Business You Can Start from Home in 2023

Business you can start from home
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322 Best Online Business Ideas You Can start from Home in 2023


Wondering about business idea online? Are you looking to turn your passion and talent into a business? A type of online business that will give you a complete freedom? Business you can start from home, or anywhere in the world? A location independent business that allows you run your business while you travel or do things you love.

 So, you can work any time you want, in your pyjamas.

Do you hate your 9-5 job? Or perhaps you want to fire your boss? You are wondering what business ideas are profitable?

You are in the right place, that will open new land of opportunities.

You don’t realise it yet, but you are about to discover the most profitable online business ideas. 322 Businesses you can start from Your Home.

322 List of Online Business Ideas. Profitable service business ideas in 2023. Most of them are Service Business Ideas

Imagine yourself waking up on your sun holidays… enjoying the sun with a cup of coffee and freshly made salmon sandwich and mouth-watering croissant afterwards. No more rushed mornings… no more running with hundreds of tasks on your mind….

Online business idea that doesn’t need an expensive office, no extra bills, because you have already enough on your shoulders….

If that’s you, keep reading.

As you read word by word, somewhere between the lines you will find that business idea, that will align with you. Idea, that will allow you to fully express yourself, your wonderful talents and skills.

Business idea that will empower you to take the first step and enter an online Business world.

This list will help you to decide what that profitable business idea could be. Service Business that will make this world a better place and make you happy.

Online Business Idea that will be your life changer.

But before you get a list of profitable online business ideas, let’s discuss


What exactly is Service Businesses and

What are the top 5 Reasons Why You should start a Service-based Business?

What is Service Based Business

Service businesses offer a wide range of services to customers. They may provide products or services directly to consumers, or they may provide goods or services to other companies who then resell those items to consumers.

 The most common type of service business is a professional service business. Professional service businesses include coaches, consultants, mentors, marketers, strategists, advices, advertising, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, dentists, doctors, veterinarians, and the list goes on.

Service businesses are often referred to as ‘people businesses’ because they rely on people rather than products. They offer services that help others achieve their goals.

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Service Based Business:

  1. High profits

Service based businesses offer high profit margins because they don’t require large capital investments, the low cost of production and distribution.

Millions of service-based businesses are a one-man run. You don’t need staff (you can hire or outsource tasks as you grow). That means low overhead costs and high profits.

Service based businesses are often low risk and can generate significant returns on investment.

  1. Premium prices

If you position yourself in the market and show how valuable are your services, you can charge premium prices. The biggest cost of production is the time spent on providing the service.

  1. You can start right away

It is easy to start. All you need are your skills, knowledge and talents. Your phone, internet and a computer. No need for big investments, capital, or wages.  Service based businesses are easier and more affordable to get started.

  1. Gives you FREEDOM

You are your own boss- you work any time you want from anywhere in the word. Services like consulting, coaching, mentoring can be organised online. So, all you need as a computer/phone and an internet.

  1. Service based Business is much easier to scale and make BIG money

There are lots of options for you. You can:

  • work one-on-one
  • one-to groups and
  • make info products and sell them online

One to one service is the easiest to start. You only need one customer to make money. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll find lots of clients.
Group services are similar to one to ones, except there’s a group of people involved.

Info products are another type of service business. Instead of providing a direct service, you create an info product and pack it into an irresistible offer. You make a digital info product and sell to many online.

Most profitable are online courses.

The course could be completely self-pace, or you can also offer weekly calls or just private/group session.

Selling info products is the easiest way to make millions online.  So, building more online digital content for sale.

These top five benefits answer you Why You should start a service-based business.

Also, Experts project that eCommerce revenues will continue to grow, reaching $8.1 trillion by 2026. There is no secret that more and more people buy online as it’s so convenient. The global pandemic Covid also changed the buying habits forever. So, I have decided to add a few ideas for your online business store.

Get ready. You will find plenty of ideas that will allow to live on your terms.


#1 – Virtual Assistant

#2 – Data Entry

#3 – Online Research

#4 – Transcription (video/audio)

#5 – Transcription (legal)

#6 Transcription (medical)

#7 Video Editing

#8 Proof Reading

#9 CV/Resume Writing/Consulting

#10 Mailbox Management

#11 Virtual Customer Service

#12 Cold Sales Calling

#13 HR & Recruitment Assistant

#14 Background & Reference Checks

#15 Helpdesk Support

#16 Chat Support

#17 Appointment Setter

#18 Calendar Management

#19 Online Business Manager

#20 Admin Service Provider

#21 Online Course Consultant

#22 Business Systems Consultant

#23 Create an online course in all of the above

If you have created a successful business of any kinds, you can put your knowledge and expertise and craft an online course. Show the secrets how to succeed in your field.


