53 Facebook Ad Tips.Killing Tried & Tested Tactics

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Facebook Ad Tips

that will be a game changer and turbo boost your business, skyrocket your sales and fill your bank account. Facebook Ad works if you do it right.

From August 2016 the Organic Reach of a Facebook Page had fallen to 2%.

However, Facebook is the land to grow and scale your Business. I am sharing all top Facebook ad tips, so never even put a ceiling to your Business growth!

Facebook is the largest and most widely used social media platform today. With over 2 billion active users, it has targeted audience for Your business too.

Advertising on social networks has become a strategic part of digital marketing campaigns.

But, with declining organic reach, caused by changing algorithms, succeeding on Facebook is more difficult than ever.

So advertising on social networks has become a strategic part of digital marketing campaigns.

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the best options for online advertising. Wait a minute. Oh no…Actually, Facebook Ads are my favorite.

Facebook Ad has countless benefits.

From reaching specific local audiences to global audience, without any borders.

Before I deep dive into the Facebook advertising tips, I want to prove you how powerful Facebook ads are.

Top 11 Reasons WHY You Should Advertise on Facebook

So now, that you know the Facebook Advertising Benefits, belt up and get ready for insane tried and tested, proved to work tips and hacks, strategies and methods.

Let’s tap into the power of Facebook Ads to build Brand awareness and Drive Sales

Try starting implement suggested tips for better conversion, more revenue and sales.

Whether you’re a Facebook newbie or your organization has been active on the platform for years, this post is packed with actionable tips that will help you to get better return on your investment.

WHY You Should Use Facebook advertisement:


1.Because Facebook is the most customizable advertising network and allows us to have full control on

  • Placement
  • Audience
  • Delivery
  • Creative

2. Because it is the cheapest place to advertise online

The average CPC is between €0.20-€0.80 and €7.19 per 1000 impressions.

Facebook Ad price mainly depends on 4 factors:

  • Industry you are in
  • Watch time
  • Engagement
  • Relevance (how relevant is your ad to people you target)
  • Quality (comments, likes, shares)
  • Action rate (the likelihood of an action-how likely they are going to click, like, view or convert

3. Because Facebook Offers Video Ads

The audience love watching videos. Videos encourage engagement and move lazy customers


4. Because it Allows us to highly target by:

  • Specific age groups
  • Gender
  • location
  • Work title
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Behaviour
  • Events

5.Because it allows us target foreign prospects and grow globally

Start unknown, finish unforgettable

6.Because it has extensive Data analytics metrics

Metrics such as your weekly reach, page likes, post engagement, and your best performing posts. It helps you to analyse and optimize for the best results.

7. Because it is a most popular social media site

According to statista, there were almost 2.5 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2019

8. Because Facebook ads lets you optimize for your goals:

    • brand awareness
    • attracts leads
    • convert users into customers

9. Because Facebook Ads Allow You to Re-market to

People, Who Have Already Interacted with Your Brand

10. Because Facebook is one of the most powerful tools to scale your Business.

…and Facebook is not going away any time soon…

So now, that you know the main benefits of Facebook ads, let’s set up Facebook Advertising Account.

..And .. OK one more BONUS. Because Facebook has a large mobile audience

Facebook and Instagram are one of the top downloaded apps on mobiles

Are you ready to dive deep in to success?

Here are SUPER Powerful Facebook ad Tips

Facebook Ad Tips

#1 Clear Ad Objective

You can choose from

11 Marketing objectives based on what you want your ad to accomplish.

Each Campaign can have a single objective.

All 11 Objectives fall into 3 CATEGORIES:


  1. Awareness – when you want more people to know about your business.
  2. Consideration – when people are aware of your business and considering your product vs. a competitor’s product.
  3. Conversion – when people are ready to buy.

The Awareness ads are about driving your messages and help to find customers who haven’t heard about us.

The goal of awareness ads is to make cold audience make aware of your products/services (not to sell ).

Awareness adverts:

  • Brand awareness: Introduce your brand to a new audience.
  • Reach: Expose your ad to as many people as possible.

Consideration ads are a stage where people start to interact with your brand: visit a website, engage with the post, download a freebie or app, sign up, fill up a lead form. At this stage they will not necessarily will buy, but they are interacting and considering.

Consideration adverts:

  • Traffic: Drive traffic to a specific web page, app or Facebook Messenger conversation.
  • Engagement: Reach a wide audience to increase engagement
  • App installs: Get people to install your app.
  • Video views: Get more people to watch your videos.
  • Lead generation: Get new prospects into your sales funnel.
  • Messages: Encourage people to contact your business using Facebook Messenger.


Conversion ads are design to get somebody to take an action: somebody fills in a lead form, submit an enquiry or purchase.

Conversion adverts:

  • Conversions: Get people to take a specific action on your website (like subscribe to your list or buy your product), with your app, or in Facebook Messenger.
  • Catalog sales: Connect your Facebook ads to your product catalog to show people ads for the products.
  • Store traffic: Drive nearby customers to bricks-and-mortar stores.

So be clear and tell exactly what you want your ad to achieve. This is the very first and crucial step to your ad success.

Facebook Ad Tips

#2 Video,Video,Video

Use video in your ad. Your potential customers are much more likely to stop and watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it. Video content will win.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the best additions to your promotion toolbox.

If you still have your doubts if it really worth to consider using videos for promoting your business, here is my answer.

Yes, it’s worth it.

Video is one of the most profitable digital marketing tactics in the marketing. Here are 8 reasons why you should use video marketing right now.

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

First things first. Videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions.

Video can also lead directly to sales. And various Studies has proved, that video ads converts better. So use explainer-video, testimonials, special offers etc. So better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

If you think about it, the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. So if an image boosts engagement, imagine what moving pictures can do to your business.

2. Video return Great ROI

Here are even more exciting news for you. Nearly 90% of business ownere claim,  that video provides good return on investment.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Even though video production is not yet the easiest and the cheapest task, but at the end of the day it pays off big time. Besides, today we have endless choice of online video editing tools: some free, while other are really affordable.

You, probably, have used your smartphone for videos while travelling already, haven’t you?  With today’s technology, even your smartphone can produce a pretty good video content.

Mainly just remember- be clear what you are offering.

3. Video Builds Trust

People buy if they:

  1. Know you
  2. Like you
  3. Trust you

These are the foundation of your Business Success.

We create content marketing and  build trust. We provide value, create educational, inspirational, motivational content and create long-term relationships.

Stop selling today! Focus on providing value and building relationships first and let the people come to you.

Video does it all. Video content boost the engagement and evokes emotions. So, if you are serious about growing BIG, you must focus on video marketing.

Promotional videos foster trust.  Create interesting, attention grabbing videos that creates a sense of individual approach.

3. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

As more and more people using their mobiles for all things today, Video and mobile go hand in hand. Since people like to watch videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is growing, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger.

