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47 Ways to Sell Your Online Course

You’ve got the perfect online course. You are wondering how to sell an online course.

You’re confident in the value it will bring to your students. Now the only thing standing between you and a successful launch is marketing your course and getting students to enroll.

An information marketing business sells products (books, courses, booklets, manuals, seminars, workshops, coaching, etc.) to a specific niche market (i.e. opportunity seekers, gardeners, business owners, hobbyists, etc.).

Information marketing is one of the best, most exciting, most profitable businesses you can run. It is the business that has high profit margins,


it is the business that is the easiest to scale and make millions online.


Marketing and selling an online course can be difficult and time-consuming. The most important thing is to have a plan and to be organized.

So How to Sell an Online Course?

Keep reading…because

By the end of this article, you are going to find out


47 Ways to Well Your Online Course

As you sit there and read the article, you will tap into powerful ways to make money selling your course online.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll will have discovered tons of different ways to make money.

Let’s begin…


sell an online course

#1. Reach out to old leads 

If you have ANY clients that have bought from you before- reach out to them. This is your lowest hanging fruit! They know you and your brand. They are the ones, that re most likely to buy again. Of course, if whatever they’ve got from you was valuable.

Let them know about your online course. 


sell an online course

#2. Host a webinar

That’s my favourite! Why? Not only it is the easiest and fastest way to attract and convert, but you can sell your courses around the clock while you sleep.


By creating an evergreen webinar and targeting different audiences in different countries. Sure, we have Internet, that connects the world within a click.


sell an online course

#3. Get on podcasts 

Podcasts are getting popular every day. Its handy- you can do your room and listen at the same time, right. Share valuable tips, give some teasers and make them to check you out. After listening for half an hour or so, you have the time to impress.


sell an online course

#4. Write guest posts 

Guest posts on other niche related websites with high authority are another great way to build an audience for your course. It also will give a direct link to your site- if a post captures attention and is interesting, they are just a click away from your website- where you sell.


sell an online course

#5. Presell your course

One of the ways you can sell your course.

You can hang around where your audience is and collect information on what they are struggling with, what are their challenges. Target Facebook Groups and build your audience. You can create something up front- map out the MODULES and structure and then edit and customise. Then create a course to solve those problems.

By pre-selling your course and then creating it based on their real-time feedback, you’re much better positioned to create a stand-out course that will sell. 

You can firstly create mini course and another mini course. To make money quickly. Then when you’re done, structure Your Signature Online Course.


sell an online course

#6. Create a lead magnet 

A lead magnet is a “freebie” when you give away in exchange for email. Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your audience, build an email list.

But just because its free, it doesn’t mean people will be queueing for it.

Create a very good, valuable Lead Magnet, which will serve as a taste what your teaching is like. Choose one problem and show how to solve it. Do not be afraid to give VALUE.

One thing to remember- your lead magnet has to be related to your online course you want to sell.

Once you nailed your FREEBIE, talk about it everywhere anytime you get a chance.


sell an online course

#7. Use Amazon

Amazon has millions of buyers. You can leverage amazon’s audience to your advantage.


Create an Ebook on one specific topic that is related to your course.

Sell it for a good price (nothing to shop here, it’s instant download) and on the last page have a link to your course sales page.

If the eBook is really valuable and gives your readers a quick win and brings results, your course will sell like crazy.

BINGO. Thank you, Amazon.


sell an online course

#8. Set up Joint Ventures

A joint venture or JV is a collaboration between two parties. Look out who has built an audience and reach out to them. Make sure they have your audience and your businesses are not competing.

If you sell Facebook Ad Course, you can collaborate with somebody who sells YouTube Ad Course.

Together, you promote each other to your audiences through your social media profiles, email lists, or by hosting a joint webinar.  


sell an online course

#9. Promote to your network

Let your network know about your course. Yes, friends and family, word through word travels at a light speed online. 

Another way that will ask you just to make a post.


sell an online course

#10. Use Social Media

Do you want a hack how to get the biggest reach on any social media platform?

Use the latest features. The newer the feature and the quicker you start using them, the bigger the reach. Simply because they need people to use them.

As I say FAST is the name of the game on any social media platform.


sell an online course

#11. Call your audience 

Wait… call your audience? Yes! That’s another way to get clients. And while its very time-consuming method, this could be a great way to sell to.

