101 Best Coaching Niches in 2023

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What are the best coaching Niches in 2023?

What type of coaches make the most money? What is the most profitable niche you can tap into right now? How to charge high ticket prices?

In a few minutes you are going to discover the best-kept secrets about niches.

You will Discover Starving niches and high-ticket coaching in 2023. I guide you through the reasons why you need a niche, how to find yours and give you lists of the most profitable coaching niches.


As you sit there and read this article to the end, you start to feel powered with knowledge. You feel relaxed and ready to rock.

Coaching is said to be one of the fastest growing professions. Lifestyle magazines run articles about coaching and personal development and there are life coaches on the radio and on TV.

Celebrities are publicly thanking their coaches for their support.

Business people are acknowledging their coaches when they have achieved success.

Inspirational, motivational speakers talk about coaching as being one of the most useful management tools today.

We have Life Coaches, Work/Life Balance Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Career Coaches, Parent Coaches, Executive Coaches, Small Business Coaches, Presentation Skills Coaches, Leadership Coaches… the list goes on.

Everyone seems to be talking about coaching and many people, like you, want to be a successful professional coach.

Let’s clarify what is Niche Marketing and Niche Coaching

There is a difference between niche coaching and niche marketing

  • Niche coaching is type of coaching you do and the topic you coach on
  • Niche marketing is the type of people you coach

So define your niche coaching- kind of people that you want to coach and then consider the challenges that they might be facing.

Then decide of a type of coaching that you’re passionate about and good at (niche marketing).

if you are sure about a type of coaching that you’re passionate about and good at, then you can think about what types of people you want to work with and what type of people are most likely to want your coaching.

And if…. Deep down you most likely resist the idea of excluding some clients and concentrating on coaching certain people on certain things.

I totally get you!

Your desire and eyes may be opened to the possibilities – You could coach anyone! There are so many of clients out there, right?

Wrong! And here is why.

To build a successful business you need a niche


a niche helps you attract a specific group of people. Somebody you would love to work with and who are interested in your products/services because they are so specific to their situation.

When you talk to everybody, you talk to nobody. You are not a dollar; you can’t please everyone.

You will be trying everything, get confused about what to do next. You’ll burn out.

But luckily, I am here to help You!

When you stop trying to appeal to everyone and focus on who you want to work with, what You are good at, it will become much easier to attract your clients. Trust me.

When you focus on your ideal Client (the first step in success is to create a Customer Avatar/Buyer persona), you can create Irresistible Offers and craft a message that attracts.

Let’s say you are a personal coach helping to lose weight.

Personal Trainer can target:

  • People who are getting ready for a marathon
  • People who need to lose weight before their surgery
  • Overweigh kids
  • Women over 50 with menopause
  • Elderly people who feel stiff
  • Busy business woman after 40
  • Woman over 30 who want to lose baby weight

As you can see Personal Coach can target hundreds of different people, see?

If you want to target all of them, you are not attracting any of them, because you simply can’t create a program that would suit everyone. You are trapped!

Your message is not going to speak to any of them!

Here is an example

  • Message no #1 The Best Lose weight program
  • Message no #2 Lose your baby weight in 7 Days


Or another example

  • Message no #1 Cream for your skin this summer
  • Message no #2 Treat Your Acne in 7 days and shine like never before

Answer honestly- which of the messages are more appealing?

Let me guess.

Messages no 2. Am I right?

And that’s because, when you know your ideal client, the problems, needs, wishes, frustrations and dreams- you can speak directly to her/his heart. Your message becomes like a magnet.

That’s why you need a niche.

Generic message doesn’t speak to anyone. I always say to my clients

Specific is terrific

Focus on the groups of people that are going to be more responsive to your marketing. This is how you start turning some of those into clients.

Now. Get ready for more secrets

How to charge “High Ticket”.  5 Key Elements

  1. Solve a specific problem

Successful Entrepreneurs know, that in order to succeed, you have to solve a problem.


Do not talk about your services. Nobody cares about it…

Did it shock you?

Hear me out…

You are a career coach, mental health coach etc. That’s awesome. But if you are trying to sell your coaching session or a course, nobody wants it.


You need to sell the results/transformation. People do not go over to your website to check out your services.


People go on internet and google looking for ways to solve their problem.

That’s why

Sell them what they want, give them want they need

Read this again! Here is how it works

When you craft your business message, you need to talk exactly what people want and sell what they need to get there.

Let’s say you’re a fitness coach.

