TOP 10 Instagram Tips

Instagram tips
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Top 10 Instagram Tips


I want to share my INSTAGRAM Tips, so you get the most of this so popular social media platform.

Did you know, that Instagram has over a billion active daily users… and ….counting.

 The best part-Instagram, as all other Social Media Platforms, is FREE.

Are you ready to find out the way how to get the most of Instagram?

Here are  

                                                                                                                                                           TOP 10 Instagram Tips:            


1.Optimize Your Bio

Firstly, use ONLY a high quality photo of yourself or your company logo. Use descriptions wisely:  add emojis and link to your website. If you are offering a FREE course, downloadable PDF etc-this is your lead magnet-add this page on to your Instagram Bio.

2. Use Stories

Instagram Stories must be in your Marketing Strategy. You can use photo, selfies, videos and get your message to be seen.

Use Stories : add 10 hashtags, location, polls, emojis, text to encourage to engagement.

3. Use Videos

Videos, videos, videos.

Video is not the future, use videos now. Use IGTW, on the feed and stories.

4. Stay consistent

Don’t expect results, if you post once a month or so. The more often you post, the better.

Big brands post a few times a day. Try to post once a day for the next month to see results.

5. Posting Time

One question for you-do you post at random? Don’t sweat it if your answer is “no”.  Be aware, that there are optimal times to post on social media.

What is the best tome for you and your Business? You can find out the best time to post if you switch onto a Business profile. Then go to insight to see the numbers, that will help you to grow.

6. Call to Action

Use captions to encourage the engagement:

  •  ask questions
  •  point to the bio link in the description
  • encourage to tag family and friends

7. Use Hashtags wisely

Did you know, that hashtags make your posts more visible?

Here are top Hashtag tips:
  • use hashtags in the comments, so they don’t look too spam-my
  • up to 30 hashtags
  • never copy hashtags from your one post onto the other as you can get shadow-banned
  • use a mix of popular, not popular and hashtags that has little posts under.
  • If you use hashtags, that has tons of other posts you post will most likely disappear. Instagram leaves the most popular posts that gets most of the engagement on the top and if there are posts performing better than yours, you post will not be visible

8. Engage with Your Audience

Answer their questions and show that you care.

9. Promote your Instagram account

Make sure you link your Instagram on your website and all other social media platforms you use.

10. Make a theme

Those profiles, that has a theme, tend to have more followers.

If you have skills and are tech-savvy, I advise you to use the same settings on Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop.

No worries if that’s not your cuppa.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a pro to make a theme. Instagram has FREE filters inside and if you use the same filter for each photo, that will make a huge difference.

Watch the VIDEO TOP 10 Instagram Tips coming soon

Implement these Instagram tip and see results coming Your way.

Happy Instagraming  😉

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