3 Lessons that Have Changed my Life

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It will change Your Life too. Guaranteed.

Before I jump into the learned lessons, that has changed my life, I think it’s fair you know that I am not a therapist, psychologist, mental health professional in any way, shape, or form. I am not a life coach or your advisor. What I am… is a business owner, just like you. Creative and always learning new things.

Also familiar with burn out. I have cuddled with exhaustion, wrestled with failure, paralysed with information overload, overwhelmed and have been shaken to my core by the reality of successes.

Screw-Ups? YES. Fear of being rejected and criticism? That’s a YES too.

Does any of this sounds familiar? Then I’m your girl. It looks like we may have a few shared experiences. Keep reading. It’s Real.

Entrepreneurship teaches you a lot about yourself and others. The business journey can grow you in immeasurable ways if you allow it.

I learned lots of lessons in life…but

3 of the most important ones are these, that changed my life.

The best part…

If you implement these 3 lessons- it will transform your life too!

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

The lesson number one I learned changed not only my personal life, but also hugely impacted my business.

✅ Lesson no #1

Your Successful Million-Dollar Business starts with…. a rock-solid success mindset

Why? You may ask.

Because building a business is not easy. While it may sound a sexy lifestyle from the outside, the inside is not just glamour, bubbles and red roses.

Lots of people quit their 9-5 to become Business Owners. They are so excited, but little do they know is how much work will they have to put in and what’s to come.

Here is the reality check for you…

You quit your 9-5 job, thinking you may be working less and earn more. Oh ye, and you have seen these nice travel shots on insta, telling them you can also work anytime from anywhere. Travel as much as you want and be your own boss.

Yes, that’s true. That’s possible. But not in the beginning.

Usually, we are all solopreneurs for the first years

and yes,

working way much more than 9-5. We work 60+ hours and often think-how to do more, how to manage sleep less.

Cutting the sleep comes back to you with a big reminder-that was a bad idea…

It’s hard…


We are all wearing so many different hats-from accounts, to design, to social media managers, IT and lots of other tasks and duties screaming for attention.

You plan your day, but nothing gets done…something happens in between, you postpone…

Then start prioritize…

One day, when you plan to do so much, you’re so excited, but suddenly get anxious, get overwhelmed and even don’t know where to start.

There is information overload. And you tried so many tricks already…

Different ideas meet in your head at night….and while all people are sleeping and having sweet dreams, business start-ups can’t fall asleep, thinking what to try next… maybe SEO, create reels, do more stories, create another freebie, try new sales hack or start a YouTube channel.

The beginning is hard… you are a secret. Nobody knows about you.

So, you have 2 options:

  1.  to spend money and get brand awareness or
  2. get known using free traffic-from online to offline.

Opportunities are endless: from events, conferences, seminars, podcasts, TV appearances, press to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook groups, Blogging.

But…all of this free traffic takes time. Lots of time.

And time is something that we can’t have more of… The most valuable asset, agree?

You need strong Business Mindset,


You face rejection all the time. From influencers and leaders in your niche, you reach out, to potential clients and partners.  A steep learning curve never ends and there is a ton of competition.

You have to develop a rock-solid success mindset to stay motivated and not quit, because business journey is a real rollercoaster.

To succeed, employ the mindset of Successful People

So, what’s their mindset like?

Successful entrepreneurs are always willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes. They are not afraid to fail. Failure is just a learning opportunity, not a reason to give up.

Failures and mistakes can be seen as the stepping stones of success.

Some of the most successful people in the world have had their fair share of mistakes and failures throughout their career. But these are really no big deal if you learn from them and see them as stepping stones towards your ultimate goal. The key is to not let these pitfalls discourage you.


Perhaps the most important mental and spiritual principle ever discovered is that you become what you think about most of the time. What’s going on outside of you is a reflection of what is going in inside of you.

THOUGHTS. Everything Starts with our Thoughts

Our mind is extraordinarily powerful. Our thoughts control and determine almost everything that happens to us. They can raise or lower your heart rate, improve or interfere with your digestion, change the chemical composition of your blood, and help you to sleep or keep you awake at night. Our thoughts can make you happy or sad, sometimes in an instant. They can make you alert and aware, or distracted and detached.

Our thoughts make us popular or unpopular, confident or insecure, positive or negative. Your thoughts can make you feel powerful or powerless, a victim or a victor, a hero or a coward.

Thoughts have great power. Thoughts provide the fuel for both doubt and confidence.

We all have Thoughts that pop into our Head:

  • positive
  • neutral
  • negative

It is negative thoughts that cause us distress.

Positive thoughts help us build self-confidence.

What gets us into trouble is how we think about situations and not the situation per se. So, we have to identify negative, inaccurate thoughts and replace them with valid, positive thoughts.

This is a key to well-being and success.