If you talk about exercises, meal plans etc- its boring. It doesn’t sell.

But if you talk about How to lose 7 kg in 5 days that’s exactly what Sells.

Can you see how powerful it is…?

  1. The riches are in the niches

But how exactly you niche down?

If you sell a Sales course. That’s a result or problem you solve.

If you Coach Accountants. That a demographics.


If you sell Sales Course to an accountant, that is how you NICHE down

So, the overlap of the who and the what is where the riches are.

When you’re clear about your coaching niche, it’s easier to:

  • create content
  • grab attention and stand out
  • craft an appealing marketing message

 that will actually appeal to those people.

Let me give you an example, that will clearly demonstrate you how important is to be specific.

How niching down and crafting a specific Offer can dramatically add a high price tag.

Let say you have a productivity Course. Noting major, right? But when you Niche down, Value builds up in the eyes.


You can charge much more. That’s how you charge high- ticket

See illustration below.

Productivity Course

€ 19
Productivity Course for coaches

€ 479

Productivity Course for busy mums in the coaching business€ 1479

That’s gold. Use it in Your Marketing.

This is crucial. Skip it at your own risk!

If your message doesn’t grab prospects straight away, “This is for YOU” into their faces, they will ignore your message. Relevance is absolutely key when you’re trying to cut your way through all the internet noise.


It’s been estimated, that on average, we all hear about 4000- 10 000 messages a day…

This is all the messages you see including ads the minute you wake up- till the minute to hit the pillow.

Radio, TV, Email, Your Wardrobe just about 20 messages in your fridge.

By the time you finish your breakfast, you are exposed to about 500 messages.

Our brain simply filters these messages for us to survive…

That’s why you need Your Customer Avatar, Your Niche.

Do you see the power of having an ideal Client Profile? Having a Niche?

So, instead of saying you help “men lose weight” or “women get fit,” dig deeper to uncover your audience’s specific pain points. By niching down, you will standout to your potential clients.

But…. that’s not all

The best-kept secret about niches

 As your business grows, you can coach in more than one niche. You can coach on different areas or can work with a range of clients.

Just one BIG THING to remember

 Make sure that you keep the marketing to each niche separate. Different content, different sales/landing pages, different Emails, Different Ads. 

  1. You have to be seen as an Expert

In Coaching you have to understand that You are your own product. You need to see yourself as ‘the product’ you are offering.

As a coach, you are selling intangible product. It can’t be seen; it can be touched…

You have to be an expert in your potential client’s eyes…

 It is you that the client has to want to work with. Whether it is one-on-one coaching or a group coaching.

Therefore, you have to convince your potential clients that working with you is the best bet for them. It isn’t enough for you to believe that your coaching material and skills are top notch. Prospects have to see and believe it.

Establishing trust. Show your expertise!

Share reviews, testimonials. Not only It’s a real prove that you are knowledgeable, but also that you can coach others too. Because to know something and to teach others are two different things.

Also share your knowledge on Ration, Podcasts, TV, newspapers and magazines.

  1. Show The Value

People can write a BIG check for your value!

You want consistent sales, right?

Show the value. The Value customers get has to be 4x; 10x the price. This is how to sell like crazy.

Here is an example.

“If I made you €200,000 extra this year, would you pay me €20,000?”

€200,000 because it’s the average increase in revenue of coaches that use my system  and get results in 10 months.

You have to be stupid not to invest…. right…

  1. Charge Your Worth

After you have ticked all the boxes below (you can solve a specific problem, you niched down, you are seen as a trusted expert, the next step is to rise your prices.


When you raise your prices, you:

  • Increase your clients’ perceived value of your service
  • Increase your clients’ emotional investment
  • Increase your clients’ results because they value your service and are
  • Attract the best clients who are the easiest to satisfy and actually cost less to fulfil, and who are the most likely to actually receive and perceive the most relative value.


Higher Price Means Higher Value

Let’s say you invested in two online courses. What was € 99 another €4790. Which one is more valuable?

Which one would you focus on? Feel more invested? The later one, right?

High price speaks high value! Here is another prove.

In a blind wine taste test, researchers asked consumers rate exact same wine all three times:

  • a low-priced wine
  • a medium-priced wine
  • an expensive wine

 The participants rated the wines with the prices visible. They rated wine, in order of their price:

  • the most expensive being the “best,”
  • the second most expensive being “second best,”
  • the cheapest being rated as “cheap wine.”