4. Video Marketing Can do more

Create a video when you are launching a new product or a service. Use ex plainer videos, incorporate animated videos. Animation brings concepts to life in a fun way that no text or live video can. It helps you get attention, be remembered and increases the entertainment rate. They simply work like crazy.

5. Video Engages the Laziest Customers

Videos are super easy to consume, that’s why people LOVE videos. To succeed today you need videos, not your product descriptions. The today’s modern customer has high expectations and wants to see the product in action. Video preference is one of the most important driving forces of using video in your content marketing.

Video preference is one of the most significant main driving forces of using video in your ads and overall your Business content marketing strategy.

Video capture a wide audience and it moves even the laziest customer.

Remember to target not only to the eyes but the ears of the potential client.

6. Video Encourages Social Shares

Fun, entertaining, or sad videos encourage social shares. But just remember, that people share emotions, not dry facts.

Emotions are not ROI, but social shares increase traffic to your site and your Facebook page.

7. Video Ads Work Wonders

Remember this: lots of researches proved, that the average click-through-rate of video ads is the highest CTR of all digital ad formats!

Video ads is a perfect way of fighting against banner blindness.

Video speed up sales cycles as prospects think less and act sooner.

Make creative video advertising, with an ingredient of an emotion and your advertising can be spread on the Internet in a matter of days. Getting millions of views and hopefully go viral. Creativity takes over people by storm.

Facebook Ad Tips

#3 Test Automatic Placements

Facebook gives you a choice where your ads are displayed. Facebook suggests that use Automatic Placements and its set on automatic by default.

Here are all available Facebook Ad placements

Some placements get much better results than others.

Time has proved, that campaign with the conversions objective, automatic placements usually gives you the best results.

That’s because Facebook optimizes your campaign to generate the highest number of conversions and that includes putting your ads in locations where people are more likely to convert.

If you are using the brand awareness, traffic objective, or another non-conversion-based objective, the feeds and stories placements usually work the best.

However, what works the bets for your Business, you need to try and test.

Facebook Ad Tips

#4 Use Facebook Pixel, the Most Powerful Tool

Facebook Pixel is a unique code given by Facebook to identify people, who visited your website. Facebook gives one code to each ad account. It is the most powerful advertising tool given by Facebook.

Have you ever visited a website and then suddenly you start seeing ads for it everywhere?

Yeah, that is Facebook pixel at work.

Facebook pixel helps optimize ad delivery for desired goals. Install the

base pixel code

on your website right now and Facebook will begin tracking immediately.

You will have some data before you start running ads.

Pixel plays a massive role to achieve Facebook Ad campaign objectives. It is a code for your website that enhances the advertising procedure on Facebook. It is necessary if you wish to reach and attract relevant audience in a timely fashion.

Keep reading on to make the online presence of your brand as powerful as possible.

Reasons why you need Facebook Pixel

Get Access to More Facebook Tools

Facebook has a wide array of tools and metrics available for you. However, you cannot gain access to all of them without using Facebook Pixel. You get to experience custom audiences from the website, dynamic ads, and conversion campaigns if you use Facebook Pixel. It makes the experience of Facebook advertising much more versatile and rewarding for your business.

Conversion Tracking

It is very important for every online business owner to see the way people interact with their website especially after they are exposed to the business’ advertisement. Using Facebook Pixel is by far one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

It also enables you to track customers across the devices they use. You get to know whether your existing or potential audience uses mobile or desktop to access your business online. An accurate conversion tracking helps you in developing effective ad strategies and calculating return on investment.

Optimize Facebook Ads for Value and Conversions

Facebook does half the job for online businesses by collecting data of the buyers and visitors of the website. The data is not just limited to ‘who’ shows interest in your website but it gets into a little more detail by recording how much they spend on the site. This, in turn, aids in optimizing the audience of your ad. Your ads are reached out to people who are actually inclined towards your offerings/business. These audiences are more likely to add value to your business.

Facebook Pixel also allows you to optimize ads for certain conversion events. It expands your conversion options in a way that you are able to go beyond optimizing for link clicks. With Facebook Pixel, you get to experience conversions that are closely linked with your business goals.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Pixel designed for retargeting allows you to make your target ads available to those who have already visited your website. It gives you a perfect opportunity to show them ads of the exact same products they browsed through on your website. You can play it smart by showing them ads of the products they added in their carts or wish lists and did not end up making the purchase.

Constant exposure of such ads may compel them to revisit the website and make the final buying decision.

Facebook Pixel code consists of two main parts:

  1. the pixel base code

The pixel base code tracks all of your website traffic.

  1. event code

Event codes are additional pieces of code you are allowed to add under the default pixel code to specific pages of your website and will track certain actions on those pages.

You can track different people who perform different actions on your website by using event codes.

The base code identifies your advertising account and never changes-it is the same code across your website.

The base code shows the page views, but does not measure the actions.

The second Part of the pixel is standard event code and tracks the specific actions for you.

Events are actions, your website visitors take.

Add an Event code to the “thank you pages” that people are taken to after they perform a specific action.

Facebook Pixel event code helps to calculate KPIs such as cost per purchase and cost per lead. All the date is sent back to Facebook and this way you can instantly determine your cost per lead and see which campaigns, targeting options, ads, etc. are delivering the best results.

If you are not using Facebook Pixel, you are leaving money on the table.

Facebook Ad Tips

#5 Target with Custom Audiences

Your lowest hanging fruit is people, who already know your business and have already engaged before:

  • existing customers
  • website visitors
  • Facebook and Instagram page engagers
  • app users, etc.

Target these warm audiences that usually delivers much better results than advertising to cold audiences- people, who have never heard of you before.

Create custom audience and run an ad.

There are 2 super powerful ways to start:

  • target your website visitors
  • upload a file of your Email subscribers or previous customers

Facebook Ad Tips

#6. Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook lookalike audiences is the way to grow and scale your business on Facebook.

This is where the real power of Facebook ads are. The best part is that you make a few clicks and Facebook creates this audience for you!

What is lookalike audience?

As the word suggests, Facebook Lookalike is a group of people that are very similar to your warm audience. A Lookalike Audience is a super powerful way to reach new people who are likely to convert, because they’re similar to your best existing audience.

You create Lookalike Audience based on your Custom Audience.

For Example, if I created custom audience to track my website visitors in the past 30 days, I can create a lookalike audience based on this.

Facebook will identify the common qualities and interests of the people in it (for example, demographic information or interests). Then, will deliver your ad to an audience of people who are similar to (or “look like”) them.

I usually choose to create 1 % Lookalike of my selected Custom Audience.

You may think What, why ONLY 1%…

Yes, creating a larger audience increases your potential reach, but reduces the level of similarity between the Lookalike Audience and source audience. Also, in most cases, the ad cost goes up too.

Lookalike Audiences allow you to exponentially grow your reach by leveraging Facebook’s enormous amount of user data.

A source for your Lookalike Audience can be created with:

  • your pixel data
  • your mobile app data or
  • fans of your Page.

