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SEO Strategy Step-By-Step Plan

Are You Ready to finally take your sales to the next level?

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 Discover How to Skyrocket your Google rankings that will guarantee you more organic website traffic.

 More traffic, more leads, more sales.

 Dear Business Owner,

There was times, when it was easy to rank high on Google and other Search Engines ,but this is long gone. 

What worked before, is not working right now. New Google algorithms and updates change the game.

There’s too much focus on writing articles without any research, when they only sit there and gather dust.

Are You Ready to finally take your sales to the next level?

Today,most business people spend their time on creating content without proper research. Managers and business owners should focus on content that is optimized for Search Engines.

When used right, it’s the new land of opportunity

If you are serious about your Digital Sales Strategy, then it is time to leverage Competitor Analysis by implementing a Step-by Step- SEO Plan, that brings real results.

If you are still skeptical and wonder “Why Customer Analysis?”, here are questions and answers that will clear your doubts:

Before you want to rank for a target keyword , you should first find out who is already ranking very high. Remember- if these websites take first Google positions, it means they are feeding Google algorithms very well.

That is why you need a deep competitors analysis, that shows all the details and insights. You then have a realpicture and know how to proceed to wipe them off the first Search Engine positions.

oh ye, think about it. Imagine you have all this unbeatable data…

No matter what business you are in, there is a competition.

 In order to be better and rank better, you need to know exactly what your competitors are doing.

 The bottom line: most sales and marketing professionals  know a thing or two about their competitors.To beat your digital competitors, you need to know them head to toe.

The good news?

You can achieve incredible results, when you have a deep Competitors Analysis.

By knowing their steps and having a proven results driven Step-by-Step Strategy Plan in place, you will:

    1. Skyrocket your Search Engine rankings.

   2.  Rank organically and spend less on Ads.

   3.  Have more traffic.

    4. You will increase your sales and profits.

All because you have made the right decision to focus on your Competitors

Wouldn’t you love it if you were able to…

  • Rank higher organically and spend less on Expensive Ads?
  • Implement Our Proposed SEO Plan that increases your sales?
  • Have a step-by-step Plan and know what to focus vs.guessing what to do on a daily basis?
  • Spend less time on your business and enjoy the benefits of greater profits?

 With that being said, I do understand you- it may still be a challenge to figure out is this SEO Step-by Step plan for you?

 Your Success Awaits…


This is A results driven Plan, that suits

 any Online business: no matter if you are in production or are a service provider.

 It gives you amazing insights and guidance.

 This Plan is your complete solution for achieving higher Search Engine rankings,building a steady income and improving your digital sales and marketing strategy.

 This is more than a Strategy Plan. It is Your must have Business Guide.

It ensures that no matter what your online goals are,you will have a results driven plan to achieve them.

Welcome to a Step-By-Step SEO Strategy Plan that will…

  • Show you what do you need to do to outrank your Digital Competitors
  •  No more testing, guessing and wondering if there is a better way. No more unsuccessful attempts.
  • Reach your targeted audience organically and spend less on expensive Ads
  1.     One Proved Plan.
  2.     One Method.
  3.     Amazing Results.

It is not just about being online when it comes to Digital Marketing.

 It is about doing it the right way and doing it well

 What if we told you the keywords, that are easier to rank for. Maybe you are after high density keywords, that is impossible to rank high, therefore you do not have much traffic on your website.

Yes! I am ready to see my website get up the Google ladder, that will generate more leads and sales by implementing the very Best SEO solution!

 Here is a little sneak preview of what you will discover in Our SEO Strategy Plan:

  • Your Competitor Web pages, that drive most of the traffic on to their website
  • Your Competitor keywords, that drives most of the traffic on to their website
  • Your Competitor Web pages, that generates most of its follow and un-follow backlinks
  • Your Competitor’s most powerful Edu & gov backlinks

And so much more…

Discover How to reach your audience organically and have a leg up on your competition

POWERFUL STRATEGY to generate traffic that converts into sales

Here are some of RESULTS we have achieved using this unique strategy

Company: Keyword venues for free events in Dublin for kids

The first two positions are ads, company pays for it.

Then afterwards you see in marketing so called position 0, o otherwise- a featured snippet.

And then goes position number 1 and voyla, it’s

Its a massive achievement, considering for this keyword Google returned 16 1000 000 results. Find it in the very top of the page, after “all. “maps”, news” etc


Here is another position number 1 on page of Google no 1 achieved.

Company: Dublin Keyword: free events in Dublin for kids/ free events kids in Dublin and similar

Google search returned 37 200 000 results, so its a real art to be in position number one!

Engine Optimisation results

Company: Keyword: Dublin castle facts

Super results- Google page number 1, position number 3 with over 9 200 000 results.

Search Engine achieved results

Did you know, that to rank new websites is extremely hard, sometimes it is not possible . It depends on keyword difficulty you want to appear on Search Results.

We worked very hard to achieve this…

Company: Keywords: best Dublin playgrounds

What a digital masters art is to achieve position no 1 for a website, that was set up lately-in the end of 2016. And so many websites trying to be on top for this keyword- nearly 1.5 million results.

What a feeling to outrank big players like and all the rest…

Search Engine Optimisation

but that’s not all….

Our hard work paid off. The website we did SEO for, got featured in Google snippet.

To be featured in a snippet means a lot..It is everybody’s dream. These featured websites grab about half of the all traffic.

Have a look.. fantastic..

SEO Results featured snippet

The Price

The Price for SEO Step-by Step Strategy is 1000 eur- 2000 eur

 It depends on each situation and how much data we can provide you with.

Expensive? Well, think about it in another way.

  We are using a few of the very best tools available, that are costly, but gives you a real picture on where you stand what are your competitors doing and how to wipe them off these high positions. It guarantees great results.

What is the point to have a website, if you do not have a proven strategy and do everything to rank high organically.

With this Strategy You will get the results you are looking for. I know in my heart-this is a must for Every Online Business. It will completely change your business and increase your revenue. I promise.

Still Reading?

Let me make this simple for you:

If you got just one new client a month from this POWERFUL SEO Step-By-Step Plan, would it be worth it?

Imagine if it was one new client a week. Possibly a few new clients a week. Or maybe a new client/clients every day. Once you discover the tested-and-true way to make it happen,the sky is the limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business is it for?

It is for any kind of Online Business. Just one point- your competitor website must have some traffic in order to be analyzed.

Will this work for me?

If you follow all the steps, yes it will work for you 100 %.

How does this work?

You discover everything you need to know about your Competitor. All the insights and secrets. When you know what your competitor is doing, you follow our Step-by-Step Plan and wait for the results.

Remember- Competitive Research is crucial to your success

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