What the tasters didn’t know is that the researchers gave them the exact same wine all three times. This goes to show how pricing impacts our perceived value.

You do not need to lower your prices to sell.

Actually, people want to buy expensive things. They just need a reason. They need to see the real value!

101 Best Coaching Niches:

Health /Fitness Coaching

  1. Mental Health Coaching
  2. Weight Loss Coaching
  3. Meditation Coaching
  4. Yoga Coaching
  5. Wellness coach
  6. Nutritionist
  7. Anxiety Coach
  8. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  9. Trauma
  10. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Coach
  11. Fitness Coach



Life Skills Coaching

  1. Career Coaching
  2. Life Coaching
  3. Mindset Coaching
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Productivity
  6. Accountability
  7. Social Skills Coaching
  8. Stress Coaching
  9. Intimacy Coaching
  10. Communication Coaching
  11. Self-Esteem Coaching
  12. Sleep Coaching
  13. Mid-Life Coaching
  14. Cultural Coaching
  15. Manifestation coach


Business Coaching

  1. Business Start-up Coaching
  2. Marketing Coaching
  3. Sales Coaching
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Organisational Skills Coaching
  6. Copywriting Coaching
  7. Facebook Ads Coaching
  8. Google Ads Coaching
  9. YouTube Coaching
  10. Video Marketing Coaching
  11. Ecommerce Coaching
  12. Executive Coaching
  13. Amazon Sales
  14. Negotiation Coaching
  15. Virtual assistant
  16. Leadership Coaching
  17. Small Business Coaching
  18. Blogging Coaching
  19. Passive Income Coaching
  20. Real Estate Coaching

Finance Coaching

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Investing Coaching
  3. Trading Coaching
  4. Stocks Coaching
  5. Cryptocurrency Coaching


Family coaching

  1. Parenting Coaching
  2. Child Coaching
  3. Coaching for single parents
  4. Relationship coaching
  5. ADHD coaching
  6. Coaching families of kids with disabilities
  7. Coaching families of kids with the special needs
  8. Couples Coaching
  9. Birth Coaching
  10. Grief Coaching
  11. Podcasting Coaching
  12. LinkedIn Coaching
  13. Divorce Coaching
  14. Dating Coaching
  15. Dealing with break-up

Skills coaching

  1. Dance Coaching
  2. Singing Coaching
  3. Photography Coaching
  4. Language Coaching
  5. Writing Coaching
  6. Web Development Coaching
  7. Drawing Coaching
  8. Sewing Coaching
  9. DIY Coaching
  10. Travel Coaching
  11. Solo Travel
  12. Budget Travel


Personal Development

  1. Time Management Coaching
  2. Self-Development
  3. Self-improvement
  4. Stop procrastinating
  5. Resilience Coaching
  6. Work-Life Balance
  7. Self-discovery coaching
  8. Purpose coaching
  9. Goal-setting coaching
  10. Focus coaching
  11. Habits coaching
  12. Woman’s empowerment Coaching
  13. Success coaching
  14. Energy Coaching
  15. Success Coaching
  16. Discipline Coaching
  17. Memory Coaching
  18. Money Mindset
  19. Getting rid of the fear of rejection
  20. Peak Performance Coaching
  21. Pet Training
  22. Fashion
  23. Beauty

I am so glad you came that far…


This is going to be the best part of the whole article.

Keep reading. It’s getting hot…

What are the Most Profitable coaching niches? The Hottest Niches in 2023

They all say you’ve got to have one to stand out, to attract clients and to charge a decent rate.

You have heard it, didn’t you?

But where do you begin? What happens if you’re just starting out and you haven’t coached anyone yet?

And here is a BIG Secret

You’ll be happy you read all this article.

You want to build a business that will make you rich?

“Yes, Rina. How do I do it?”

Here is the answer.

Look at the Inside of Your prospects Brain!

Read this carefully. On the day your mother delivered you, your human brain was biologically programmed with five preinstalled desires that you will strive tirelessly to satisfy.

Regardless of who you are, what is your background, where you come from, where you live, we are all controlled by 5 major desires.

I bet you have heard about Maslow’s Pyramid?

Yes, the one, that Maslow explains what Do PEOPLE WANT.

The theory by Abraham Maslow that backs to 1943…and is still relevant to us today!

Have a good look at the Maslow Pyramid.

These five desires are hardwired into your brain by Mother Nature herself. They control nearly every choice and action. They operate 24/7/365.

