How to make 10k a month Selling Your Knowledge, Your Talent, Your Skills


10 Steps to € 10 K a month Selling Your Knowledge Online

Is Your Goal to make 10 K a month?

You could be the BEST COACH on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you can attract and serve as many clients as you can


your ability to coach isn’t the same as getting clients

and this is where I come in to help you.

What do you truly desire to accomplish online in the next 90 days? In the next year?

If Your goal is to make € 10 K a month Selling Your Knowledge, Talent, and Expertise Online, then keep reading…

You are in the right place…

You do not realise it yet, but you are about to discover secret ingredients for how to turn your start-up or struggling business into a mega-successful enterprise.

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The further you read into this blog post, the more you will realize what you were missing out.


By the time you finish reading this blog post, you will be armed with the most powerful Guide, that will transform your life.

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Let’s dive into the juicy secrets, that will get you on the path to € 10 K a month.

P.S Don’t just read this blog post. Study as if your life depends on it.

Put the belt on, as you’ll rise sky-high.

Your Guide to € 10 K a month Selling Your Knowledge

Rina, what is the very first step? Where do I start?

I hear you, because when you are just starting out, or have been around for a while, but are struggling- it is overwhelming and frustrating.

It may surprise you, but the very first step is…

Your Mindset.

Yep. You’ve heard it right. Business, marketing, and sales – are all very important, but if you do not have the right mindset, you will struggle to grow. It’s like having a ceiling to your growth.

Here is what I mean.

Your Business Success starts with the Entrepreneurs’ mindset.

Each of us is conditioned to think and act a certain way when it comes to money, sales, and business. The ability to have success comes down to how an entrepreneur sees the world, opportunities, and challenges.

If you have mindset blocks, and beliefs, you will never build a wildly successful business.


Beliefs are what empower seemingly ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. At the same time, limiting beliefs are what keep most people, despite all their resources, from achieving what they really want and can.

If you believe that you can lead others, then you will expect to attain nothing less than a management position. If you believe that you are nothing more than a follower, then you will not expect anything more than being just a follower. At the same time, your beliefs will drive the actions you take, and how much of your personal potential you will tap. When you believe that something is possible, you will go all out to make it happen. You will take massive action and have the commitment to keep doing whatever it takes to achieve it. As a result, you will tap a lot of your personal potential.

What kind of results do you think you will produce? Great results! When you get great results, it will reinforce your empowering beliefs even more!

For example, if you have an empowering belief that you can build a highly successful business that will positively impact millions of lives, this belief will drive you to take massive action.

Our beliefs filter what you see and believe you can accomplish.

Do you want to transform Your Life?

Of course, you do, right? And who doesn’t?

Inhale! Go on and read Your Success Formula

Here is HOW to Transform Your Life

When you change the way you think

You change the way you believe.

When you change the way you believe

You change the way you feel.

When you change the way you feel

You change the way you behave

Then you have better feelings, better results, better life.

Read it again! Write it down! Frame it!

Now let’s talk about money beliefs.

Everything we have heard, and seen since we were born, from family to friends, relatives to siblings, religion, culture, and all the environment- was programmed into our subconscious minds. Most of us have been programmed, that BIG money isn’t good….

I have also been programmed into thinking, that BIG money is dirty, is not for me, and is not achievable! And…. The origin of these thoughts is my…family…my mum…my friends and my community.

I remember when I open up to my mum about my dream to build a wildly successful business, that brings me 6- figure income. Guess what she answered…

She said: “I don’t know what world you live in, Hun” … she couldn’t believe what she just heard…then she added, “Just do not tell this anybody”.

I felt like she thought people would laugh at me…

When I said to my 2 friends “I was going to earn 10K a month”, one of them turned and said to the other”: that’s what she dreams of”. This made me feel as if she wanted to cover me and not make another friend laugh at me, as we all dream BIG…

I said nothing back… I just thought to myself: ” give me time and I’ll prove you WRONG !!!

These people are reflecting their limiting beliefs onto us! It’s their mind, it’s their toxic weeds…

So, I had to roll up my sleeves and do some work with my mindset and belief!

Here are the main money beliefs, I am pretty sure you have heard of:

  • money is the root of all evil
  • save your money for a rainy day
  • rich people are greedy
  • rich people are criminals
  • filthy rich
  • you have to work hard to make money
  • money doesn’t grow on trees
  • you can’t be rich and spiritual

Tell me honestly- do you agree with any of these statements?

If your answer is “YES” to any of them, then you are literally programmed to fail to make BIG money. It’s a toxic weed that feeds your brain in your inner “financial garden”.

You need to do some work!


