The Psychology Behind How They Sell More at Higher Prices

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Are you struggling to close sales at your current rates? Do you find yourself constantly lowering your prices to win over clients?

You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners face this challenge, and it can be frustrating and demotivating.

But what if we told you that the is solution to closing more sales at higher rates?

Something that you can tap into and learn.

Wouldn’t be amazing if you could raise your prices? By charging more, you make more. Agree? I thought so.

Imagine attracting those, who are willing to pay and appreciate your hard work?


In reality, there’s a process to closing high-ticket sales and attracting those perfect, go-getting clients. 

Keep reading, because…

You will about to explore the psychology behind how people sell easier at higher rates.

You will discover the secrets of how to sell your offers at higher prices.

Why Smaller Ticket Clients Make You Jump Through More Hoops


Have you ever noticed that selling
smaller ticket clients typically takes more time and effort?


Have you ever noticed that selling smaller ticket clients typically takes more time and effort?


This is because they usually have limited funds and are more concerned with finding the best deal. They compare prices.

On the other hand, clients who are willing to pay higher rates are typically more invested in themselves and outcome.

Raise Your Rates & Attract Clients with no Sales Objections



Many business owners are hesitant to raise their rates out of fear that they will lose clients or face objections during the sales process.

The truth is…

raising your rates can actually attract clients who are more serious about investing in your services.


When you position yourself as an expert in your field and charge what you’re worth, you will naturally attract clients who see the value in your services and are willing to pay for it.

People Value what They Pay Premium Prices for 



When you invite prospects to buy your high-ticket offer, you are offering them a high-end transformation.


If they invest in themselves at that level, they are going to take that transformation very seriously.

They are going to be fully invested, to do all the work needed and appreciate the value. They will get the results. Your templates, blueprints, worksheets are not going to collect digital dust.


When you charge less, you attract bargain seekers and price buyers. These are the people who don’t take it seriously, don’t do the work, procrastinate, complain and ask for refunds.

Just think yourself…

You buy a handbag

€ 10000 ( Louise Vuitton) vs €50 (Mango)

Let’s be honest.

You won’t care for €50 bag like you will a € 10000 bag.

Before Raising Your Rates 



But first

Before you can successfully raise your rates, you need to overcome any self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back. This can include limiting beliefs around money, success, or your own self-worth.

Firstly, identify and address these thoughts and beliefs.

Then, shift your mindset and step into your power as a confident and capable business owner.

Doing the Inner Work and Stepping into Your Power

The key to successfully closing sales at higher rates lies in doing the inner work to shift your mindset and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts.

This can include practices such as meditation, visualization, yoga and affirmations. By consistently working on your mindset, you can start to feel more confident in your abilities and attract clients who see the value in your services.

I also recommend you to spend time around those, who are charging similar rates. It will act like a kick in your ass and will inspire and motivate you like nothing else.

Pre-qualifying Clients Who don’t Have Sales Objections 



One effective strategy for closing more sales at higher rates is to pre-qualify clients who don’t have sales objections.

This means identifying clients who are already invested in themselves or their business and are willing to pay for quality services.

By focusing on these clients, you can save time and energy during the sales process and close more deals at higher rates.

Craft a pre-qualifying form, that clearly outlines what exactly you offer and what you charge. This will save you time and energy!





Raising your prices is like unlocking a door to high profits.

It’s you, who shut the door! Your limiting beliefs, ego-sabotage, self-sabotage, false stories, money mindset and self-sabotage.

By removing these barriers, and doing the inner work, you open yourself up to clients who value your worth and are willing to pay for what you offer.

Follow the steps and enjoy charging what
you’re worth


You don’t sell, you serve

You are worth it

You are a prize

When you add a high price tag to your offers, it generates a greater perceived value.


There is a real market for bargains and premium products too.


Here’s the truth…

Every time you raise your prices, you are going to have people pass. And then the perfect people for the new price inevitably will show up! 

Every. Single. Time.

You see, there are perfect clients & students for every price point. Your: 

  ✅ 7 template

  ✅27 Swipe files

  ✅97 Masterclass

  ✅997 Online Course

  ✅1997 Annual Membership

  ✅5997 Group Program

  ✅50,000 1-1 Mentorship

… They all have the perfect people just waiting for the support.

Charge your worth. Do not undervalue your expertise.

And ask yourself:

Does it feel aligned and natural?


Reed the below too 😉


€ 500 Client

“I just feel as this though with this investment I am about to make in you, that we should understand how our lives about to change and I need results, and you need to bring them. I am entrusting you with livelihood and lives.

€ 50 00 Client

“Money sent, thanks.”

P.S People Value their premium purchases.

Step into your power as a confident and capable business owner and attract clients who see the value in your offerings

Happy price raising.

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