10 Steps to Your Signature Coaching Program

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A signature coaching program is a program that is based on a framework you created. The one, that is unique to you and your way of teaching.

Wondering how to create a signature coaching program? The online course that sells?

Yayyyy! You don’t realise it yet, but very shortly you are going to discover everything you need to know about Your Signature Caching Program.

In front of your eyes…

Your questions answered.


Why every Coach needs a Signature Coaching Program?


You need a Signature Coaching Program, because:

  1. It adds Credibility and Authority

Your Signature Programme is your intellectual property. When you put all your knowledge in your framework, system, roadmap, blueprint and turn it into a program- it immediately positions you as an authority. It demonstrates that you’re an expert in the field.

Do you want more credibility? Trademark or copyright it.

  1. It Attracts Your ideal Clients

When you clearly declare the problems it solves and results it brings-your Signature program will attract Your ideal Clients.


  1. It simplifies Your Business

It simplifies and free ups your time. You have to decide on the delivery and will it be self-paced or will you offer weekly/monthly sessions too. Either way, you will have so much more free time! It will enable you to serve more clients if you wish.


  1. It’s easy scalable

Your Online Signature Program allows you to scale your Coaching Business. Actually, online course and digital info business is the easiest way to make BIG money! Millions!

It will free up your time, thus allowing you to do more 1-on 1 coaching if you wish.


Turn your 1on 1 programme into a group programme.

You can make millions without working more.

How to Create Your Own Signature Coaching Programme

The key to a powerful coaching program is a structure! Your program should be organised in a way, so it’s easy to follow.


Here are 10 Steps to guide you to create your signature coaching program that sells


Step #1 Identify a Problem Your Signature Program Solves

The first step in creating a signature program that sells is to clearly determine the shift/outcome/ measurable end result your clients will get once they complete your coaching program.

Your signature coaching program is going to solve the exact problem your ideal client have.


Step #2 Name Your Coaching Program

The perfect Coaching program is:

  • Memorable
  • quickly conveys what it will cover
  • promises a solution

No- no to long, hard and boring names.


Step #3 Choose Your Coaching Program Delivery

You know the problem the program solves, and you have a name. Next, decide on delivery.

How long will the program be for?  A day/month, 6 months or a year?

Will you have sessions with clients? Group or 1-1? How long a session be? In person or virtually?

Will you have launches a few times a year, or will it be an evergreen program?

Think about what the client wants as well as what works best for you. 

If they are very busy, will they show up to a weekly meeting?

A good option is to offer them options when you sell:

  • Completely self-paced online course
  • Course with monthly group meetings
  • Course with weekly meetings
  • Course with few 1-1 meetings


Step #4 Map out MODULES

Organise your framework into 5-12 main modules

that your ideal clients have to follow to achieve the end result you’re promising.


Step #5 Break Down MODULES into Lessons

Make it easy to follow. Add tips, tools, strategies, techniques and other resources that will simplify the content and help your clients to easily digest your content.


Step #6  Worksheets/Templates/ Homework

End each Module/ Lesson with resources and homework.

Homework: Add Worksheets/Templates and Homework to a client to work on in between Modules/Sessions.

It helps to continue progress when you are not working with the client.

Knowledge doesn’t go very far without action. When you add templates/worksheets, you inspire and motivate to implement the knowledge and take an action.


Step #7 Share Real Life Examples/Stories

Why do you need real life examples, stories?


At times, your client may feel uncomfortable etc, and you share a story how you/your client felt the same. But they did it anyway! Share struggles, triumphs, ups and downs. You are transparent.

Your clients feel they are not alone! What happens next?

The relationships deepen. They start to know, like and trust you.

Real life examples/stories throughout your program will bring your program to life. Your programme becomes more interesting and inspiring!

The human brain is hungry for stories. We all love stories!


Step #8 Price Your Signature Program

Now depending on the delivery, programme time and the problem it solves, decide what are you going to charge for it.

My Advice.

Do not set your price too low, because:

  • You will attract price buyers
  • It can decrease the value that prospects see in your programme
  • Can reduce credibility

Do not undervalue yourself!  You solve real problems, right?


Step #9 How will You generate Leads into Your Program

Decide on How are you going to attract leads into Your Signature Program.

Will you be active on social media and try free traffic?


Will You create a Lead magnet and promote it? Then get leads into Your Email List, Nurture and Sell?

Will you run Facebook, Google or YouTube ads?

Or will you host a webinar?


Step #10 Create a Message that Speaks to Your Ideal Client’s Heart

So now you have all the above 9 Steps completed. Super!

Now is the time to craft a message, that speaks to Your ideal client’s heart and opens their wallets.

This step is crucial. It could be that part that will make or break your business.

All of the above, all your hard work will not pay you, if you do not focus on the right message.

In Your messaging you have to talk about your ideal client paint points, their fears, frustrations, wishes, wants and desires.

Do not talk about your programme. Nobody cares! You only need to inform a few details-how long will it take, what does it include. Talk about the problem it solves.


BONUS Step #11 Launch Your Program

Decide Where will you host your program?


Once l you get feedback, improve your program!


Dear Coach,

What’s Your superpower? What’s your zone of genius?

Pack it into a signature online programme and sell it online.

Choose the delivery the way it works the best for you and how you enjoy doing things.

Trust yourself and your experience. Build a thriving coaching community and scale your business. 

As you start to sell your Signature program, you will never look at your Business the same.

The more you sell, the easier it will become! And shortly you will be able to scale your business.

Then you’ll feel happy as never before. You serve more and impact more by working less anytime from anywhere.


If this information helped you in any way, please leave Facebook /Google review, because positive feedback and client results is the reason and motivator to create more for you.

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To Your Success, Rina