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                    Welcome to Digital Marketing Light

Set up in 2018 by Rina Slusnyte- a creator,business owner, travel and coffee addict and master of all things digital.

I love diving in the business world, mastering the art of Digital Marketing and helping big and small fishes in a big business ocean.

The best Part of all the hard work is when I hear a happy customer’s voice telling me the success story. I love being a part of the successful stories, its the highlight of my work. Will Your Business be the next Successful Story ? Contact us and we can make this happen.

Who I am

A leading  Digital Marketing Agency, providing solutions for small, medium and large businesses to succeed online.

My Imagination is my Engine.

My service is the fuel

& your Business Satisfaction is my  Destination.

My Mission

My aim is to connect you to your  prospective customers using our experience, skills and knowledge. Innovative technology and tools, various channels, bringing brand awareness , sales and all your business to the next level.

My vision

Customer is number one to me. We always do all the best  to achieve amazing results.

My vision is to become number ONE Digital Marketing Agency in Europe and help companies to increase their businesses value through the use of Digital Marketing.


My Story

While running my own online business, I faced difficult times. I was completely pushed out of Google and have lost my customers…

It was then that I realized, that i lack Digital Marketing skills and knowledge. I have been studying business for years, have got a Bachelor’s Degree,but back then it was all about Traditional Marketing. I realized, that Digital Marketing knowledge is number one that I needed in order to succeed.

I went back to college and was studying day and night for a few years. I have read, experimented and tried different things, channels, tools and techiques.

Over the years I built a wealth knowledge in Digital Marketing and know what really works. I helped a few businesses, and we have got amazing results.

And when I got that phone call Thanking me for increasing sales by 3 fold,  I started to think setting up my own Digital Marketing Agency. I felt amazing. I felt I was a big part of success.

Then a few more success stories and I was sure- I want to help businesses achieve their online success.

I LOVE my job ! I don’t work ! The best payment for me is when Managers get back to me and share their amazing results. It makes me happy. It’s a highlight of my day. It puts me a big smile on my face.

Before i launched my website, I already had a few businesses queueing for my Marketing Strategy Step-by-Step Plans and Consultations.  I help businesses to increase sales and achieve their digital goals.

I love being a part of success stories ! I Love adding value to all businesses i deal with.

How do I Proceed


I listen

We find out who are your customers and competitors.You tell us your plans and expectations.


I care

We propose you a step-by-step plan whether  it is SEO or Social Media. If you need, we are also happy to do consultations.


I do &Take Care

You implement our Step-by-Step- Plan- Strategy and get real results. Enjoy organic traffic, bigger reach, audience & higher revenue.

Why choose us?

We provide Step-by-Step Digital  Strategy Plans, that brings real results.

What if we told you we can provide you deep competitors analysis, showing the webpage, bringing the most of the traffic onto their website…and more…

Spend less on Ads, and  rank higher and get more organic traffic.

To succeed online, you need to write content.  We can tell you Topics, that are searched every day, every minute.

Imagine if we gave you a report telling you keywords you need to target. High density keywords are hard to beat, long tale keywords could be a key to your high ranking success.

Experience, passion and dedication helps to achieve the best results possible.Whatever your plans are, we are always ready to help you out.

Find out how SEO works.

Social Media hacks and tips. Find out what’s needed to be successful online.

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Imagine how being on the top of Google could boost your business

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