Read this again

THOUGHS are the key to well-being and happiness.

Simply put, situations don’t cause you to feel a certain way. It’s our perception or interpretation—of our thinking—that influences how you feel and behave.

Our thoughts trigger actions… our life depends on it.

We humans are a complex bundle of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, desires, images, fears, hopes, doubts, opinions, and ambitions, each of them constantly changing. Sometimes… from second to second. Each of these elements are related and affects the others.

Our entire life depends on how these elements interact.

Need proof?

Our thoughts trigger images, pictures, and our emotions. These images and emotions trigger attitudes and actions. Our actions then have consequences and results that determine what happens to us.

The best news?

The best news is that all of this are completely under your own control.

Look at happy people, successful entrepreneurs.

They think about success and confidence, that’s why they feel strong and competent. That’s why they perform effectively and achieve great results.


Whatever we believe, becomes your reality. And all your beliefs are adopted at some point in our lives. At one time, you did not have them. Your beliefs largely determine your reality.

So, if you have any limiting beliefs, they are robbing your life!!!

The most harmful beliefs you can have are your self-limiting beliefs. These are beliefs about yourself and your potential that hold you back.

Did you know…

That most of them are not true. Most of them are the result of information you have accepted without question, often from your early childhood.

Self-trust is the first step to Your Success.

Another very common limiting belief that will not allow you succeed in your Business are money.

Any money blocks- charging too high, or even feel awkward asking for a sale.

You need to work on Your limiting beliefs.


Your all limiting beliefs will transform into your voice, into your business message.

Look at happy people, successful entrepreneurs.

They think positive, are optimistic, loving and believe in themselves, their brand and products.

How can YOU do this?

Change your thinking and you change your life.

If you follow any successful, world-known entrepreneur, notice they start their day with meditation, yoga or gratitude.



It’s the best primer for a good day. Nothing else will prepare you better for a great day!

This was one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned!

I started to express gratitude every morning.

4-5 mins I thank for everything I have- bread, bed, shelter, healthy child, loving partner, family and health.

Every (well…nearly every) morning I step out of my bed happy, freshly minted with powerful thoughts.


When you start so positive in the morning and feel thankful, the universe sends more happiness my way!

Little thing, BIG results. Try and see for yourself!

Focus on facts, not on thoughts or feelings.

Read out loud these positive statements:

  •  Mistakes don’t make me a failure but a human being with the capacity to learn.
  • Rejection is not a reflection of my character or my future but of some particular person’s preference.
  • Asking for help means I know how to survive and is a sign of strength and not weakness.
  •  Saying NO and putting my needs first some of the time means makes me powerful and puts me in charge

The confidence mindset boils down to this: you are a capable, you’re doing your best, and are enough.

Write down these positive statements and frame them.

Positive statements will cement your confidence mindset.

Want to build a Successful Business Empire?

Master your mindset

Successful business mindset is one of the most important skills for today’s entrepreneurs.

Let’s recap

Successful business mindset:

  • Positive, optimistic
  • Believe in your product and brand
  • Focus on the end result, know their process
  • Motivated by competition
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Always willing to learn
  • Take calculated risks


Where do YOU start?

Adopt this Business mindset and You will absolutely amaze yourself as you start to achieve new and better results.

Focus on Yourself. Love yourself, invest in yourself, because clients can only go as far as you’ve gone. Find time for yourself.

Shift all your limiting believes and believe in yourself, your brand and your products.

That’s how I turned the tables around. I did lots of self-coaching, invested in myself and my personal growth and worked on my limiting beliefs.

I know, that My OFFERS are the BEST. Yes. The best on the planet. PERIOD.

Because it helps others…it solves problems…because it provides value… it transforms lives….

When you adopt a new mindset, the SALES will become a natural process.

One of the biggest mistakes people do, is they do not have

A CALL TO ACTION at the end of every marketing peace they craft. I believe its because that they weather, they are naive and think people will check them out again or they have limiting beliefs: feeling awkward asking for a certain action or a sale.

Smart Marketers know, that people will never slide into your INBOX asking for a link to your sales page, or even bother asking to clarify any doubts.

It is YOU, who have to clearly communicate WHAT IS the next STEP you want them to do.

I’ll repeat this again- every marketing peace you create must have a call to action (some businesses have these ONLY on their ads)

If you think people will google you just because they saw you somewhere some while ago, think again!

The blog you wrote- have call to action

The podcast you had- have call to cation

Social media post-have call to action etc

You want them to like, subscribe and share- ask for it.

You want to sell a product- ask for a sale (ONLY when you see they are a good fit).

If you do not have call to action- your marketing strategy is poor and you put a massive ceiling on growth.

A new mindset will bring you to a level of confidence and certainty. You will feel comfortable charging your worth.

Here is the thing

If you don’t see and own your value, then no one else will.