Arts & Crafts

Start selling your arts and crafts in local shops, marketplaces. Also, market your products in global marketplaces for bigger reach, more audience and more profit. Sell your beauties online:

 The best-known platforms are:

Social Shopping Marketplaces:


Group Buying Places:

As an artist, your top priority is to create.

But… you need to sell too!

It’s no surprise that Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Shopify top the list.  Just Amazon is pulling in over five and a half billion visits per month! and eBay is not far behind- almost 3 billion visitors each month.

With these sites to sell your artwork, you can find new customers and drive revenue for your business. Get out there, use sites from the list above to sell artwork, and start building your business!

The five art business models are:

  • Direct to collector original works
  • Gallery sales
  • Prints & reproductions
  • Commissions
  • Licensing

Business Ideas in Arts & Crafts:

#24 Portrait Painter

#25Candle Maker

#26 Pet Toys

#27 Essential Oils

#28 Wood Carving

#29 Porcelain Painting

#30 Children’s Toys

#31 Pet Toys


#33 Knitting

#34 Weaving

#35 Jewellery

#36 Pottery

#37 Cake Decorating

#38 Sewing

#39 Quilting

#40 Embroidery + Stitch


#42 Papercraft Embellishment

#43 Crochet

#44 Picture Frames & Albums

#45 Paint Glass & Ceramics

#46 Soap Making

#47 Bags

#48 Greeting Cards

#49 Calendars

#50 Invitations

#51 Floral Arrangements

#52 Run an Arts & Crafts YouTube Channel

#53 Create an online course in all of the above


Beauty/ Mental health

#54 Make up

#55Permanent make-up

#56 Fitness

#57 Personal

#58 Mindset

#59 Reflexology

#60 Reiki

#61 Rolfing

#62 Yoga

#63 Meditation

#64 Run Beauty /Mental Health YouTube Channel

#65 Create an Online Course on all of the above



#66 Online security consultant

#67 WordPress website consultant

#68 Microsoft Excel/Word coaching

#69 Computer programmer

#70 Remote Tech Support

#71 Web Designer/Developer

#72 App Development

#73 Software Development

#74 Freelance Programmer

#75 Specialty Computer Parts eCommerce Store

#76 Write How To Kindle Books

#77 Run a Computer Blog (specific Brand, Software, Reviews, Repair Tips)

#78 Computer YouTube Channel (Tutorials, Reviews)

#79 Create an Online Tutorials and pack it into a course


Consulting / Coaching/Mentoring

#80 Countability coach

#81 Business Coach

#82 Book /eBook writing or launch coach

#83Executive coach

#84Internet Marketing

#85 Advertising

#86 Branding

#87 Career

#88 SEO

#89 YouTube Marketing

#90 Nutrition

#91 Life Coach

#92 Doula or birth coach

#93 Sleep coach

#94 Marriage

#95 Kids

#96 Relationship

#97 Dating

#98 Parenting

#99 Diet

#100 Weight loss

#101 Health

#102Eating psychology coach

#103 The self-care coach

#104 Anxiety coach for professionals

#105 Small Business Coach

#106 Online Visibility Coach

#107 Dog Training

#108 Cat Training

#109 Natural fertility 

#110 Email Marketing

#111 Personal Finance

#112 Project Management

#113 Video editing

#114 Negotiation coach

#115 Sales Coach

#116 Time Management

#117Public Speaking

#118 Presentation

#119 Social Media

#120 Mindfulness

#121 Stress Coach

#122 Spiritual coach

#123 Productivity Coach

#124 Social Skills Coach

#125 Languages


##127 Dance instructor

#128 Art Consultant/Coach

#129 Confidence Coach

#130 Empowerment Coach

#131 Fulfilment Coach

#132 Writing Coach

#133 Self-Defence Instructor

#134 Self-Love Coach

#135 HR

#136 Podcast on Your Topic

#137 Run a YouTube Channel on Your Topic

#138 Create an Online Course on Your Topic


Cooking & Baking

#139 Specialty Food/Nutrition eCommerce Store

#140 Run Blog on Cooking, Baking or Nutrition

#141 Publish eBooks on Cooking, Baking or Nutrition

#142 Cooking/Baking or Nutrition YouTube Channel (Tutorials)