Your subconscious mind determines your thinking. Your thinking determines your decisions, and your decisions determine your actions, which eventually determine your outcomes.

You have to develop the mindset of a highly-successful entrepreneur and turn limiting money beliefs into empowering beliefs.

Here is HOW You can turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Empowering beliefs:

  1. Awareness

 You can’t change something unless you acknowledge it.

  1. Understanding

 By understanding where your “way of thinking” originates, you can recognize that it has to come from outside you.

  1. Disassociation

Once you realize this way of thinking isn’t you, let it go

  1. Reconditioning

Turn these limiting money, selling, and Business beliefs into empowering beliefs. Rewire your subconscious mind.  “You don’t sell, you serve”, “Business is value exchange for money”.

Lots of people look at Selling as you taking something from someone. Obviously, if this were true, selling would be a bad thing.

But the reality is DIFFERENT.

Taking something is ONLY half the equation.

REMEMBER, you always GIVE in exchange to TAKING.

You SOLVE PROBLEMS. You change lives!!!


REMEMBER. Your income can grow only to the extent you do!

Most people believe the success of their business is primarily dependent on their business skills, knowledge, and expertise.

That’s WRONG!

The reality is different.

Your thoughts, vision, and Mindset show up in the actions you take and create the results, life, and the business.

Your Successful Business Starts with the right mindset!

Once you get rid of the toxic weeds and shift all your limiting beliefs, you are SET for success.

Let me sum it up WHY MINDSET is CRUCIAL

Your MINDSET will decide what you do, and how you think, and you can typically see the success or failure of a business based directly on your Mindset. Your Mindset, values, and beliefs that you have today have brought you to where you are. They’ve been formulated from your friends, parents, books, and those who you follow and surround yourself with.

Successful entrepreneurs are open to change, and they see their beliefs as theory, not law.

Because the world changes and what we must do to be successful will change too now and then. Further, as we evolve, we upgrade our consciousness as we upgrade our ability to be aware of ourselves, our emotions, our reactions, and our whole selves, the more we’re able to understand what’s stopping us from the next level.

You need Mindset Therapy:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations
  • Time off

in order to upgrade and reach the next level. Because it’s the mindset that stops us…. we’re just afraid of that next level inside of our Mindset and limiting beliefs.

Practice Mindset therapy and

turn your limiting beliefs into empowering ones using the 4-Step technique you have just learned.

Now, let’s get down to BUSINESS

Shall we?

Sure, that’s why are you here. And I am dying to share all the steps to 10 K a month.

The very first step is to

1. Create Your Buyer Personas (aka Customer Avatar)

Just in case you are not sure what that is…

A Buyer Persona is a real person, who represents Your Ideal Client.

It may sound not that important, but trust me, this is the very first step to your Business Success.

Do not skip it!

Keep reading…


Shortly You are going to have a light bulb moment, that will transform your Business and Your Bank Account.

So many Business Owners try to serve everyone…

Here is the reality check for you.

If you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to nobody, because you are not a piece of chocolate. You’re not a dollar! You are not going to please everyone!

Lots of business owners think that by having one Customer Profile they limit themselves and leave money on the table.


The reality is different…

Focusing on dominating one at a time doesn’t mean that you’re turning away other people. In fact, you attract more, because your business messages talk directly to your dream clients’ pains, problems, desires, dreams. They see themselves in your communication and it makes them go WOW. And are like “she gets me, she understands where I am and where I want to be.


If you don’t create a Buyer Persona Profile and try to appeal to everyone, it makes your marketing very difficult. You are leaving money on the table because you can’t make your offer irresistible. You put a ceiling on your business growth. This is WHY you can’t get to the next level! You’re stuck!

When you create a Buyer Persona, you market to one specific persona and create your campaigns around it. You simplify your Business and Life.

You’re on the path to 1000 K a month, 10 000 K a month, 6 figures a year, etc…  getting to your Business goals and hitting your figure level becomes a reality.

Any marketer can take this buyer profile and know exactly how to craft a meaningful copy, build a funnel, create products and services and make an Irresistible Offer. This avatar profile lets you dive deep inside the minds and hearts of your dream client. You can make it a no-brainer for them to buy from you, instead of your competitors.

Unfortunately, for many Business Owners demographics are the start and the finish of their Buyer Persona profile. : “My avatar is women from ages 40 to 60 who want to lose weight. It’s a super start, but you’re only touching the surface. Because it’s too vague!

Go deeper!

What are their interests, attitude, lifestyle, values, problems, and feelings, and what keeps them up at night?

The better you know your avatar, the more effective your marketing affords will be.

Click here to download Buyer Persona Profile Worksheet.