Step into owning your value and charge accordingly. You package your genius into a Signature Offer, that change lives, right?

Do not try to match your prices!

Here is how I look at the prices.

Service based businesses should charge not by hour, but by the value they bring, by transformation they make.

Let’s say a relationship coach fixes a marriage. Relationship problems. It’s a HUGE problem and a pain that this problem leads to.

Just imagine to live life constantly arguing, fighting etc…or even breaking up! But here comes a coach, that has a framework how to fix it. Listen to each other, have weekly talks, time away etc (I am making this up)

A relationship coach fixes the marriage. A Happy marriage- it’s priceless! You can easily charge 20K, 20 K or…even more

A dating coach has helped to find LOVE, a super match. What a pain- living alone for the rest of the life…

A personal coach helps to lose weight and maintain the balance. What a transformation not just in kilograms, but also in self-worth, self-esteem. There is no price to our well-being, right?

A career coach helps to define what type of job a person would truly love. What a relief and problem is removed- to do something you don’t like for the rest of your life. It causes a massive pain- you become unhappy, stressed-out, self-doubting, and doing the job you don’t like most likely will bring you to a depression.

These are the transformations, that change lives therefore the coach has to charge accordingly, because the it’s priceless.

Are you confident? Not yet?

Confidence is a huge part of the mindset of high-ticket sales. If you lack confidence and if you’re bringing that energy into a sales conversation, you’re going to negatively impact the deal. What’s the chances to get a YES? Tiny tweeny…

Here is the truth about SALES

The first few sales will be the hardest. But once you make them and see happy faces, it will become easier the next time. Your confidence will grow with time.

When you master sales there are no limits to what is possible to achieve in your life, because life is all about the sale.

You sell or you are being sold to.

You choose.

I invite you to TRUST yourself. Believe yourself and your offerings. When you firmly believe in your offer, you exude certainty and belief. This draws people to want to work with you, increases interest, desire and makes them buy your offerings.

✅ Lesson #2

LOVE Yourself first

When I first saw this expression, I thought, it was a bit narcissistic. Hmmm I though myself…imagine…

Today I look at this from a different view point.

Today I know, that everything starts from LOVING Yourself.

If you don’t love yourself first, how on the earth can you love somebody else?

Love yourself first might sound like a cliché, but it isn’t. This is because all of us are born with this innate need to love ourselves. The problem is that sometimes we don’t always do it because of the way society perceives us and the expectations that we put on ourselves.

It becomes easy to neglect our needs and focus on everyone else’s point of view. We might even pivot from doing what makes us happy to what is expected of us by society or because we think that “everyone” won’t like it if we do something else. This could be taking up a hobby, pursuing a career, doing something different with our free time, and so on.

There is a common misconception about loving yourself first. Self-love isn’t a selfish act!

It is not a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean you are so much all about yourself that you don’t have space to care about others in your life. 

Actually, its vice versa

In fact, loving yourself first will give you a greater capacity to love others.

You can’t give from an empty cup, right?

Loving yourself means your respect for yourself—how much confidence you have in your abilities, worth, and individuality. Taking action to love yourself first also means you’re working on improving your self-esteem.

Believe it or not,

you have control over your self-esteem. Our upbringing and personal circumstances play a big role in how much self-esteem we all have, but you can improve your self-esteem.


Simply by learning how to manage your inner critic.

Unfortunately, we all have our inner critic—that voice of doubt and judgment… And most of the time, this inner voice is the biggest barrier to truly loving yourself. 

Why it’s important to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST?

It’s essential, because…

it directly effects our mental health our happiness. Love yourself enriches everything do do.

When you love yourself first, you will find fulfilment in your life through all these things that you never did before and consequently find your happiness by being true to yourself. It will bring happiness and peace.

I have very high standards for myself and a BIG loud critic inner voice, that used to be always on: “I am not good enough”, “How come can I not do it”, “Of course they think of me xyz…” blab la bla

Today my critic inner voice comes up, but I manage to shhhh it


Simply by changing my thoughts.

I ask myself- “who said this? Where is the proof”. If there is none (and that’s true), then it’s only my own made-up thoughts. Barry them NOW.

WHO cares? Judge me when you’re perfect!

Nobody has ever walked my path, was never in my shoes, so nobody has the right to say A or B, critique and so on. If they do- that says a lot about them, not me.

There are people have so much free time that they go onto social media and all they do is critique others.

You will never please everyone! Time from time there will always be somebody who will want to bite you! But it’s actually their deep problem- truly inside they are not happy. They have dreams, that never came true, they are jealous…

Most of the time we are our own enemies by:

  • not respecting ourselves
  • not being able to say NO and letting people take a use of us
  • sabotaging and limiting ourselves

It effects our own life and all our relationships.

