love the work I do! I cherish serving my customers. In fact, the best payment for me is when the managers return to me gratified to share their amazing results. Such a chivalrous feedback undoubtedly elevates my morale and makes my efforts worth it. It’s the highlight of my day, leaving a big smile on my face, with a triumphant sense of accomplishment

Today, I stand here with my fundamental goal to facilitate businesses to achieve their digital objectives

by increasing online visibility and targeting a vast audience thereby increasing your  sales and profits.

I love being a part of success stories, I love adding value to the businesses I deal with, and I love aiding my clients in their online success.

How do I Proceed


I listen

I find out who are your customers and competitors. You tell me your plans and expectations.


I care

I propose you a step-by-step plan how to achieve your Business Goals. If you need, I are also happy to do consultations.


I do & Take Care

You implement our Step-by-Step- Plan- Strategy and get real results. Enjoy  traffic, bigger reach, audience & higher revenue.

Why choose me?

We provide Step-by-Step Digital  Strategy Plans, that brings real results.

What if we told you we can provide you deep competitors analysis, showing the webpage, bringing the most of the traffic onto their website…and more…

Spend less on Ads, and  rank higher and get more organic traffic.

To succeed online, you need to write content.  We can tell you Topics, that are searched every day, every minute.

Imagine if we gave you a report telling you keywords you need to target. High density keywords are hard to beat, long tale keywords could be a key to your high ranking success.

Experience, passion and dedication helps to achieve the best results possible.Whatever your plans are, we are always ready to help you out.

Find out how SEO works.

Social Media hacks and tips. Find out what’s needed to be successful online.

Imagine how being on the top of Google could boost your business

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