7 Ways to Scale Your Info Business

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7 Ways to Scale Your Info Business

So, you’ve decided to start an info business. You want to sell your knowledge. That’s great! Love the idea! But once you get started, you may be wondering how to scale your business to reach more clients and grow your revenue.

Scaling an info business can feel like a daunting task. You’re already busy enough as it is, so how can you possibly take on more clients and still maintain the quality of your work?


Is info-business scalable? 

Oh dear, it’s one of the easiest businesses to scale!

What if you knew all the ways how to scale your business?

Fortunately, there are a few key things you can do to streamline your process and make room for more clients.

Keep reading on, because…

You are about to discover how to scale your info business so that you can continue to help more people reach their goals—without burning yourself out in the process.

7   Main Ways to Scale Your Info Business



 #1 More Products/ Services


You can develop law, middle and high price range new products/ services. (Do not overdo it, though, as it takes time to create value-packed new products/services). Focus on a few.

Also add upsells, down-sells and order-bumps.

#2 Mass Selling


You can focus on creating affordable products/service and sell to masses. For example, create an E-Book Library-books on every topic your targeted audience is interested.

#3 Increase Prices


You can offer high-ticket products like one-on one, Signature Programs, Seminars and Masterminds. Do not overvalue your products.

Just think about it.

When you have a health problem, do you go out and look up the cheapest option?

No…you don’t.


If the price of a product or service is law, we straight away create a perception of little value.

And if you constantly lower your prices to sell…

Then you will attract price buyers.


Increase value by adding bonuses, by adding value.

#4 Delivery


You can offer:

  • 1 on 1 coaching
  • group coaching
  • self-study online course

If you’re a coach/consultant and only do 1-1 coaching/consultations, you are limited by time. There is only so much time we all have…and there are limited clients you can serve.


You need to focus on group coaching and creating courses.

Group Coaching

You drive people to a systematized sales process that brings the right people into your group coaching program. (Like running Google/Facebook ads to your killer webinar.)

How to create a group coaching offer

You take what you were teaching your private clients, package the info into PDFs and videos. This will allow your clients to learn the “information” on their own time. Lastly, you organise and attend group coaching calls with you.

The benefit of group coaching

This lets you take on more clients and scale your business while still delivering great results (super important).

But don’t stop here…

If someone in your group coaching offer wants more of you, then they can coach privately with you.

But…it could get even better…

Online-Self-study course

By designing Your Signature Offer as an online self-study course, you free-up Your time, that allows you to grow profits fast.

This is the fastest way to scale your info business, because it runs without you.

#5 Hire and train (or build agency) to work for you


Another great approach to scale your info business

#6 Automate Your Business


You need to start dealing with your time like it is as an asset. In fact, time is the most valuable asset we all have, agree?

Ask yourself, what tasks can you automate?

The number of businesses that automate their tasks are growing year after year. It frees-up your time, allows you to serve more and removes lots of tasks and headache.

Here are a couple of ideas you can easily automate:

  • accounting software
  • appointments booking software (Calendly)
  • E-mails (Mailchimp, Email-lite)
  • Evergreen Webinars (webinar jam)
  • Social media scheduling

#7 Investing in Advertising


When you have a bigger ad budget, it allows you to reach more people, turn more strangers into customers.

Advertising is an essential part of the scaling Business strategy. No wonder why all million-dollar brands use so much advertising.

My 3 favourite advertising platforms are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube


There you have it.

Follow the tips you have just learned, add more value for your clients and scale your business.

Scaling your info business will allow you to help more people, make a greater impact and enjoy epic growth. Expand your services, leverage technology, and create new epic revenue streams.

Happy Scaling

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Wishing You to Build a Business Empire of Your Dreams


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