To simplify, we can group our HUMAN Needs into 3 categories:

  1. Basic Needs
  2. Phycological Needs
  3. Sell-Fulfilment Needs

You are probably asking- what does it have to do with Your Coaching? What does it have to do with Your Coaching Niche?

Oh, it’s the foundation of your success. I’ll shortly tell you this secret too.

When you know what your prospects want, it is a game-changer.

To make it even easier, I group Human Needs into 3 groups.

All People, including me, or you want 3 things in their life.

The Three Core desires are

  1. Wealth (a dream house, posh car, dream family Holiday)
  2. Health (eat healthier, lose weight, tone muscles)
  3. Relationships (more family time, expand the cycle of friends, improve relationships)

When people buy a product or service, they hope to get a certain result in at least one of these three areas.

Try to think which one of these three core desires, your product or service is focused on?


Get into the mind of your dream customer!

Now, you know what the core desire you focus on.

Remember: We have to speak in BENEFITS, not features. We do not sell products or services. We sell the end result, it provides.

If you do this, it becomes more natural and authentic to talk about how your business could help them accomplish what it is they really want to do. It completely changes the conversation and increases the sales revenue.


My online courses for Business Owners help to earn your first 10k a month, cut the trial and error. So, I am in the wealth category.  

(It also improves relationships, since you will have lots of money and free time.)

From now on, use one or more of these powerful appeals in your sales presentations. You will be tapping into the power of Mother Nature herself. You’re speaking to the essence of what makes your prospects tick.

No, let’s get back to the Most profitable Niches. What are the starving niches?

And the answer is…

Any niche, that fits into one of the three:

  1. Wealth (a dream house, posh car, dream family Holiday)
  2. Health (eat healthier, lose weight, tone muscles)
  3. Relationships (more family time, expand the cycle of friends, improve relationships)

Wealth, Health, Relationships- are three the most profitable niches that you can make big money and become financially independent.

So here is the next question.

Do you have knowledge, skills, talents in those three niches? Tap into one of them!

So now you know the most-money-making niches. The core niches outlined above have all proven to be profitable and popular.

But that’s not all…

 There’s an unlimited number of sub-niches within each niche…

Let’s go deeper. To inspire and motivate you. The 3 Most Profitable Niches.

Wealth/ Health/Relationships

101 Specific Coaching Niches  


Healthy Eating Habits

  1. Help chronic dieters achieve an effortless relationship with food
  2. Empower women to create healthy habits
  3. Show single parents how they can feed their families on a budget
  4. Teach urban families how they can grow their own food
  5. From processed food to healthy eating habits for 40+
  6. Coach men to build healthy habits to re-energize their lives
  7. Empower women to create healthy habits to reduce emotional eating
  8. Help teenagers with eating disorders heal their relationship with food
  9. Show diabetics how to lose weight with easy meal plans
  10. Say “No” to sugar for sugar-addicted adults
  11. A modern paleo diet for healthy life
  12. Law card diet to naturally balance sugar levels
  13. Show corporate moms’ easy ways to incorporate self-care into their day
  14. Empower busy women in business to create healthy habits
  15. Help parents of picky eaters swap processed foods for healthy foods
  16. Lead women to stop an emotional eating and regain their confidence

Fitness Coaching Niches

  1. Help new moms get back in shape after having a baby
  2. Teach women over 50 how to lose menopause weight 
  3. Help hip replacement patients create a yoga routine
  4. Online fitness coach for remote workers
  5. Teach office workers to rediscover the joy of movement
  6. Prevent injuries and overtraining in older triathletes
  7. Help corporate dads get fit with less gym time
  8. Break the chronic cardio cycle for frustrated endurance athletes
  9. Improve employee productivity and happiness with lunchtime movement classes
  10. Show exercise-haters how to improve their fitness in 10 minutes
  11. Teach women proper lifting techniques and how to fuel their bodies with the right foods
  12. Help sales professionals maintain their fitness levels while traveling
  13. Show skinny/fat men how to transform their bodies and get in shape
  14. Make fitness fun for kids

Weight Management & Weight Gain

  1. Teach women with PCOS how to lose belly fat
  2. Coach athletes gain weight in a healthy way
  3. Teach mothers of underweight children how to create meal plans 
  4. Create a holistic body weight management program using genetic testing
  5. Create a recovery plan for people with emotional eating disorders
  6. Teach people how to have peace with food after weight loss surgery
  7. Show corporate dads how to lose 20+ pounds forever without dieting
  8. Empower working millennials to go from sugar burners to fat burners
  9. Prevent college students from turning overweight
  10. Help men and women drop kgs for good on a ketogenic diet
  11. Help women lose weight and gain energy so that they can be happy again
  12. Create personalized weight-loss plans for busy brides-to-be
  13. Teach men how to be at peace with food and their bodies at any age
  14. Break the cycle for overweight, sugar-addicted adults