#143 Create an Online Cooking/Baking/Nutrition Course



#144 Graphic Design

#145 T- Shirt Design

#146 Coffee Mug Design

#147 Interior Design

#148 Web Design

#149 Logo Design

#150 Book Cover Design (especially eBooks/Kindle books)

#151 Greeting Cards

#152 Book Design

#153 Social Media Images

#154 Create Listings and Online Ads

#155 Images

#156 Parties & Events Decoration DYI

#157 Write Kindle Book Series (Beginner Tutorials)

#158 Design YouTube Channel (Tutorials / Reviews) #191 

#159 Design Course Creation (Online Tutorials)



#160 Fashion eCommerce Store

#161 Teach Fashion Crafts (Tailoring, Needlework, Alterations etc)

#162 Fashion Blog

#163 Fashion YouTube Channel

#164 Fashion Courses

(different tips, for example How to look great and feel good if you’re not a standard size)



#165 Personal Finance Consultant

#166 Accounting

#167 Bookkeeping Services

#168 Tax Consultant

#169 Financial Reporting Analysts

#170 QuickBooks

#171 Statistics

#172 Online Trading

#173 Forex Trader

#174 Financial Forecasters/ Modelers

#175 Financial Blog

#176 Financial Podcast

 #177 Financial YouTube Channel

#178 Publish eBooks

#179 Publish a Finance Online Magazine

#180 Finance Course (online tutorials)


Fitness & Weight Loss

#181 Fitness or Weight Loss eCommerce Store

#182 Fitness or Weight Loss Blog

#183 Running coach

#184Fitness or Weight Loss YouTube Channel

#185 Fitness or Weight Loss Podcast

#186 Fitness or Weight Loss Online Courses


Foreign Language

Check the resources where you can reach big audiences:


Skype English Classes

Vip Kid


My Angle


#187 Online Language Tutor

#188 Language Blog

#189 Foreign Country Culture Blog

#190 Mini vocabulary/most used phrases for travellers

#191 Language Podcast

#192 Foreign Country Culture Podcast

#193 Language YouTube Channel

#194 Foreign Country Culture YouTube Channel

#195 Language Kindle Book Series (Beginner/Middle Level/Advanced)

#196 Language Online Course

#197 Foreign Country Culture Online Course



#198 Gardening & Landscaping

#199 Lawn Care

#200 Floral Arrangements

#201 Floral ecommerce Shop

#202 Herb Farming

#203 Fruit Farming

#204 Vegetable Farming

#205 Pool Care

#206 Landscaping & Floral Photography

#207 Craft and Sell Gardening & Floral Calendars

#208 Sell Gardening & Floral Greeting Photos

#209 Gardening & Floral Blog

#210 Gardening & Landscaping eBooks

#211 Gardening & Landscaping YouTube Channel

#212 Gardening & Landscaping Online Course



#213 Tools/ Special equipment eCommerce store

#214 Handyman Blog (Tool Reviews/Tutorials)

#215Handyman YouTube Channel (Tutorials / Reviews)

#216 Handyman Online Course


Humour / Comedy

#217 Comedy Scripts for TV and Commercials

#218 Comedy Voice Over Artist

#219 Personalised Short Videos

#220 Produce Funny Ad Videos & Commercials

#221 Comedy YouTube Channel

#222 Comedy/Cartoon Kindle books

#223 Comedy Podcast

#224 Comedy Blog (jokes, quotes, etc)

#225 Stand-up Comedy Online Course



#226 Kids eCommerce Store (Toys, books, clothes, accessories, special events)

#227 Children’s / Family Blog

#228 Children’s Podcast

#229 Children’s Kindle books

#230 Children’s YouTube Channel

#231 Child Care/ Education Online Course



#232 Brand Strategist

#233 Sales Consultant/Coach

#234    Google Ads

#235 Facebook Ads

#236 YouTube Ads

#237 Pinterest Ads

#238LinkedIn Ads

#239 SEO

#240 Consulting (niche down)

#241 Influencer marketing

#242 Social Media Manager

#243 YouTube Marketing

#244 Presentations Designer

#245 Conversion Optimisation Expert

#246 Sales Funnels

#247 Market Research

#248 Email

#249 Copy writing

#250 Editor and proof-reader

#251 Public Relations

#252 UX/UI designer

#253 – Market Analysis

#254 – Run Opinion Polls

#255 – Run Focus Groups ( Focusgroup LiveMinds)

