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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  is a process which covers actions, tactics and techniques to get websites on search Engines.  

Why SEO is important to every Business?

  The amount of benefits that SEO generates are countless. Search engine Optimization can completely transform your business. So you have a product or service an a website, that represents your business. A website is a face of your business, where you send a message about you and your products/services to you potential clients. If you don’t rank high, your clients simply will never land on your website. In order to sale, your website needs traffic, no matter what industry or business you are in. Agree, right? So if you website is on pages no 4,5 and so on, you are buried in search engine rankings. Basically, your website just gathers dust.   SEO skyrockets your Business visibility, trust and sales.  

Did you know, that SEO is one of the most effective ROI’s ?


Why choose Digital Marketing Light as Your Dublin SEO Company

  Passion. When You choose an agency that has a passion ranking websites, you can expect to get results! Not only we deliver real results, but we over deliver.   Experience. We have experience -tried different Strategies and Techniques and we do know what work’s in today’s Digital Marketing World.   Flexibility. We are helping to craft custom SEO campaigns for businesses across Ireland as well as abroad. No matter where your Business is based, we are ready to help your brand be visible and shine online.   Proven results. We have worked and helped so many businesses from different industries to deliver real results. Ethical SEO. We rely on white-hat or ethical SEO tactics and techniques to deliver long-lasting results you have dreamed of. Personalised. We treat your Business, Brand and Website like our own and serve you to achieve your Business Goals.   Trusted Company. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our clients are like our family members.   Transperancy. No memberships, no hidden fees.   Powerful Tools. Best Tools On the Market. We use only the best available tools on the market to help you achieve Your Business Goals.   The Price. All that amazing work at a very competitive price. We guarantee results at one of the most price-competitive services.   Availability. We don’t have secretaries or fancy offices, meaning you can call directly any time. No waiting time, no confusion. We are always a click or a call away.   Results oriented. The best tools available accompanied with the tactics and techniques that work in today’s Business world guarantee real results. You’ll be amazed. Support.  You can choose the way you want to communicate with us: phone or skype calls, Emails or face to face. We will hold your hand getting up on Search Engines ladder.   Report + Consultation. You will get a written report, followed with face to face consultation (or your preferred communication method). You are never alone.            

SEO Dublin Services procedure:

  • Listen and learn about client’s business, struggles, requirements and goals.
  • Analyzing and understanding the business and the biggest competitors.
  • Proposing the actionable SEO that guarantees results.
  • Working on the Project
  • Delivering report
  • Phone, Skype, face to face Consultation

Why Our Customers Love Us?

We are the leading Digital Marketing and Dublin SEO Agency.

world class knowledge, passion and experience of SEO will Increase your online visibility, drive traffic and 2×1 3x …or maybe even 10x your sales.  

We invite you to Go Up the Search Results. Are you ready?

We offer clarity, transparency, trust and Phenomenal results that will transform your business online. Learn more about Digital Marketing Light.  

SEO services Dublin charges

  Our SEO service starts from 1000  and can go up to 2000. There is no “one price fits it all”. The price depends on your business industry, competition and a few other factors. Remember- our results-oriented services bring your website on the top of Search Engine Results for very competitive price.  
You have two options:
  Do everything yourself It will take you years of trying and testing until you understand how to do Digital Marketing tasks right. And remember- Googles algorithms are constantly changing, which means you have to keep an eye on all the Google updates and modifications, to make sure you are using the right tactics and approach. Choose a professional SEO agency that will deliver results, that will make your jaw drop. You will be happy 6 months from the day you decide to hire SEO Professional.  

How to hire SEO professional in Dublin?

  You probably are constantly getting Emails with big promises: “The best Dublin SEO, that will make your website rank on Google #no1” or similar. Does this sound familiar to you? I bet it does. The excitement get right through the roof. I know….But…here is the reality ticket for you These Digital Agencies might get you on Google no#1, by placing back-links on certain websites. But… It’s a matter of time, when your website is caught by Google robots. And… once you’re caught, you get penalized by Google. That would at least what you want, right? Penalized websites don’t rank high. To recover from penalty would takes years if ever. Do you wanted WHY this could happen? Suddenly from shiny promised ranking number 1, you are completely out of internet?   Here is the answer for you   These agencies are using grey or even black Hat SEO, that don’t align with Google rules. Digital Marketing Light NEVER promised number 1 rankings. Using the right tactics its simply impossible. Every website wants to be number one for their desired keywords, but there is only 1 position and nobody has a contract with Google to guarantee highest rankings. Therefore, Digital Marketing Light promises to skyrocket your rankings and increase visibility, and in most cases, get page number 1 rankings, but not number 1 position on page number 1.   Don’t trust anybody that is promising first page rankings be it Google or other search engines. If you see something like ‘We can get you #no1 on  Google Search’, in means that they are using black hat SEO. They don’t know how to do SEO right and all they care is your money.   Do you know the saying:” sounds too good to be true” ?   Here is our HOT ADVISE Prior to your SEO Campaign with Agency ensure that: you know:
  •  how will your Business benefit and what exactly you will get
  • How much time will it take
  • The price.

The Digital Marketing Light Difference

  World class knowledge, experience, passion and real results that you have been dreaming of. We are committed to extensive training and continuous learning to stay innovative and up to date with all the Digital Marketing updates.    

What you should about SEO?

  Sear Engine Optimisation is a BIG topic. It’s a very big phrase and there is so many facts, so it is not easy to cover the topic. However, just a few things to keep in mind:
  1. SEO takes time. Don’t hope to get results after implementing the SEO Plan. It takes somewhat from 3, 6 or even more month to see the results of Effective SEO Strategy.
  2. There are FREE Google tools, that help to measure results, improve, monitor and understand your customer journey (google analytics and google webmaster)
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