Cold calling is a no for a lot of us…I know… Start targeting localy.


sell an online course

#12. Livestreams

Livestreams on any platforms- are another great way to market and sell. You get to connect with people directly therefore the response rate is higher.

Educate, and answer questions and sell.


sell an online course

#13. Partner with a YouTube channel

You can make a YouTube video and ask them to post it on their channel. There are channels that are looking for a content, so its good for them and you win too- you get their audience. So, it’s a win- win.

Reminder. Target YouTube channels that aren’t direct competitors but serve the same audience as you. 



sell an online course

#14. Market on Quora 

On Quora people are posting questions and looking for answers. Answer questions, provide value, build relationship and trust. This way you turn Quara into a perfect way to show your course as a solution to their problem.


sell an online course

#15. Partner with a Facebook group admin

Similarly, you could partner with Facebook group admins. They also are constantly looking for fresh content to keep their audience engaged. You can create some content and ask to promote your course or run a joint livestream.


sell an online course

#16. Create a Facebook group

Facebook encourages to create groups so they could keep people longer on the platform. When you create a group that gives a ton of value to your members, you build trust, you build relationships.

Then, people will be interested in what you have to offer.

Give before you ask for a sale.


sell an online course

#17. Grow a LinkedIn group

Another option to create a group, just on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn is where your audience is, then consider creating a LinkedIn group. Provide value and then let them know about your course.


sell an online course

#18. Share testimonials 

Great testimonials SELL. Once people see how you have helped others, they see you can help them too.

Haven’t done any sales? No testimonials?

No problem!

Then offer a few Free one-on-one one session.


sell an online course

#19. Run a challenge

Challenges are still popular. Hook them, show your knowledge! Encourage engagement, by asking to do a homework and update you on how did they get on. The more engaged the audience, the more excitement in the room, the more sales you make.

Share a few testimonials and sell.


sell an online course

#20. Employ your emails

Send a message and let them know what you’re up to. Tease them about your upcoming course. Provide value, put a smile on their face and sell on email.

sell an online course

#21. Upsell your products

Clever marketers always use upsells/down sells. It’s a wonderful way to boost your sales.

Add course as an when someone buys your products.


sell an online course

#22. Offer seasonal promotions

Black Friday, Christmas etc. promotions – bundle a few products and entice your offers!


sell an online course

#23. Launch your course 

Launch once, twice etc. every year.

If somebody says you launches do not work, I am here to say they are wrong.

When you’re not enrolling for your coaching, allow people get on the waiting list.



sell an online course

#24. Offer bundles

Combine a few mini courses and sell as one. A higher perceived value always sells.


sell an online course

#25. Ask for referrals 

Did you know that 92 % trust recommendations from people they know?

So, encourage people to spread the word about your course. You can offer BONUS for referrals to make it work fast.


sell an online course

#26. Use affiliates 

Affiliate marketing is very popular. It’s a win-win. Somebody who has an audience sells products that doesn’t own and gets percentage.

One of the top strategies to sell anything!

Want more affiliates? Great! Offer good percentage.


sell an online course

#27. Leverage PR 

Public relations (PR) is another great way to sell your course. More audience. More traffic and more sales.

While it could be hard to get featured in a very well-known publications like Forbes, starts target local pages and grow with time.


sell an online course

#28. Market your course on Reddit 

Choose a few subreddits or groups in your niche. First, connect, provide value and only then talk about your course.

Remember- give before you ask.


sell an online course

#29. LinkedIn

If your audience is on LinkedIn, then it’s your platform. You can first create content to show you know your stuff and get results. Then show your offers.

Also, by creating educational content, you have a high chance to rank on Google, because LinkedIn IS A HIGH Authority website (Has trust in Google eyes).


sell an online course

#30. Sell more with Advertisement

Paid traffic is the reason majority of billion-dollar companies made it so BIG. Facebook, Google, YouTube Advertisement can bring you more traffic and more sales than you have ever imagined.

Find your audience, craft a good HOOK, create persuasive copy and choose eye caching visuals.

Spend small amounts first on testing. Try lots of ad variations to see what converts the best. Only then increase the price and boom!


sell an online course

#31. Organize live events

Live events are back and people want live evens more than ever before (after COVID).

