Top 10 SEO Tips for New Websites

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Top 10 SEO Tips for New Websites


Here are top 10 SEO tips for new websites. Read them all and apply to boost your Search Engine.

Remember, SEO is a very slow process. It takes a while. It could take years, depending on your industry and competition.

The thing is that you need to earn Google and other search engines trust. You ONLY earn trust with the time. Do you wonder how? By creating unique content and no duplicates, implementing high visual content that keeps people on the page and decreases your website bounce rate, no black hat SEO tactics and don’t spam.

Also, if you are in the position to hire SEO professionals, be very careful. Run away from companies, that promise 1st Google position?

Why? Simply because there are so many websites that aim for it, and there is no golden tactics that could guarantee Google position number 1.

Those companies are using grey or black hat SEO, which will only place you high for a short time of period. And… the worst part of it is when you are caught, and trust me, you will be, it’s just a matter of time, your website will be penalized.

Penalized websites never rank high.

I hope That this Top 10 SEO Tips for New Websites will reveal the top steps to do before launching your new website.

Let’s dive into Top 10 SEO Tips for New Websites


Tip #1

Choose short and a ‘keyword rich’ domain name. You need to investigate what keywords are search a lot. Also, take into account, that some of them are simply too hard to rank for. Therefore, this is the very first and extremely important step.

For example, if you have a beauty salon in Dublin and you find out that keyword beautyservicesdublin.ie is searched a lot, as well as is not too high in density, so this is the perfect domain name

Also, this domain name has a location in it, which helps visitors to understand it’s in Dublin.


Tip #2

Website hosting is an important step too. Never go for a cheap hosting. Have you ever heard the saying “ you get what you paid?”. So this could be applied. These cheap hosting company will not give you a good service-they often have downtime and the speed is not great either.

Also, choose a hosting company, that is not too far from your business location.

If you have a beauty salon in Dublin, you are focusing on the Irish market. Obviously, people from Dublin and around would be your targeted audience. So it’s good to have your hosting server that is not necessarily with Irish geographic IP address, but not from too far like America etc. It would increase the website loading times.


Tip #3

WordPress CMS platform are very good and has endless opportunities: all devices friendly, some great integrated SEO functionality, so many themes. And the beauty of it is that there are plugins available that helps to create a professional looking site you dream about.

So build your website using WordPress


Tip #4

It is not a good practice to change your URLs links. So make sure to choose SEO friendly permalink settings in WordPress admin area. Choose custom structure “/%postname%/”.

Remember-no longs links, no dates or symbols in URLs. These type of links look very spammy.


Tip #5

Create high-quality and relevant content and update your website. Content Marketing is the way to attract people on your website.

Content is King!

Don’t forget to optimise every single page and post. Use killing meta titles & descriptions, that will increase your click-through rate.


Tip #6

Content is King, but User Experience is a Queen. And the Queen always wins.

So how to improve the user experience?

Content on its own is boring. You need to use high quality visual content, such as photos, videos, infographics, cinemagraphs etc

People don’t read, they scan. Therefore, make sure your titles are attractive and articles a scan-able.

Use your keywords in the first paragraph of your content and throughout. But don’t overdo it. Google robots interpret this as ‘keyword-stuffing’ which might result in a penalty. So use synonyms and long tale keywords.


Tip #7

Sep up one or two social media accounts and connect them to your website. You have to be present where your targeted audience hang out.

Social media is a perfect opportunity to boost your business.


Tip #8

If you focus on local market, Set up a Google Places for Business listing. When somebody searches “digitalmarketingdublin” etc, chances are your website will come up within Google’s geographic search results.

Digital Marketing agency dublin


Digital Marketing agency


The lovely thing is that these local websites appear above the organic results. And if there are not a lot of businesses, you might come up very high. Otherwise, you will be seen when pressed “see more”

 It’s a best way to be seen on the top of Google, even if your website is relatively new.


Tip #9

Install the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and follow the these steps.

There is free and paid version. The free version of SEO plugin by Yoast gives you plenty to start with!


Tip #10

Install Google Analytics and connect it to your website. You’ll be able to monitor your website performance, make improvements, get to know your website visitors and their journey, know where from do they land on your website, how long do they stay and so on.

Google Analytics is a FREE tool for everyone by Google.



So here are  Top 10 SEO Tips for Your website.

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