#256 Statistical Analysis ( Stata  Eviews)

#257 User Testing

#258 Surveys/ Questionnaires

#259 Marketing Blog

#260 Marketing Kindle Book Series

#261 Marketing Kindle Book Series

#262 Marketing Podcast

#263 Marketing YouTube Channel

#264 Marketing Online Course



#265 eCommerce store for Movies (equipment from setting to camera, lighting etc) 

#266 Blog on Movies/ Film Making

#267 Kindle Book Series on movie topics or film making

#268 YouTube Channel on Movie Reviews or Film Making Tutorials

#269 Movie/Film/Video Making Online Course


Music & Audio

#270 iTunes/ Amazon Affiliate Store

#271 Music eCommerce Store

#272 Music Blog

#273 Music for Yoga, Meditation (for apps, businesses, Youtubers etc.)

#274 Kindle Books on musical topics/singing

#275 Music Podcast #390

#276 -YouTube Channel (teaching Instrument/ Singing)

#277 Online Radio Station

#278 Online Music Course (Teaching Instrument /Singing etc.)




#279 professional organiser

#280 Organising Production eCommerce Store

#281 Event Organising

#282 Time Management

#283 Productivity

#284 Habits 

#285 Blog (on all of the above)

#286 Consulting/Coaching/Mentoring (on all of the above)

#287 Kindle Book Series (on all of the above)

#288 YouTube Channel (on all of the above)

#289 Online Course (on all of the above)



#290 Pet care and grooming

#291 Pet Outfits

#292 Pet Training

#293 Pet Photographer

#294 Pet Calendars

#295 Pet Greeting Cards

#296 Crafts with Pets

#297 Pet Blog

#298 Pet Podcast

#299 Pet YouTube Channel

#300 Online Courses (on all of the above)



#301 Travel planner

#302 Expat consultant

#303 Travel Blog

#304Tour Guiding

#305 Travel Consultant

#306Travel Kindle Books

#307Travel Podcast

#308 Vlogger

#309 Travel Photos

#310 Rent out rooms in your Home ( AirBnB  Wimdu Roomorama )

#311 Travel YouTube Channel

Travel Online Course (Top 10 Countries to visit on a budget, Must visit places before you die, Top 10 Best Family places in the world etc)



#312 Membership-only Websites

(Is your website successful? Make it a subscription website)

#314 Paid Memberships, Clubs, groups of any kinds

(People love to belong to a group with similar likes, hobbies, desires, dreams etc)

#315 Affiliate Programs

(you can sell products on Your Blog/YouTube Channel/Podcast and get commissions. P.S You need big audience to make big money)

#316 Blog Software/Blog Directory

#317 Overview Blog/Podcast/YouTube Channel

(You can have banner advertising, sponsorship, and subscription opportunities. You can promote additional products and services that you provide related to technology products and services)

#318 Do-It-Yourself Site

(start with a niche and you can expand as you grow)

#319 Online Counsellor

#320 Outsourcing Middle-Man

(if you’re interested in acting as an agent or intermediary and have a knack for business and are good in dealing with people)

#321 Drop shipping

(Some people hesitate to sell on eBay and other websites because they don’t want to have to go through the pain of storing products, getting them packaged properly, and then shipping the products to customers. There is an alternative to that though, called drop shipping. If you opt to this, then you don’t need to touch the products at all. All you would do is sell the products, and then once you make a sale, a wholesaler would ship it on your behalf as soon as you provide them the name and address of each customer)

#322 Edit or restore old photos

A Powerful BONUS

Here is another way to get a Profitable Business Idea

Another great idea for Your Business is simply listening. Listening to your own, your family’s , friends, your co-workers’, neighbours’ problems and frustrations.

Listen and understand these problems and complains. People have complained for a reason.

And here is how You can benefit. It signals about another great Business idea. And if these complains and problems overlap from different sources like you and your friends- Abrakadabra. That’s a great Business Idea. Congratulations!

Look all around you. Listen and understand. Noticed anything… give yourself time…

Read this story that will inspire you

This is exactly how Sara Blakely became world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Sarah Blakely sold door to door fax machines for seven years… 

She listened and understood. She studied the faults of the shapewear industry, thus finding room for improvement. With this information, she found room for innovation in a very competitive, well-established market.

