Facebook Ads Breakthrough. eBook

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Whether you are doing well or are struggling to reach your goals, you are about to explore the most advanced features and strategies, that will skyrocket your business.

In this e-Book you are going to discover the strategies and tactics I used to build my business and to help build 6-figure businesses for my clients in a very short span of time.

These strategies and tactics worked for me, so did they for others.

And, they will pretty much work for you as well.

I will cover the all-important points and explain everything as much as humanly possible, so the information will not leave you scratching your head.

You will LEAR:

  • 11 Reasons WHY You should advertise on Facebook
  • Facebook Pixel- the Most Powerful Too
  • Three Levels of Facebook Advertisement
  • Creating Facebook Audience
  • Budget
  • How Facebook Decides Which Ads to Show
  • 5 Factors effecting the Cost of Your Ads
  • Three levels of the Buyers Journey and Sales Funnel
  • How to Measure Facebook Ad Success
  • The Perfect Facebook Ad Formula
  • 5 Ways to Scale Your Ads
  • 5 Ways To prevent Ad Fatigue
  • 3 Most Common Facebook Ad Myths 
  • Don’t Get In to Facebook Jail
  • 3 Steps to Successful Facebook Ads


Are you ready to move from the struggling phase to achieving massive online visibility? From worrying and guessing to wealth? From fear to freedom? Have more time for yourself and with your family? Take more vacations and enjoy your life you have been always dreaming about?

Well, expect miracles!