Keep reading on….


more juicy secrets will be revealed shortly…

The next step is

3. Create an Irresistible Offer 

Understanding who your ideal client is essential…

Now you know their problems, pain points, desires, wants, wishes, dreams…

So…. use this to

Create an Offer, that solves their problems.

Your Irresistible Offer is a solution to their problem.

I’ll let you in one secret…

Do you like secrets? I bet you do!

The easiest way to sell something is to appeal to ideal clients’ problems, pain points, needs, wants, wishes, desires…

Create products/services, that solve their problems and better their lives!

Your job is to make an Offer so good, that it would feel silly to say “no”.

Lots of marketers think that being unique- is what makes your Offer Irresistible.

Sorry, I am going to give you a reality check. Ready?

Uniqueness alone will not make your Products Irresistible. If you rely just on being unique, you may need to wait really looooooong to see your sales revenue start climbing.

The Irresistible Offer requires several elements to make it truly irresistible.

You have to find the best ways to add value to your offer. Show what value they are getting, and if they are not buying now, what they are losing.

How life is going to be different after they purchase…


it will enhance customer appreciation and perception.

You can go to the market, listen carefully and create a beta Offer. You will soon have a better view of what you can offer.

Research, listen, and shape Your Irresistible Offer.

Next on…

3. Crystal Clear Business Communication 

What you say matters!

Do you want me to disclose a SECRET?

Ye…ye… I gotcha you…

Here it is…

People do not buy the best products! People buy products they understand the quickest! If it takes time to digest your message and understand what is it, forget all about it! You are loosing BIG TIME. Nobody will read your message twice or three times…

Remember, they are just a click away from beautiful insta travel photos and puppy videos on youtube. You have lost them!

Therefore, make sure your business message is crystal clear. Use short sentences, no jargon!

BINGO. Check that third point- you’ve got it. Just IMPLEMENT  it!

4. Craft a Valuable Lead Magnet 

You really need it. Here is why

How else do you think you will sell Your offers? There are a gazillion of offers right and left out there and just because you have created an Irresistible Offer, it doesn’t mean people will run after you to get it.

The Internet is a noisy place with businesses being created every second and marketers screaming out loud from the roof to get attention.

People tend to buy more from those, whom they get a freebie from. Little things, that make a big difference. If it is a good one, they will remember you!

It’s a law of reciprocity!

But that’s not all…

Prospects need to get a taste of what are you all about. Your style, your method, your voice! And… we don’t click with everyone!

But that’s not all…

FREE is one of the most powerful words in Business. People love freebies. Do you?


Craft a good one. Do not do surface -level freebies. Pour your heart and time into it. Make your prospects go WOW. If their light bulb goes on- you have done an excellent job! CONGRATULATIONS!  It will pay you back shortly! In cash!

Just because you have a freebie it doesn’t mean people will grab it without thinking about it. It has to be VALUABLE!

Name it!

Choose an appealing title.

Show the result or benefit in your Lead Magnet Title


 How to x________ (dreams, goals, desires) ______even if you (paint point) ______in (time frame)

How to write a book in 7 days even if you have never written it before

What happens?


That’s a good title, that serves as a HOOK! Your readers will be hooked to get it!

Your freebie could be:

  • How to Video tutorials

(it its extremely powerful, because the video is longer remembered, plus you have an opportunity to show your face and give a good taste of your teaching

  • Cheat sheet
  • Roadmap
  • Blueprint

You may think you buy ads and skip this step!

Skip it at your own risk, baby!

Read on….

If you start sending cold traffic (people who don’t know you and your brand and have never interacted with you) to a page or webinar your ads will cost you a FORTUNE.

Then business people say ads are not for me…too costly…

Well… because that’s a wrong and extremely expensive strategy.

The cost-per-clicks are very high when you take this route and the result are typically very low. It’s why you will hear many tales of people who dump thousands of dollars into paid ads and make nothing out of it.

And it doesn’t matter is it Google or Facebook ads.

If you are new to paid traffic and you want your ads to be effective,

here is what you do

You need to warm up your audience! Warm up their buying temperature.

Here is HOW

You need to create a lead magnet, then tripwire or law-price entry Offer. Get them into your Sales Funnel. Essentially create all the touch points a customer will go through BEFORE they land on your sales pages.

It’s a warm and hot Audience that buys. Prospects, who have heard of you, know you and trust you.

If you try selling Your Medium or high ticket Offers to Cold Audience- it’s like trying to sell a stake to a vegan


So now you know your Dream Client, you have an Irresistible Offer and Valuable Lead Magnet.