Nutrition Coaching

  1. Coach busy college students to improve their focus and concentration with healthy meals
  2. Teach day-cares how to create menus for children with food sensitivities
  3. Create an Integrative Nutrition program for cancer patients
  4. Collaborate with therapists to develop a nutrition program for psychotherapy patients
  5. Childhood obesity with a healthy weight loss plan children can stick to
  6. Create a summer cooking camp for kids

Stress Management Coaching


  1. Therapeutic Art Coach
  2. Teach burned-out professionals how to regain their energy
  3. Give overworked CEOs simple ways to improve their mental health
  4. Coach stressed-out moms heal their hormonal imbalance
  5. Show overwhelmed teens how to manage stress and unnecessary anxiety
  6. Meditation secrets for CEOs to de-stress on a daily basis
  7. Help busy mums set personal goals and prioritize their health
  8. Help ambitious teenage girls free themselves from perfectionism and self-doubt as a goal-setting coach

Balancing Hormones Coaching

  1. Show couples how to maximize fertility by having a balanced diet
  2. Help men feel 20 years younger through fasting
  3. Navigate menopause for overwhelmed and exhausted working moms
  4. Work with post-menopausal women to lose those extra 10+ pounds
  5. Help new moms navigate parenthood with nutrition advice and exercise
  6. Balance the low testosterone epidemic for men in their 50s
  7. Show women how to heal PCOS and optimize their health for pregnancy
  8. Optimize women’s hormones so they don’t just survive midlife, they thrive



Business Coaching

It’s all about money money money. There are tons of people who are always looking how to make money, how to invest money and how to save money.

  1. How to invest when you’re over 40
  2. Stocks and shares
  3. How to make money in real estate
  4. Breakthrough Guide to online trading for newbies
  5. How to buy and sell websites for profit
  6. Help women entrepreneurs become confident leaders
  7. Guide traditional marketers how to 10x their income by moving their business online
  8. Steps and foundations for all the start-ups
  9. Show small businesses how to become more visible without posting three times a day
  10. Guide travel addicts how to build a business and run it from anywhere in the world
  11. How to build and start a blog
  12. How to turn your part time business in a full-time income
  13. How to manage your personal finances
  14. How to save and never overpay taxes


  1. Relationship is all about dating, love, and other forms of relationships.
  2. Female dating
  3. Male dating
  4. Parenting
  5. Dating for single parents
  6. Cross cultural relationships
  7. Dating for specific ethnic groups/ religion disciplines
  8. Millionaire dating
  9. Plus-size dating
  10. Gay/Lesbian dating
  11. Trans dating
  12. Bi dating
  13. Asexual Dating
  14. STD Dating
  15. Couples coaching
  16. Get your ex back
  17. Online dating
  18. Marriage coaching
  19. Kids and parents coaching
  20. Family with specific religious discipline/culture/ethnic group coaching
  21. Divorce problems
  22. Saving relationships

You are going to love this.

These three niches: Health, Wealth and Relationships are Evergreen. They will always be in demand. ALWAYS.

From so many choices of coaching, my hope is that you find the one that aligns with you. A Coaching type, that you’re passionate about.

Which Niche Speaks to Your heart?

Once you’re clear about your niche, all of your marketing becomes a lot easier.

As your business grows, you can grow too. You can coach in more than one niche. You can coach on different areas or can work with a range of clients.

Just create different content, different sales/landing pages, different Emails, Different Ads.


You definitely have knowledge in one of the niches. Agree with me.

And… get a pie of this every day growing industry.

Caching Industry is growing at unseen speed.

You do not need to be a celebrity, a famous industry expert to help people. All you need is to know more than others, so you can help them out.

Read this.

There are 7+ billion people on the planet, right?

And you only need to find a handful of people in your niche market to have a successful business.

Start today.

You are already armed with so much knowledge.

Go and serve your people. The world needs you.


Have an income, impact and lifestyle you desire.


If this article helped you in any way, please leave Facebook/Google review. Positive feedback and your results makes my day! It’s a reason for me to create more for you.

Spread the love and share this article.

Yours, Rina

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