So… LOVE Yourself first

The minute I realise how important this concept is, everything has transformed in my life. Today I love myself (well, not always, but…)

I used to have goal after goal. But once I achieve my goal, the same minute I would be onto another goal, another plan. I would never stop, thing and applause to myself.

“That’s not a biggie”- I used to think.

Can you relate?

That’s so WRONG!

We have to stop, witness our wins and achievements- big or small and celebrate. Be proud of all your achievements.

Achievement is the icing on the cake. We have to learn to like the cake that’s the sum of who we are first, so we have something to ice.

I used to have this FORMULA in my head

When I achieve my goal/, I’ll be happy

That’s WRONG!

Life is NOW.

We have to learn from yesterday, LIVE TODAY and hope the best for tomorrow.

What do you love? Maybe a piece of cheesecake and coffee, double-chocolate brownie, glass of wine, bottle of champagne or a weekend away?  Go for it!

Loving yourself will get easier over time. Work on it, because you’ll start to feel the benefits of it pretty quickly.

But remember

There is no time when you can cross “Loving myself” off your to-do list.

Don’t think of loving yourself as a singular task to complete. It’s a lifetime practice.

Not only it motivates and inspires us for more, but it builds memories and fulfils our lives!

Every day is beautiful! Remember- there is always people out there, who dream to have what you have already…

“I am not a morning person” or “I hate Mondays” – I hear a lot.

Well… there is a deeper problem. It’s not a morning or Monday. It’s only an excuse! Wipe this off your mind!

Where do you start loving yourself first? My advice:

Listen to your inner critic. Acknowledge and talk back to it. Do lots of inner work to change your thoughts (remember, everything starts with thoughts) Shhh the critic bitch voice.

If it’s too hard, get a professional help.

Accept yourself the way you are.


(stop living according to others’ expectations or your own perfectionist standards, and unconditionally allow yourself to be who you are, as you are) 

Be kind, forgiving, and patient with yourself.

Practise self-care, cultivate self-love. It will transform your life. GUARANTEED!

Every day is a GIFT! Frame this in your mind.


✅ Lesson #3


When you are starting a business it’s important to have a strong “why.”


 I believe that those, whose WHY is STRONG are committed to succeed.

Be honest and ask yourself:

  • -Why do you do what you do?
  • -What is the purpose?

When you have your BIG WHY, it’s one of life’s greatest joys to wake up in the morning Every morning, knowing, that you take actions and moving towards your WHY. Step by step.

When your WHY is BIG, you will feel fulfilled by the work you do. You wake up feeling inspired, motivated and never give up.

Your WHY is The engine that drives you.

Well… if your only goal of starting a business is to make money… if you see dollar signs everywhere instead of powerfully serving clients, changing lives, your why is not considered as a BIG…


If your WHY is a genuinely to help people, impact and touch lives, make a world a better place and it includes other people than you-


You have a BIG WHY.

The one, that will motivate you every morning to wake up. That will rock you on the challenges and will not let you to give up. Your WHY is a force in your life. It will renew your passion, kicks out your stubbornness and it gives a filter to make better decisions.

Remind yourself of these WHYs when you encounter a challenge.

A little exercise for you.

Dig deep and take root into your WHY.  Why do you want to go after your dreams? Why do you crave to make an impact through your career?

Do you want it just because the experts say you can earn 6 or7 figures a year? You can work anytime from anywhere?

Be honest, nobody is looking over your shoulder 😊

If you study the most legendary entrepreneurs in the world, you notice that they are motivated more than just money. It’s important to realise, because in the beginning you will earn less than working for somebody else and you will have no dollar months or even years…

When the beginning is hard as hell, you will have the resilience and perseverance you need to become successful.

A BIG WHY will give you an incredible power to:

  • commit to the market you serve
  • bring to the world the best offers
  • change the industry you’re in

You BIG WHY will make you determined and addicted to improving your customer service and industry you’re in.

The fulfilment and satisfaction you feel in every cell of your body will fuel you past all the challenges and obstacles in the way.

My WHY is to help as many small business owners as possible. Also, I want to help those who are in need: charities, kids’ hospital. My WHY is my son, partner, me & my family.

Don’t build a business to make just money. Build a business to make a world a better place.

THESE are the very first steps if you want to build a wildly successful business. If you want to grow, to expand, and to evolve. If you want long-term stability, sustainable growth and healthy profits.

Your Successful Business building starts today. Start with changing your thoughts and attitude, mastering Business mindset, and understanding how to set your sights high.

When You change the way you think

You change the way you believe.

When you change the way you believe

You change the way you behave.

When you change the way you behave

You have better feelings, results and life!

Because we’re all one thought away from the result we want.

Boldly & unapologetically go after your dreams

Dream. Attempt. Explore

Be more, do more, have more

To Your Success



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