Use a group of 1,000 – 50,000 of your best customers based on lifetime value, transaction value, total order size or engagement.

Choose Country

Choose your desired audience size with the slider.

Click Create Audience

It may take 6 to 24 hours for your Lookalike Audience to be created. After that, it’ll refresh every 3 to 7 days as long as you’re still actively targeting ads to it

You don’t need to wait for your Lookalike Audience to update to use it for ad targeting

You can see when your Lookalike Audience was updated by visiting your Audience Manager page and looking at the date under the Availability column.

REMEMBER. if a source audience is made up of your best customers rather than all your customers, that could lead to better results.

Facebook Ad Tips

#7 Strategic Retargeting Campaigns


Strategic Ad Retargeting

Two effective separate campaigns can be used to run retargeting ads:

1. General retargeting

Retarget warm potential customers, who already know your Business:

  • Facebook fans
  • page engagers
  • Instagram engagers
  • website visitors
  • and others.

Get your ads in from of your warm audience with Conversion Objective and show your Specific offer.

2. Funnel retargeting

Funnel retargeting includes retargeting a prospect that has dropped out from your marketing funnel. Examples.

Cleverly craft your message to bring people back where they dropped out.

Example. Let’s say a visitor filled in billing info for your Once of the time Offer, but they don’t convert.

Retarget them with the ad and remind the offer ends at 12 pm tonight etc

This strategy will get you low-cost conversions and sales, which will reduce your overall cost per conversion and/or customer.


Be as specific as possible with your retargeting ads.

For example, instead of just retargeting all website visitors with your one Facebook ad, retarget people with specific offers, according the actions they have taken on your website.

Show them the right message which resonates with them personally.

For example. Show your ads of a product to people who have visited product page but have never purchased.

Shows your ads to people who initiated the check out but have never purchased.

Show your ads, who have registered for a webinar, but have never attended the website.

These retargeting ads are insanely powerful.


Facebook Ad Tips

#8 The Right Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel


One-size-fits-all doesn’t work with Facebook Advertising.

You can not market products that cost € 9 and € 10 000 with the same strategy.

Get Your prospects into the right Facebook Ads Funnel that will take your audiences on a journey that will end in conversions.


Facebook Ad Tips

#9 Use A Multi-Product Carousel

One of the most effective ways to sell E commerce products is the multi product carousel advert. Facebook Carousel is an interactive ad format, that allows you to display up to 10 images or videos on “cards” within a single ad.

Carousel Ads give you more room to show your products and that’s is one of the reasons they are the top ad format for eCommerce. It is intriguing and interactive

But that’s not all…

Carousel Ads lets you easier to capture attention and are more interactive for users than the single image or single video format. Not only it increases the engagement with your ad, but it also creates the time spent on the ad.

No, that’s not all…

This type of advert type increases click-through-rate and decreases your costs.

I recommend you to start with your strongest creative such as a short product video, best sellers or testimonial. Drag and drop to rearrange the order of your cards to your preference before or after you create them.

You can use Carousel Ads to show your wider range of products

These are the Ad Objectives, that support the Carousel format:

  • Reach
  • brand awareness
  • traffic
  • app installs,
  • lead generation,
  • conversions, or catalog sales.

Facebook Ad Tips

#10 Set up the Right Ad Budget

If your Facebook ad budget is too big or too small, then you’re going to run into difficulties.

If your ad budget is too big and your target audience is small, you are going to have Facebook Ad Frequency problems.

Facebook will show your ad to the small audience and shortly after the

campaign’s effectiveness is obviously going to drop off significantly and the ad cost is likely going to increase.

On the other hand, if your ad budget is too small, you simply won’t generate great results.

For example, if your average customer value is € 2,000 and you spend €5 per day on ads, most likely your ads will fail.

Determine the right Ad budget faced on these main factors:

  • what is the revenue that you want to generate
  • what is your average order value
  • what is your budget
  • your audience size

Facebook Ad Tips

#11 Add Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension


The Google Chrome browser extension Facebook Pixel is a FREE tool that shows you whether your Facebook pixel is working properly.

Facebook Pixel helper also troubleshoot common errors and helps you to improve your performance.

Once you’ve set up the Facebook Pixel Helper, a small icon will appear next to your address bar.

If a website has a Facebook pixel installed, which is represented by the </> icon, the icon will turn blue. You will also see a small badge will appear indicating the number of pixels found on the page.

If the small icon next to your address bar does not turn blue, it means there are no Facebook pixels installed on that page.

Facebook Ad Tips

#12 Use the Lowest Bid Strategy

Lowest Cost is the default bidding strategy and many advertisers are using this not even knowing in many cases it is a good option.

If you use the lowest cost bid strategy (automatic bidding), Facebook bids with the goal of getting the lowest possible cost per optimization event. You allocated set budget  will be spent at the end of the day or throughout the entire ad run.

When using the lowest bid cost strategy, you have a option to ad “a bid cap”. This is the maximum amount that Facebook can offer for a particular optimization event in an auction. What is important is that if you set a bid cap, Facebook might not spend the entire budget you set (campaign or ad set level) as in the previous case.

As mentioned above, you can also choose the target cost bid strategy (manual bidding). This means that Facebook will then bid to reach the price around for the optimization event and around the target cost on average. The target cost bid strategy is available for the following marketing purposes:

·         app installs,

·         conversion,

·         lead generation,

·         product catalogue sales.

Facebook Ad Tips

#13 Monitor Your Ad Frequency

Ad frequency is the average number of times people see your ad.

A very important metric, that is often overlooked.

Here is how you measure Frequency:

Frequency =Impressions / Reach

·         Impressions: # of times your ads were displayed

·         Reach: # of unique users your ads reached

·         Frequency: # of times your ad was served to each person (estimated, average)

As you can see, Ad Frequency is related with impressions and reach.

If people see the same ad over and over again, it loses an impact and causes the ad fatigue.

Ad fatigue affects other core campaign metrics:

  • decreases relevance score
  • increases your CPM &cost per results.
  • reduces your overall return on ad spend (ROAS)

I personally don’t like to see the ads to get above a 3 or 4 in frequency but I will keep it running if it’s performing well.

For small audiences such as:

  • retargeting audiences
  • lookalike audiences
  • or local businesses the ad budget shouldn’t be too high.

If your advertising budget is just a few euros per day, then this metric won’t be of much interest to you.


·         I always look at the budget and your campaign’s audience size

If you have a € 5 daily budget, even with a small audience size it’ll take time until the frequency becomes an issue. Alternatively, if you have a budget of thousands of euros per day, you’ll need to target a much bigger audience: hundreds of thousands of people.

High Frequency doesn’t always mean poor performance. Sometimes you can still have high frequency and still see good results.  That’s why the only number you really need to watch is your Key Performance Indicator, which depends on your ad objective: purchase, email leads etc.