Choose a topic and market it on websites like or, social media.


sell an online course

#32. Attend events/ conferences

This in-person marketing strategy works. Courses are intangible product. So making connections, building relationships and selling face-to face is effective.


sell an online course

#33. Use your website

Create a different page for every course. Feature all you sell on the homepage, but refer people onto different pages, depending on their needs.


sell an online course

#34. Target local organizations  

If you course benefits local people, you can target non-profit organisations and ask to spread the word about your course.

For example. If a big percent of people living in your area have obesity and you have a course which shows how to lose weight.

Or maybe you have a course to improve mental health? Joga, mindset. Beautiful!


sell an online course

#35. Partner with companies

Similarly, you can also partner with organisation and offer your courses to its employees. Big companies usually have big budgets on person al development, counselling, carer etc


sell an online course

#36. Create a shorter course for a course marketplace 

You can create a FREE mini course and use it as a lead magnet.

All the course market places do not change you if you only have one and free course.

You get additional traffic!


sell an online course

#37. Influencer marketing

You can gift your course (or pay) and ask influencer to promote your course. Choose wisely. Its not the number of followers that matters. It’s the engagement, relationships. You will get better results if you do a bit of digging.


sell an online course

#38. Reviewers

There are blogs and YouTube channels that focus on reviewing products/services. Reach out to them and ask to review your course. They have huge traffic and are looking for new products they could review.


sell an online course

#39. Radio

Radio stations need guests constantly. Be interesting, hook them, make them go wow and mention your amazing lead magnet that they can get on your website.

That’s how you get radio listeners on your website.


sell an online course

#40. TV

Similarly, TV also have shows and programmes that you could be as a guest. Educate and motivate. Do not forget to use your freebie to get those people on your website. That’s how you turn TV watchers on to your website.


sell an online course

#41. Blog

When people land on your website, they only thing they are looking for is how they can benefit from it.

Therefore, have a BLOG. Your website an blog is the only peace of internet hat you have full control off. Take a goo use of it.

People by default re sceptic and looking for all the excuses not to buy. Use blog to show your level of expertise and knowledge.

Make them go wow, create light bulb in their heads. They will come back for more…and within time they will buy.



sell an online course

#42. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most effective strategies to market anything you want to sell.



Answer my question. Where do people go to look for the solution to their problem?

Yes, your dead right. Internet. Google- to be precise. They google million of things each day around the clock every day of the year. People around the globe are looking to get the answers to their questions, their problems.

It’s not yellow pages anymore (do you even remember such a book, ech?)

So, once they go onto google, they have a mindset to buy. They are ready to grab their wallet and hand their credit card.

That’s why Search engine optimisation converts very well.

Be aware though, it does take lots of time to get on the very first page of google. You need to get lots of back-links to your site. Back-links to your site (from high-authority,niche related sites) work like votes for your website and increases your website authority.

However, once you get on the top, you would never know how long you are going to stay there.

The first page of Google is a destination every marketer’s dream of…


sell an online course

#43. Get on TV 

Think TV is dead? Not so fast. TV is alive and well and by getting on different shows, you can promote your course to a broad audience. 


sell an online course

#44. Get on radio

Similarly, radio shows can help you promote your course. And the best part is that local radio stations don’t tend to be too competitive!


sell an online course

#45. Design a presentation for SlideShare

Design and interesting, short and sweet PowerPoint presentation that provides valuable information. Add a link and invite people to find out more about your online course.


sell an online course

#46. Speaking gigs

Local events, international events. Speaking on stage creates instant authority. Provide value and motivate. If you can-promote your course. If you can’t promote your course in the end (some events won’t let you to) then try to make it educational and motivational speech. If you capture their interest, they will check out your website or social media profile.

Also, contact your Chamber of Commerce or other business group and ask to talk to their audience. Usually Chamber of Commerce allow to promote your offers.


sell an online course

#47. Hang out in forums

Find specific forums related to your course topic and be present to answer questions.

what to do instead to sell out your online course)

Yeyyyyyy. There you have it!

Now you are armed with lots of options to market and sell your course online. Use the Godfather Internet to make big money selling your course. Go and apply the knowledge.

It is only effective if you take an action.


If this article has helped you in any way, please leave Facebook/Google review. The positive feedback and results is what inspires and motivates me to create more.

Share this article and let’s spread the love.

Happy course selling.

Yours, Rina


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