In 2000, Sarah Blakely launched the Spanx brand from her apartment, a company that produces slimming bodywear – bras, panties and more.

Sarah took all calls and marketing herself. Her boyfriend at the time, a healthcare consultant, later resigned from his job and joined Blakely in her Business Journey.

Just in one year, Spanx revenues for 2011 were estimated at just under $250 million…

She took no outside investment and hasn’t spent a nickel on advertising.

Yet she became a billionaire simply by noticing a problem and turning problem into profit.


That goes to show you that you can turn problems, complains, frustrations into a profit. You can find them anywhere in any niche. If a few people saying the same thing- that’s an opportunity, a room for improvement. Profitable Business Ideas are out there…


AHA! Your idea mode is switched on.


You now know the list of 322 Profitable service business ideas in 2023. Profitable Business ideas with law investment, that you can start straight away from your home.


As you can see, there is no shortage of good online business ideas. The truth is, the internet has made it easy to create a business. With just a website, you can reach anyone in any location in the world. 

Create irresistible offers, target the right people, and you would be making your own money in no time. 




Now you have a great Business Idea… Seriously, there is huge potential for major profit in online business.

Feel inspired?

But that’s not all…

I want to share a golden tip with you, because I believe in you.


You want a shortcut to a Successful Online Business Empire, right? I thought so.

Learn from the Best. Seriously. If you want to speed up the process, learn from an entrepreneur in your field who has been very successful. That’s the short cut!

Well… Unless you’re another genius—another Bill Gates or Steve Jobs— trying to reinvent the wheel is a big waste of time and money. For most people starting a business, the issue should not be coming up with something absolutely new and so unique that no one has ever heard of it,

but instead…

 Answer yourself these questions:

  • How can I improve on this? How can I make it faster, simpler, create a shortcut?
  • Can I do this better or differently from the other guy doing it over there?
  • Is there market share not being served that makes room for another business in this category?

Rather than reinventing the wheel, trying things that won’t work and spending months and years trying and testing, simply think who are the most successful in your field. Somebody who has already figured it all out.

Then, invest in their training:

  1. Online courses

 aren’t that expensive compared to the outcome it may give.

  1. Coaching/mentoring

More expensive option, but keeps you accountable.

Here is how you fast-track your online Business Success. Save tons of time and money, because the guess work is extremely costly!


Get the Juices Flowing

 How do you start the Business idea process?

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and across the top write “Things About Me.”

List 5-10 things about yourself—things you like to do or that you’re really good at, personal things (we’ll get to your work life in a minute). Maybe you’re good with people, paybe you love coaching, perhaps you love computers, you love numbers, are good at coming up with marketing concepts or are a great negotiator.

Write down whatever comes to your mind first. Once you have your list, number the items down one side of the paper.


  1. On the other side of the paper, list things that you don’t think you’re good at or you don’t like to do.

Maybe you’re in love with advertising, but you don’t like to meet people or you’re really not that fond of kids or you don’t like to do public speaking or you don’t want to travel. Just write down your first thoughts.

When you’re finished, ask yourself: “If there were three to five products or services that would make my personal life better, what would they be?” This is your personal life as a man, woman, father, husband, mother, wife, parent, grandparent—whatever your situation may be. Determine what products or services would make your life easier or happier, make you more productive or efficient, or simply give you more time


  1. Ask yourself why want to start a business.
  2. When people ask what you do, what’s your answer?
  3. What people say you’re good at?
  4. Some people dislike the fact that you__
  5. Write down 5 things you want to see changed or improved__


  1. Look for a pattern to emerge and think about the best possible Business idea.


But…it takes more that business idea to succeed.

Here are the next steps to increase your success.

Your Next Business Steps

A successful business starts with:

  • Great Business Idea
  • Thorough research to find a profitable niche and understanding who your audience is.
  • Detailed action plan. Your Goals and detailed plan.
  • Have a system how to attract and convert (Marketing)
  • Taking action!

Without understanding online marketing, you cannot be successful. Period. No matter how good and talented you are, you need to master marketing and sales. Learn before you earn and become unstoppable.

I believe in You. You can do it!

Good luck! Sending you the most powerful good luck vibes in the universe as you begin this phenomenal business venture. May your success have no limit.

If this article has helped you in any way, please write Facebook/Google review. Positive feedback and results is what motivates to do more for you.

Please spread the love, share this article

Yours, Rina


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