TOP 10 Advantages of SOCIAL Media

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The advantages of social media marketing are countless.

In this article we highlight the TOP 10 advantages of social media marketing.

It has changed the way businesses operate. What we love the most about it is that it’s free ! Read the article and find out how businesses can benefit from social media marketing.

We live in a digital era, that’s no doubt. With over 4 billion internet users, 3.2 of those being social media active users, traditional marketing it is now losing strength while digital marketing takes over. Certainly, the traditional marketing will not disappear from the marketing strategies, but it will no longer dominate the business scenario.

But what exactly is social media? Social media can be described as the ability to use the internet to share and communicate instantly with others all over the world.

Unlike what most people think, Social Media did not start with Facebook. The birth of connecting socially with people through the internet started with Six degrees, the website agreed to be the first social media site launched in 1997. Going forward, MySpace took over, leading into and inspiring website like Facebook, which was launched in 2004.

Facebook is the main social media platform, that holds an impressive number of 2.2 billion monthly active users that visits the social network on a daily basis .

But Facebook is only one social media tool available in the digital arena. There are much more social media platforms:

  • Youtube,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest,
  • Linkedin,
  • Google+,
  • Snapchat,
  • Whatsapp,
  • Flickr and the list goes on.

Here are TOP 10 Social media advantages:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Build relationships
  3. Gain valuable customer data
  4. Improve search ranking
  5. Increase website traffic
  6. Increase customer’s loyalty to you brand
  7. Improve customer service
  8. Cheaper and targeted advertisement
  9. Helps to build global business
  10. Enables measuring the effectiveness of online campaigns

As we can see the benefits of social media is obvious. It is free to start, create your profile, provide contact details, address and a website link. But businesses have to pay if they want to be seen by bigger audiences and get a bigger reach. However, the advertisement on social media is more effective compared to traditional marketing channels.

Here are top 3 benefits of advertisement on social media:

  1. you can target your audience
  2. cost effective
  3. you can measure the results

So it comes as no surprise that Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years.

It is always beneficial to learn from big brands and see how they have benefited from social media. Check it out and adopt these tactics in your business strategy. Here are some case studies showing how to use social media and get the most of it.


It is believed that there will be 2.95 billion active social media users by 2020.

In conclusion, social networking is a must tool for every business. Its a powerful tool, that connects businesses with customers. If you are not on social media, you aren’t connecting with your potential customers.

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