And remember: Frequency may be a good thing if there is variety.

Determining Frequency

Navigate to Ads Manager and include Frequency metrics in any reporting level:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Set or
  • Ad

Under Ads Manager select a button called “Columns: Performance” (just under the date range)

and “Customize Columns”

Monitoring Facebook Ads frequency
Monitoring Facebook Ads frequency

Choose Frequency from the metrics available. On the right-side column, you can also “drag and drop” the metrics up and down the list to change the order to your liking.

reach Impressions Frequency.Facebook Ads
reach Impressions Frequency.Facebook Ads

I place Reach, Impressions, and Frequency adjacent to one another, as they are directly related.

Facebook Ad Tips

#14 Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List 

Email Lists is where Your Audience is. Email Marketing is still working.

If you have an Email list, you can sell without any ads, or you can boost your sales with your ads.

But also, you can run Facebook Ads to build an email list.

All the social media platforms is not our real estate, and we never know what is around the corner—remember Google + and some other social media platforms have just vanished. You can also get banned, or your ads account could get banned too.

When you build an Email list, you get the people off social media and create your own assets.

But I am not talking about the list you can buy. No, I am talking about the one you build, when people choose to opt in because they are curious and interested what you have got to offer.

To build and grow a strong email list, you need a strategy for promoting it.

There are a lot of smart techniques you can use to build your Email list, but often are times when people overlook a very effective strategy- Facebook Ads.

When you build an email list you are building an ongoing relationship with potential customers too.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List in 10 Steps

Now that you know the why, here are a few tips to help with the how.

  1. Develop an email marketing plan.

Before you get to the point of using Facebook advertising to grow your list, you need to figure out what you’re going to do with your email list. There’s no point in working to gain subscribers if you’re not ready to follow that up with work to keep them.

Create a plan for the types of emails you’ll send out and the schedule you’ll send them out on. You may want to create an email newsletter that goes out every month, or plan on sending a weekly update that includes links to the new content on your site and maybe news in your business field.

You can send out more directly promotional emails as well, but don’t make that all you ever do.  Promotional emails work best if the recipient is already familiar with your brand and has a reason to trust you. Your other emails will help build that trust.

  1. Select “Lead Generation” as your campaign objective.

One of the first steps to creating an ad in Facebook is choosing your campaign objective. Since your primary goal is building an email list, select “Lead Generation” as your Campaign Objective.

This ensures that the options Facebook provides as you go through the steps of creating your ads will match up with your goal of collecting email addresses from people in your target audience.

  1. Clarify your target audience and Choose what information to collect.

You definitely want to collect email addresses — that’s the main goal here, after all. But Facebook will let you choose additional information to ask for in your ads, such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Job title
  • Company name

The more information you ask for, the better you’ll be able to provide relevant emails to your new subscribers.

But if you add too many required fields for people to fill in before signing up, you may lose some leads who decide it’s too much work.

Remember, sometimes less is more.

So, how do you attract and keep the customers you want?

Here’s how: you need an extremely valuable lead magnet.

And here is where I see lots of advertisers go wrong…

They think if its free, then people give their Email address in exchange for the freebie.

That’s wrong attitude.

People don’t just want “free.” They want “free and valuable.”

These days, your email address is like a currency; you don’t give your email address to just anyone without a good reason.

So think what exactly can you offer.

If you’re selling fashion products like jewellery, maybe it’s a pairing guide showing customers what outfits they could wear with the product. If you’re selling food items, maybe it’s a free recipe. If you are selling make-up products, offer tutorials or what products and colors go well together.

So you have your lead magnet.

Here are the steps to follow.

Run an engaging Facebook ad that speaks to your target customer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they want?
  • How can you help them out?
  • Is there pain point they need help answering?
  • What are the biggest struggles?

Your lead magnet has to solve these needs. Your ad needs to clearly address that need, and then effectively explain how and why you have the solution.

All your audience will have to do is give you their email address, and the solution is theirs.

Run a number of ads and test test test. Only increase the budget when you find the winning ad- driving you the most of conversions at the best price.

At this point, your sales sequence becomes exponentially easier. You now have a steady stream of targeted emails coming in, so you can run automated sales funnel using Email marketing software. Email software’s allow you to create automated emails that are send when triggered by a subscriber’s activity (like purchase), or a certain date like national public day, or customer’s birthday.

You can use so popular and worldwide known Mailchimp, that has a free option to start off and includes:

  • 7 marketing channels
  • 1-click automations
  • Basic templates
  • Marketing CRM

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and receiving another notification from your email list provider…

But this time, instead of one subscriber, you got 20 subscribers overnight. Now imagine that happening again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Facebook Ad Tips

#15 Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

There is no point to reinvent the wheel. Spy on your competitor ads. Pay attention on those ads, who are running the longest.

Here is the thing.

If your competitor runs these ads long enough, it means they are converting, right? Otherwise they would have stopped them.

This way you have an idea what is converting. The ad copy, the ad format etc. try to make a better and more engaging ad to crush your competition!

Working out what delivers results in your industry can be time-consuming and costly.

Track competitors, that are generating great results with Facebook ads. Use a FREE  Facebook Ad Library tool, that will give you the insights on anyone’s Facebook ads!

Being able to spy on your competitors’ Facebook Ads is awesome and gives you an idea what is working.

Facebook Ad Tips

#16.Test Different Hooks in Your Ads

Remember, that Facebook users are always in a hurry and its hard to make them stop scrolling.

Use killing Facebook Ad Hooks, that will stop them and evoke curiosity.

If you are using video, the first few seconds of your video are crucial. The aim with the first 3 seconds is to keep them on for another 3 second and the another and then yet another 3 seconds. The goal is always to get your viewer to stick around for the entire video.

Did you know, you can retarget people who watched only 3 seconds to 10 seconds as they are also trackable by Facebook ad manager.

However, my practice shows that the longer the person watched the video, the more interesting he is and better conversion rates. If they watched the entire video, they thing you provide valuable content!

Facebook Ad Tips

#17 Use Captions To your videos

Get your message across with or without sound

Did you know, that over 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound turned off?

So keep this is mind and thing how to garb a viewer’s attention without the voice and music. Most videos play automatically without sound, so don’t hope the viewer will click to turn sound on.

Also, Facebook users, especially mobile users, tend to scroll in public places where it can be hard to hear. Understand, that a user can be in environments where turning sound on is not even an option: schools, meetings, cinema, classes etc.

Combat the potential sound deficit with bold visuals, clear stories with obvious visuals, and the use of graphic text to convey any crucial messaging.

Facebook Ad Tips

#18 High production quality

To get attention and get people to remember you, you need a high-quality production. Not only it helps you to stand out, but it also helps establish your brand as one of style and quality.