5. Name Your Offers 

 Now, all we have to do is put a bow on this puppy and actually name it. Naming an offer correctly determines how well your advertising converts, how big of a response you get from outbound emails/cold calls/texts.
Little thing, BIG change.
just by naming an offer, you add a bit of AUTHORITY. You become an expert.  Create your own FRAME, SYSTEM,WAY. Show it using a visual grafic.

What’s next?

Yes, you’re right.

6. Generate Traffic

You may know who is your Ideal Client, you may have the best Lead Magnets and the best Offers on earth, but if you do not have traffic,

Your Business is a SECRET.

If you did a good job in Step no 1- defining your Buyer Persona, you will know where they are, and where they hang out.

Go where the party is and join those groups and channels. Be present, provide value and drive them onto your Profile.

Your profile is where you sell! Show your Expertise, show your Offers, baby. What are you waiting for?

No, wait… don’t go now.

Read on….


there are more steps you need to know to hit 10K a month and I am about to unlock more secrets…

7. Create Content

You know who you serve, you have a Lead Magnet, Irresistible Offer, and Traffic. You need to nurture your leads to convert them.

No, I am not saying you need to give away the whole farm! You’re not a LIBRARY. You’re a book store.

You’re Business at the end of the day and you need to pay your bills, right?

But hear this out….

Educating Is the New Presenting

Formerly, salespeople were encouraged to perfect their pitch. Pitching was the primary sales mechanism, and many sales training courses still teach it.

But in reality…

over time the pitch became little more than an effective manipulation strategy, full of proven psychological principles and gimmicks.

Want to build a successful business?

Then you must be ready to teach, publish, and demonstrate your expertise.

Listen and answer questions via blog posts, social media, or YouTube channel.

Engage in social media conversations, and conduct online and offline seminars/workshops as a way of educating prospects.

Do not hope to turn a dry pitch into a sale and make big profits….

Insight Is the New Information

Today Prospects have access to the best information in the world at the mere click of a button. They have access to everything we professionals share online.

All the industry news, trends, reviews, and all the surrounding environment, in general, are available at the mere click of a button.

People will come to check you out, read and update their news, skills and knowledge and they WILL BUY from you if you:

  • act as a filter for the mass of available information and provide insight, context, and guidance about it
  • be like a guide, filter information, understand the questions they need to consider, and then provide the answers- you would attract more traffic

Value Delivery Is the New Closing

Today’s most successful brands are always building value. But sticking with the mindset of adding value over the pressure to close at any cost is the difference between the old and the new. If you can deliver value (and education) to your prospect, traditional closing tactics become a thing of the past. And this isn’t simply about more schmoozing; this is a call for you to explore genuine, mutually beneficial insights that will give clients new ways to think about their problems. This includes delivering value with referral sources and strategic partners in ways that benefit your best clients. and Create VALUE that provides prospects with anything they need to meet their objectives.

Today’s sales superstars

  • Attract
  • Teach
  • Convert
  • Serve
  • Measure

They guide their clients and prospects while developing an individual brand that stands for trust and expertise

Remember, Educating Sells

One of the biggest reasons I recommend you to create content and educate as an expert is because these practices will better equip you to find problems that your clients might not even know exist—and make them visible.

The experience of digging around in your industry (or your client’s) with an eye to teaching what you find will help you develop the key skill of collaborative selling, a skill that is based on a much higher level of ongoing feedback, which you receive when you present new findings.

When you Sell- you break rapport

When you Educate- you build it

8. Build Authority

You build authority by educating your leads.


You need to sell, right? A lot. Agree? And you don’t want to use pushy fluffy tactics… and sounds sleazy…

There is a way to build an authority fast…


It’s not as hard as you may think…

Breath in more golden nuggets…

  • If you say you are an expert- people say it is possibly true
  • If somebody tells you are…people think it is probably true
  • If a few people tell you are the authority- people think it’s true
  • If it’s on a print media, TV, or radio- people think it is absolutely true

Congratulations! Now your authority is undeniable- people think it’s ABSOLUTELY FREAKING TRUE!

Radio, TV, and Newspapers are always looking for stories, educational pieces, and news. They have to fill their pages and hours.

As your authority grows, your sales grow too!

BOOM shaka-laka

Do you realize how powerful it is…

9. Use Stories

Stories  is a very powerful sales tool. Storytelling made lots of peope very very rich! 
Have you ever noticed, that lots of speeches start with a short story? It’s there for a reason- to hook you!
You will see the POWER of stories when you start employ them into your Marketing Strategy.
Stories work, beause…

Our brain is always hungry for stories.

But that’s not all….

Stories are the reason lots of people BUY!

Did you know, that…

People remember stories. Smart marketers know, that people will remember your story more that your 10 Step guide.