How to Turn Your Website into a Money Maker


“Do I need a website”- is the questions I get so often.
Business Owners are confused if their Business needs a website. I know where this confusion is coming
We have so many social media channels, sales funnels…
Here is the short answer
Yes, you do need a website.
A website helps you to measure and monitor, saves you time and money.
Nobody wants to work late, until 2 or 4pm, but people in another time zone could be looking for your
services and products.
My friend,
This eBook will explain to you step by step how to turn your website into a money maker.
By the time you finish reading this eBook, you will do things differently that will breathe in new success
in your Business and Your life.
I’ll prove to you Why you need a website and how to turn it into a money machine.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you know how many leads your website generates every month? Do you know how many sales
your website produces every month?
The average website conversion rate varies depending on the industry and business model. Generally,
though, across industries, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.3%, yet the top 25% are
converting at 5.31% or higher.
What if there was a way you could convert 15 %, 30 % or even more-of your website visitors into
customers? Imagine how much more money would you earn as a result?
Relax. You are on the right track. Everything is about to change…
I will show you how to:
➢ dominate your market
➢ how to grab attention and
➢ make money with your website
You will learn the hacks that will open customer hearts and wallets. You will know how to trigger the
part of the brain, that commands people to take action. How to put everything together, that leads
them to buy…without them even realising you are influencing them.
The more pages of this eBook you read, the more you will understand how powerful these tricks and
strategies are…. The more shocked you will get…
If you apply the SECRETS you are about to discover, your website will generate leads, customers, sales,
and consistent profits to your business.

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