Visuals are crucial. Visuals is the reason people stop and ONLY then read the title and description. Also, make sure the audio quality is good too, especially if it is a how to tutorial, mini class etc

Facebook Ad Tips

#19 Structure The Facebook Ad Campaigns the right Way

Ads in Facebook are structured in three ‘levels:’

  • Campaigns
  • Ad sets
  • Ads


It may seem complicated in the beginning, but actually this campaign structure for Facebook Ads is designed to help advertisers to succeed. Facebook is constantly making different changes to its ad platform, but the ad account structure hasn’t changed a bit.

Under a new Facebook Campaign, run 3-4 ad sets, and 2-3 ads in each ad set.


Facebook Ad Tips

#20 Add Scarcity to Your Ad Copy

The psychological scarcity trick alerts of possibility to be left out.

Just the Statement that you have limited supply, increases the attractiveness of that item.

A fear of missing out is a super powerful motivator. Applying this in an ad copy works like wonders.

The harder to get, the more you wan it. I believe you agree, right?

Here are some great samples of Scarcity you can apply in your add copy:

·         Lock in this great price while you still can

·         Booked 30 times today

·         Only 2 seats left at this price

·         10 people are looking right now

·         In high demand – only 5 rooms left on our site

·         Pre-sale ends tonight at 12am

·         Today’s Deal Ends in: 8 Hours: 5 Minutes: 10 Seconds

·         While stock last

·         Limited Time offer



Booking.com Wish.com Amazon.com are great examples of how Scarcity trick is used to get the higher conversion rates.


Facebook Ad Tips

#21 Keep an eye on Relevance Score

Facebook awards your ads a score- a number 1 to 10. The higher the score the better rating.

Facebook Relevance Score tells you how well your ads resonate with your target audience and it means your ads are in front of the right audience.

Facebook is a social media platform, but it doesn’t mind to put good ads in from of the right audience. However, Facebook cares about the user experience, that’s why Facebook encourages creating interesting and engaging ads so the user have a better experience.

The added bonus- slightly cheaper ad cost. Every little count!

Good to know: You need 500 impressions to see Relevance Diagnostics on ads.

Facebook Ad Tips

#22 Don’t Adjust Your Facebook Ad Campaigns During the Learning Phase

Once you set up your New Facebook Ad campaign, don’t do any adjustments, leave your ads alone! Even if you are freaking out as your ad cost in the first few hours most likely going to be higher that you expect.

This is crucial!

After you set up your campaign, Facebook is in the learning phase for a few days. During this time Facebook is experimenting with your ad delivery and is figuring out who within your target audience is most likely to take an action you desire.

If you do even a small adjustment the learning phase will be restarted. This means it will take more time to optimize your campaigns.

Facebook Ad Tips

#23 Use Facebook ‘Offers’

We all love sales, don’t we? And we all love to get a deal 😊

If you have special discounts and want to sell faster, you can create and advert for this particular sale.

Facebook “Offer” is an insane opportunity not to be used. What I love the most about it is that your customers don’t need to leave Facebook to get a sale.Shorted journey usually converts better as it has less friction.

With Facebook “Offer” when clicked on Facebook “Offer”ads, clients get a

unique code, that they can use on your website.

Another great feature is that it uses ‘social proof’, by showing others that ‘10,001’ others have already claimed it.

With the next sale, you don’t want to miss this type of ad..


Facebook Ad Tips

#24 Create A Custom Call-To-Action

Facebook now allows us to create a personal call-to-action.

In Ad Level Add your Creative and then click on Add Button

Add Call to Action button to Your Facebook Ads
Add Call to Action button to Your Facebook Ads

From download, Book Now to get offer, Read more, Contact us, learn more and so on.

Call To Action Buttons in Facebook Ads
Call To Action Buttons in Facebook Ads

Now you are ready to get Big results for a little button.

Facebook Ad Tips

#25 Landing page views vs Link Clicks

In many cases, I have heard over 40% drop-off between Facebook Ad clicks and Landing Page Views.

I get lots of business owners asking What causes this? How can you optimize your ads for more website visitors?

And is there a way around it.

Facebook Landing Page views vs Link Clicks

To make it clear, I better explain what 3 different click metrics Facebook provides.

  1. Clicks (All):This is the total number of clicks on your ads. Seems simple, but you have to remember, that this includes it all below:
  • Link clicks
  • Clicks to the associated business Page profile or profile picture
  • Post reactions (such as likes or loves)
  • Comments or shares
  • Clicks to expand media (such as photos) to full screen
  • Clicks to take actions identified as your campaign objective (such as liking your Page for a Page engagement campaign)

Pro tip: Use All Clicks to understand general engagement on your ads and testing creative. I don’t recommend it to use it for tracking website traffic.

  1. Link Clicks:This is the total number of clicks on links within the ad that led to destinations on or off Facebook (Facebook lead forms, websites, videos on YouTube, etc.). If you include Instagram as a placement, for ads promoting Instagram profile views, link clicks include clicks on the ad header or comments that led to the advertiser’s profile.

Pro tip: Link Clicks filter out some of the noise, so you get a closer metric on clicks leading to your website, but again it won’t be accurate since it still includes clicks to Facebook destinations.

  1. Outbound Clicks:The total number of clicks that lead people of Facebook to your website or app. Facebook says “while some traffic might drop off between an outbound click and a webpage view, outbound clicks give you a closer approximation of the traffic intended for your website or app.”

Pro tip: Between the 3 click metrics, Outbound Clicks is the closest one for measuring traffic to your site. However, it is not very accurate as it doesn’t capture landing page loads.

Landing Page Views

Facebook says: “Landing page views let you know how many times people loaded your website, after clicking your ad. You can compare landing page views to link clicks to understand how many people clicked on your ad but left before your website loaded. To report on landing page views, you must have created a Facebook pixel.”

So you are charged for a click, even if the website doesn’t load…

Now you know it…

From all click metrics, Landing page views is the only that guarantees you are charged when somebody lands on your website.

So this is the reason I recommend to use Landing page so you can effectively analyse and optimize your adverts.

Good To Know

  • Slow page loading. If you website takes longer to load, over 50% of users will abandon the site.
  • Multiple clicks from one person: Facebook Pixel usually fires per unique user vs. per click. So if the same person clicks on your ad multiple times in a short time frame, it likely won’t fire each time that person loads your landing page.
  • Accidental clicks: And yes, we do get accidental clicks from people who aren’t that interested, especially so on mobile device.


Facebook Ad Tips

#26 Shorten Retargeting Windows

Facebooks largest retargeting window is 180 days.

In some cases, it works wonders, less in others.

It’s a big difference to target people who have visited your website within the last 30 days or the last 180 days. Agree?

The maximum length of time will create the largest retargeting audience, but somebody who have visited your site that long ago, may have forgotten about your brand, or maybe they have bough already somewhere else.

If you use shorter retargeting window, it nearly always gets better results.

Just make sure you have big website traffic.

Facebook Ad Tips

#27 Use Page Posts as Ads


When creating an advert you can create:

  • as a new post
  • create a dark post
  • or you can use an exciting post and run it as an ad

If you choose an exciting post and run it as an ad, it helps get more engagement and increase the click-through-rate.

Steps to do it

1.Create a normal Facebook page post

  1. In Ad level under Ad Set Up Choose “use an exciting post” instead of “create Ad”
  2. Then Click Select a post and the window with all your existing posts will pop up
  3. Choose the post you want to run as an ad and confirm.
Facebook ads wiith an excisting post
Facebook ads with an existing post

Facebook Ad Tips

#28 Use Warm Audiences first to Generate Social Prove

Social proof, no doubt, gets attention. Lots of social proof is an online endorsement.

No, be honest. Which ad would draw your attention:

  • Ad 1: has 12 likes and 5 shares
  • Ad 2: has 1.9 million views, 540k likes and 276K shares

Ad 2, of course! Humans are curious creations. Once we see big numbers, straight away we think” what has course so many attentions, what in it for them, what’s in it for me” and we click and watch to find it out…

Agree…I know you do 😊

So when you launch a new Campaign, show your ad to the warm audience first to get some social proof. When the box is ticked, you can then show the same ad to cold audience- people, who don’t know you.

Facebook Ad Tips

#29 Dynamic Retargeting for Ecommerce


Dynamic Retargeting campaigns are incredibly effective way to get sales for ecommerce businesses.

A tailored retargeting tactic when you show your particular product to people who showed interest on your website. Its like reminding people about the products they’ve browsed on your website.

The best part is that it will not take you hundreds of hours of your expensive time as it might look!

You don’t need to create each retargeting ad manually – but create a catalogue (there are lots of ecommerce platforms that automatically does this for you).

Facebook Ad Tips

#30 Use the Exclusion Marketing Method for better Ad Spend

Marketing is not just about targeting the right audience, but also excluding the right group of people too.

For example. If you run Facebook likes Campaign, exclude people who have already like your page.

If you run ad ad for one of your products, exclude people, who have already bought your product.

You get the point, right? It doesn’t make sense to show the ad to people, who have already completed your desired action.

Facebook Ad Tips

#31 Apply 20% or Less Text Rule


Facebook does care about the users experience and don’t want to show images are too wordy.

If your images has more that 20 % of text on it, you ad will be disapproved.

Sometimes Facebook may let go ahead, however it will limit your reach and your ad is highly unlikely going to bring you desired results.

That’s why if you see the warning message when you create your ads in Ads Manager change your ad image.

Keep it simple and play it safe. Don’t go against Facebook. Remember, you are only a guest on a massive Facebook real Estate. Play it safe not to get kicked out.

Facebook Ad Tips

#32. Add UTM Parameters to Your Ads

Experienced marketers know, that Google Analytics and the Facebook’s Ads manager data rarely match. And this causes lot of frustration.

Business owners are confused- which data should they trust? Which data is real?

Here is a good part…

There is solution to this…

You need to add UTM parameters to your Facebook ads and it will change your world! And it’s not that complicated as it sounds.

UTM parameters are the tags you sometimes see at the end of URLs.

They help you understand which Facebook ads are driving more traffic to your website, are most appealing, helps you differentiate the traffic between Facebook organic and paid. It helps you to analyse and develop your Advertising marketing.

It’s the best way to track anyone from your adverts all the way through to your landing pages.

You can see who clicked on a link in Facebook and all the traffic that comes to your site through Google Analytics, but UTM parameters take this to a whole new level.

They provide you valuable insights on your visitors that helps you build better, more high-converting ad campaigns for your brand.

How to Build UTM Parameters


UTM Parameters are made of the 5 tags:

  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Term
  • Content

1.Go to  Google’s Campaign URL Builder

2.  Fill in all the fields:

(the more specific you get, the easier it will be understand the source and analyse the date and ad performance)

1.That’s your website url

2. Source. I always put Facebook Ad so I know the traffic is from paid source

3. Campaign Medium. Go to the Ad set level and optimization for ad delivery. Conversions in my case

Find medium-in Facebook optimization & ad delivery

4. Campaign name. That’s your campaign name. Find it in Ads manager.

5. Campaign term. That’s your Ad Set name

6.  Campaign Content. That’s your Ad name

The last 2 fields are identical and optional. However, I highly recommend to fill these two as well, since when you have more ads running it will help you to identify your ads performance.

Once you filled in all the fields, this Google tool automatically will generate URL for you. VOILA!

Google Tool for Facebook URL Parameters
Google Tool for Facebook URL Parameters

Make sure you copy the right url. It MUST start with utm_source

copy the URL you need-highlighted
copy the URL you need-highlighted

Now, that you have the URL, go to Facebook, Ad level- Tracking -URL Parameters and copy the code. Click Publish when done.

Another option is to copy ALL generated link by Google

all code for Facebook URL Parameters-generated by google tool

Go to Facebook-Ad Website URL and copy the whole link

all URL copied in Website URL in Facebook Ad Level

Always preview the link to make sure you play safe.

You can use bitly, which has it own tracking analytics tool to shorten the URL.

Facebook Ad Tips

#33 Use Google Analytics to Track Your Facebook Ad Performance

Go to Google Analytics Acquisition-All Traffic-Source/Medium

look for Facebook ad


Google Analytics-How to track facebok campaigns


Facebook Ad Tips

#34 Target Your Email Subscribers

This is a no brainer. If you have a big Email subscribers list, then target all people on that list.

They already know you, follow you. They are your warm audience.

This campaign will boost Brand awareness and increase your sales.

Go to Audiences and Create a Custom Audience of Your Email List subscribes.

Choose Create a Custom Audience

Creating Custom Audience in Facebook Adverts
Creating Custom Audience in Facebook Adverts

And choose an option you want to use. If you have Mailchimp, choose Mailchimp and upload your subscribers list right from there.

Import Email List to Facebook Ads Manager
Import Email List to Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ad Tips

#35 Target People In The Process Of Buying Something

This is insanely POWERFUL !!!

Facebook lets us target people, who are in the process of buying a particular product.

Here is how you can BENEFIT from it…

Keep reading on and sit down…

Let’s say you are selling furniture or jewellery.

Thanks to cookies on your browser, Facebook knows when you’ve been looking for a new furniture.

So then you see ads showing you lovely furniture. Lovely luxury armchairs and desks…

I believe you have experienced this already.

If you sell ONLINE, that strategy itself will make your life so much easier.

Facebook Ad Tips

#36 Target People Based On Their Income

If you sell expensive good/services you can not target teenagers, students or those on minimum wages as they will not bring the desired results.

Let’s say you sell luxury furniture, with prices starting € 10 k. or leader coats at € 20 K sunglasses at $500 a pair. You’ve clearly have to target high-end market otherwise your money goes down the drain.

You have to target people with big income and Facebook let’s do just that.

Go over to Ad Set and under Detail targeting Choose Demographics-Income

Target high Income people on Facebook
Target high Income people on Facebook

Here is your targeted Audience. Add a few more criteria and see the conversions keep coming.

People by Income on Facebook
People by Income on Facebook

Facebook Ad Tips

#37 Use A White Background

Advertising experts and researches have done thousands of tests and concluded that white backgrounds drive more click-through s.

Why? Because, in general, it draws the eye.


Facebook Ad Tips

#38 Use The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a very well know principle in the designing world.

The rule of thirds helps capture the subject of a photo in a way that’s pleasing to look at. It involves breaking any image you want to photograph 9 equally sized parts by drawing two lines horizontally and two vertically.

Place the main subject of your ad in the cross sections of the drawn lines and it will be pleasing to look at.

use the Rule of Thirds for facebook Ads
use the Rule of Thirds for Facebook Ads

Pleasing look, a sense of balance- thanks to the “rule of thirds”.

the proportions well played out:

two-third of the ad is be the cocktail (primary object)

while the final one-third is the brand (secondary object).

This little yet powerful trick draws our eyes to the primary object and then you see the brand. Lovely composition and balanced image.


Facebook Ad Tips

#39 Your Product Only In The Right Hand

This trick sounds crazy there is science behind it. Over decades its been proved, that products sell better if they are in a person’s right hand.

I know what you think.  Crazy! But, that’s true. Juts TRY.

It works both in in rife and online.

So next time you run campaign, hold your products in the right hand.

Drop a message to me and let me know how did it do? I can’t wait to hear from you. Wink wink

Facebook Ad Tips

#40 Use Audience Insights


Get to know your Buyer Personas better by using Audience Insights.

Super powerful Free tool provided by Facebook.

It provides you a bigger picture and lets to know your Audience better:


And relevancy is essential because it ultimately maximizes your impact and increases your ROI.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Education level
  • Job title
  • Pages they like

Create your next Campaign using Audience Insights- relevant content based around their interests.


Facebook Ad Tips

#41 Spark emotion

People are emotional creatures. Create visuals, that spark emotions.

  • Less dry data, stats and logistics, focus on emotion.
  • Tell people what’s in it for them.
  • Tell them about how your product has impacted somebody’s life.
  • Find the pain point they are struggling with and show you are here to serve


Facebook Ad Tips

#42 Use color psychology wisely

Believe it or not, color can completely skyrocket your conversion rates.

The Color preference Affects readership. But do you know what colors people like the most?

Read on…

The number one preference for majority is BLUE. Red is second, then green, violet, orange and yellow.

Business owners usually don’t pay attention on color preferences, but it is a big part of success.

Lots of entrepreneurs even designers do not know it. So inject these colors into your website, sales material, graphics, brochures and ads.

Facebook Ad Tips

#43 Use “question” posts

Its been proved long ago, that “question” posts are ideal to encourage interactions and engagement on regular posts as well as ads.

It makes people feel included into your post. They feel important, can feel a part of community, have their opinion expressed and voice heard.

I do recommend using questions.

Facebook Ad Tips

#44 Make sure your message is clear

Use short sentences and express only one though in one sentence. Use the next think to express another though.

People are not reading the entire copy and if you try to be too clever, using too long sentences, you are just don’t make your message clear.

Remember. Your readers don’t care about your BIG vocabulary! All they think is- “what in it for me”.

Your copy has ONLY one goal: to SELL.


Facebook Ad Tips

#45 Trust Facebook’s auto-optimization

I’ve been surprised to learn that sometimes less is more. If you trust Facebook ad strategy and implementation you would be surprised by the results.

Often are times when applying too many hacks might hamper your campaign results. If you have got an irresistible offer and you know your targeting audience, things will start to click regardless of the small adjustments you did or did not make.

Facebook auto-optimization algorithms can learn to whom to deliver your ads based on previous conversions.

Actuality now days, Facebook has got so clever with all the data, that I think Facebook probably knows more about your potential customers than you do.

Facebook Ad Tips

#46  Use Facebook’s automated rules

Facebook Automated Rules allow you to set up certain conditions to trigger automated actions such as:

  • Receive a notification.
  • Have your campaign, ad set, or ad turned off.
  • Have your ad set’s budget automatically updated.
  • Have your ad set’s manual bid automatically adjusted

Automated rules will help you to sleep well… You can ask Facebook to automatically decrease the budget for a low-performing ad set while increasing the daily spending of a successful ad set. With that automated trigger, your ad spend will be more effective and you will have more piece in your mind.

Rule in Facebook Ads
Rule in Facebook Ads

And Yes, it is FREE too.

TIP: You can Ask for an email notification to inform you of an under-performing campaign or ad set so you can check out the potential problem and adjust the ads accordingly when needed.

Facebook Ad Tips

#47 Increase your prices or bundle offers

If you try to run adverts for products that costs € 7 , €

14, or similar it could be a very challenging task. It depends on situation, but you may run multiple ads to sell. I would recommend increase the price adding additional products, bundle a few products and sell them at a higher price.

Also, you could ad additional service like free consultation or “How to” tutorial.

Or maybe extent the return terms.


Facebook Ad Tips

#48 Talk benefits, not Features

If you are going to highlight features instead of benefits, your ads are going to fail!

Now, compare two descriptions:

Description no 1.

Our new  BMW 7 has Refreshed styling both front and rear with new headlights and taillights.

Reworked powertrains for six-, eight- and 12-cylinder models

New six-cylinder engine for 7 Series plug-in hybrid

Updated interior tech, passive safety features and infotainment interface

Part of the sixth 7 Series generation introduced for 2016

Strong engine options, including a plug-in hybrid and a turbo V12

Standard adaptive air suspension delivers a comfortable, controlled ride

Exceptional rear passenger space

Abundant standard equipment, including safety tech

The 7 Series is a 4 seater Sedan and has a length of 5238mm, width of 2169mm and a wheelbase of 3210mm.

Description no 2.

Introducing new Series BMW 7 with the best engine in its class. Put the gear at work and feel the power of your new car. A stunning, shining look like no other. Feel the comfort of real leader seats that are easy to clean. So many automatic features that you use and barely hear the 389 horsepower, 6-liter engine…. Get all your happy family in. Your kids will love the fitted screens in the seats just in front. A choice of 10k files full of animations, movies and music to suit any age. Exceptional performance and maximum comfort. One hundred thousand pounds worth of German engineering.  Enjoy your new BMW 7 car. You have deserved it.

Just don’t take it for real-I just made up the descriptions to show you the difference!

Now, be honest. Which description is better? Would you be seduced by the first description?

The first one is soooooo boring…It doesn’t catch the attention, just filled of dry facts.

The second copy is so inviting…Did you see yourself in that BMW7 ?

This is an prove you have to talk benefits, not features in your ad copy and..not just ad. Anywhere you do sales, talk benefits.

A good copy writing is a part of the successful advert.

Ineffective copyrighting= wasted money and lost customer.

Use the word to bring live into your ad. So the reader not just see, but feel, smell and hear.


Facebook Ad Tips

#49 Use Your Close up of Your Face

Use your own photo in the ad. Adverts containing close up face photos are real attention grabbers. It shows you are a real person and ads trust.

  • Remember, that people can relate strongly to human faces than they do to any other image.


Facebook Ad Tips

#50 Use lots of adjectives

Which one of the descriptions is more interesting?

Description no 1

The clouds were high. The sky was as vast, and as blue as the ocean. I was lying on the grass under a tree. The breeze was fresh. I was eating apples and looking at the sky. I saw different shapes. The clouds looked like rabbits.

Time quickly passed by. The moon showed up. It lit up the dark sky and showed me the way back home.

Description No 2

The clouds were high. The vibrant blue sky was like the ocean. I was lying on the green, freshly cut grass under a tree. The breeze was fresh. I was eating mouth-watering apples and looking at the puffy sky. I saw different rolling shapes. The clouds looked like giant fluffy white rabbits.

Unstoppable time quickly passed by. The moon showed up like a warm milky glow in the sky. It lit up the velvet dark sky and showed me the way back home.

Second, I agree with you. The answer is obvious, isn’t it? The second descriptions has visual adjectives, that make copy interesting and exciting to read. I have just added a few adjectives, but it makes a massive difference.

Adjectives describe, identify, further define nouns and pronouns and ads to a powerful visual ingredient in to our ad. Use adjectives in your copy.


Facebook Ad Tips

#51 The POWER of FREE

We all love freebies, don’t we? Free course, free E-book, Free drink, Free piece of chocolate, free entrance Fee…anything FREE grabs attention.

Use the “power of FREE” in you ad. Highlight and make it clear its FREE.



Facebook Ad Tips

#52  Successful advertising starts with the right strategy


I should have probably started with this tip. Don’t event try to run any ads without clear strategy in mind and the plan.

All successful adverts are very well though about and planed out. Draw your strategy first- what do you want and how will you get there.

It will be much easier for you to monitor everything and look where things go wrong.


Make sure your goals are SMART:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound (time-framed, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).


1. Specific

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What is this goal the campaign objective?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where the targeted audience is located ? Local? International?
  • Which resources or limits are involved?


2. Measurable

  • How many conversions do I need to cover all the cost?

  • How will I know when it is accomplished?

  • How will I measure different campaign results?

3. Achievable

  • How can I accomplish this goal?
  • How realistic is the goal, based on other Facebook ad performance?

4. Relevant

  • Is this the right time?
  • Does this match our strategy/needs?
  • Am I the right person to reach this goal?

5. Time-frame

How long will I run my ad for?

Facebook Ad Tips

#53 Don’t give up too early


The last, but not least…Very important point, where lots of business owners go wrong …and often right then, when success is just around the corner.

Start Small

If you are just starting out, you can start with Brand awareness campaign and you can spend as little as € 5 or € 20 and show your ads to a few hundred or thousands of people.

The Ad cost will depend on a few metrics:

  • your niche
  • targeting
  • ad placements
  • your campaign goals

Start with €250 per month or what you can afford, prove that it can generate leads for an acceptable cost and then look to scale.

But remember…

Facebook campaigns rarely perform well right at the very beginning. Facebook needs time to get the data, learn and optimise your campaigns.

In the beginning, be ready break even or even lose money while you optimise your ad sets. You will have to do lots of testing to identify the winning ads. But once you do, you can duplicate the success and scale your business.

Advertisers need time test, test and test again. Find your:

  • winning Audiences
  • winning ad formats
  • ad copy
  • best performing ad placements

and SCALE!

So whilst you’re experimenting, why not start with a Facebook ad budget that you can afford to lose.

Also look at your Google Analytics and understand what your site conversion rate is .

Hopefully for you it’s at least 2% or better.

If that’s not the case, analyse your overall conversion rate optimization and see what’s going on with your website. And then that’s going to tell you exactly what your cost per sale should be.

Just Don’t give up too early.

And this is exactly where lot of people go wrong…

They spend a few hundreds and make a conclusion that Facebook ads don’t work for their Business.

But here’s why they’re wrong…

So many times I have heard people say: “Well, I don’t want to spend over €5000 a month in ad spend,” or “I don’t have over €5,000 a month for ad spend.”

I can say, “OK, but let’s look at the numbers you can get with the ad spend. So, if you spend a euro and you make €2.47. That’s already a profit, right ?”

When you first launch a Facebook ad campaign, you should just be testing different variables.

It most likely will not deliver bid results.

But don’t let it stop from using Facebook Ads

Like most things, you need to stay in the game long enough to win it.




I hope you had lots of WOW moments and learned a lot.


Let’s sum up what you have learned.



the TOP 53 Facebook Ad Tips


#1 Clear Ad Objective

#2 Video, Video, Video

#3 Test Automatic Placements

#4 Use Facebook Pixel, the Most Powerful Tool

#5 Target with Custom Audiences

#6. Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

#7 Strategic Retargeting Campaigns

#8 The Right Facebook Advertising Sales Funnel

#9 Use A Multi-Product Carousel

#10 Set up the Right Ad Budget

#11 Add Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

#12 Use the Lowest Bid Strategy

#13 Monitor Your Ad Frequency

#14 Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List 

#15 Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

#16. Test Different Hooks in Your Ads

#17 Use Captions To your videos

#18 High production quality

#19 Structure the Facebook Ad Campaigns the right Way

#20 Add Scarcity to Your Ad Copy

#21 Keep an eye on Relevance Score

#22 Don’t Adjust Your Facebook Ad Campaigns During the Learning Phase

#23 Use Facebook ‘Offers’

#24 Create A Custom Call-To-Action

#25 Landing page views vs Link Clicks

#26 Shorten Retargeting Windows

#27 Use Page Posts as Ads

#28 Use Warm Audiences first to Generate Social Prove

#29 Dynamic Retargeting for Ecommerce

#30 Use the Exclusion Marketing Method for better Ad Spend

#31 Apply 20% or Less Text Rule

#32. Add UTM Parameters to Your Ads

#33 Use Google Analytics to Track Your Facebook Ad Performance

#34 Target Your Email Subscribers

#35 Target People In The Process Of Buying Something

#36 Target People Based On Their Income

#37 Use A White Background

#38 Use The Rule Of Thirds

#39 Your Product Only In The Right Hand

#40 Use Audience Insights

#41 Spark emotion

#42 Use color psychology wisely

#43 Use “question” posts

#44 Make sure your message is clear

#45 Trust Facebook’s auto-optimization

#46  Use Facebook’s automated rules

#47 Increase your prices or bundle offers

#48 Talk benefits, not Features

#49 Use Your Close up of Your Face

#50 Use lots of adjectives

#51 The POWER of FREE

#52  Successful advertising starts with the right strategy

#53 Don’t give up too early



Learn how to make your ads more effective with these tips and recommendations. Apply and see the success.

Happy Advertising 🙂 

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