7 Easy Ways to Turn Words into Money

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Ever thought you could turn words into money?

Well… Now you are thinking.

“Is this even possible”- you question.

But what if there was a way to write a message that would magnetize your readers like bees to honey?

Imagine crafting messages so compelling that they ignite a frenzy of excitement for your products, leaving your audience eager to vote with their wallets wide open.

Prepare yourself for a reading experience like no other.

What lies ahead is a transformative journey that will forever change the way you view your sales pages.

So, get ready to unleash the power of persuasive copywriting and witness the remarkable results it will bring to your business.

Your readers will be captivated, your products will be in high demand, and you’ll never look at your sales pages the same way again.


The time has come to unlock the extraordinary potential of your words and turn them into a profitable force.

Let’s dive in now and embrace the remarkable world of persuasive copywriting.

Turn Words into Money 

Way #1 use Words /Phrases that Sell

Words that sell are like seeds that grow into flourishing gardens of desire.

Just as a skilled gardener carefully selects the right seeds and tends to them with care, a persuasive marketer chooses words that captivate and cultivate interest.

These words, like seeds, carry the potential to take root in the fertile soil of the consumer’s mind, sprouting curiosity, and nourishing a sense of urgency.

Just as a garden blooms with vibrant colours and enticing fragrances,

 the right words can:

  • awaken emotions
  • paint vivid imagery
  • and create a sensory experience

that lingers in the memory.

They are the sunlight that illuminates the benefits, the water that quenches the thirst for solutions, and the gentle breeze that whispers promise of transformation.

Just as a garden attracts butterflies with its nectar,

words that sell attract customers, drawing them closer with the allure of fulfilment and satisfaction.

So, s sow the seeds of persuasive language, cultivating an oasis of trust, connection, and desire, where customers eagerly flock to experience the bountiful harvest of our offerings.

Check this article to learn words and phrases that Sell


 Turn Words into Money

 Way #2 Increase Trust


You can have the best offer and the best website, but if your prospects do not trust you, you will not sell. There are magic words you can add to your copy that will instantly add trust.

17 Words that get your potential customers to trust you:

  • Lifetime
  • No risk
  • Guarantee
  • Secure
  • Proven
  • Backed
  • Safety
  • Protected
  • Certified
  • No obligation
  • Dependable
  • Verify
  • Endorsed
  • Unconditional
  • Money back
  • Genuine
  • Authentic

Turn Words into Money


Way #3 Lower the Risk


Every purchase includes some level of risk, that’s one of the reasons people don’t buy.


Just by adding a few words and phrases, you can reduce risk dramatically.

Top 30 words/phrases to lower risk:

  • FREE
  • Safe
  • Risk-free
  • Refundable
  • Cancel any time
  • Guaranteed
  • Refundable
  • Best-selling
  • Results
  • Favourite of all time
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Happiness guarantee
  • Try before you buy
  • Tried and tested
  • Tried and true
  • Bottle-tested
  • No-questions asked
  • Proven to work
  • No catch
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Backed
  • Quick/Fast/Instant
  • Simple/easy
  • Endorsed
  • Reliable
  • Verified
  • Popular
  • Best selling
  • Professional/ Expert


Turn Words into Money 

Way #4 Add Scarcity/Urgency



One of the most efficient ways to sell more is to use scarcity and urgency. While it is a similar approach, the fact is, it’s two different meanings.

Scarcity vs Urgency

Scarcity means there’s a limited supply of goods.

Urgency is a time-based strategy.

This is an effective marketing strategy that all successful entrepreneurs and million-dollar brands use.


Because people by default postpone decisions…

I’ll get it tomorrow, or on Monday… Does this sounds familiar to you?

I bet it does.

In fact,

delayed sale is almost always a lost sale.

By adding scarcity and urgency, me make people to decide quickly and purchase now.

That’s why you see countdown timers, words and phrases like

  • hurry while it lasts
  • only for the first 10
  • for how long the product is available
  • only 10 seats left for this price etc

 It shows a potential buyer how much time they have to decide, or that is a limited supply of products.

Top 20 Phrases/Words that Highlight Urgency/Scarcity:

  • Now
  • Hurry
  • Quick
  • Limited
  • Hurry
  • Expires
  • Running Out
  • Fast
  • New
  • Deadline
  • Last Chance
  • Final
  • Never again
  • Limited Offer
  • Only x available
  • This month only
  • Only available here
  • Get while they last
  • Early bird offer ends soon
  • Last chance

To make scarcity and urgency work, you need to clearly describe what will happen if the action you are asking for is not taken at once.

  • Limited quantity
  • Price will go up
  • Free Bonuses disappear

Do you want to dramatically improve your sales?

I bet you do. That’s why you’re here.

Here is what you can do to sell like crazy.

Use scarcity and urgency for the same offers.

Turn Words into Money

Way #5 Imply Exclusivity

Everyone Loves an Exclusive Deal

Don’t you?

Most often, exclusive offerings offer no greater benefit than every day offers.

So why does it work?


People want to feel as though they’re a member of a small elite group. They feel they are lucky to get products/services that has a limit.

Adding an exclusivity element to your copy increases the perceived value. It signals higher social status as it’s only available to the ‘few’ giving the bonus of being rather unique.

Wondered about the disproportionate product price tags that sell like crazy?

Ever noticed the most popular clubs all have exclusive door policies?

Or the rumoured benefits and connections accompanying exclusive products, societies and clubs?

Top 20 phrases/words to add to make your offers exclusive:

  • VIP
  • Exclusive
  • Limited
  • Wanted
  • Gift
  • Rare
  • Famous
  • Competitive
  • Selective
  • Be one of the few
  • Become an insider
  • Be the first to hear about…
  • Only available to subscribers/existing customers
  • Apply to be considered
  • Get it before anyone else
  • Members only access area
  • Request invitation
  • Application closed

Turn Words into Money

Way #6 Add More Value


Low Pricing

Another marketing strategy that is used a lot is to price the product lower than any of your competitors. This strategy is most successful for mass sales.

It’s a good approach when your strategy relies on sales quantity.

You’re selling everyday products like a soap or dishwasher etc..

In that case, use phrases like:

  • the best price
  • law price
  • bargain
  • offer of the year/month/week
  • buy one, get one FREE

However, I personally feel, this is not the best approach if you sell info products, services. 


People generally don’t appreciate or value your product or service if it is the cheapest.

Also, you attract price buyers… those, who usually complain a lot…


I always advice to add value, not lower the price:

  1. Add free bonuses
  2. educate your website visitors

It will serve you much better than any other strategy.

Remember to always attract with a freebie and show WHY you are the one, that could be the best solution to better their lives and solve their problems.

Turn content into Money.

If you WOW them with your content, trust me, at some point they are going to buy from you.

And that’s not all


I truly want you to be successful.

One more advice that I see is extremely powerful and works every time.


Turn Words into Money

Way #7 You+ Because Combination


Two Words in one sentence that work like crazy


It adds personalization and makes the copy or presentation speaks directly to the reader/listener.

When it comes to email-add or live presentations, use person’s name.


Research showed, that hearing your own name causes your brain to activate and should cause your audience to become even more engaged in what it is you’re saying to them.

… Because…

One of the most influential words on planet earth.

If you want someone to take an action, you need to tell them the reason why they should do it.

Robert Cialdini conducted an experiment on how explaining why could give effective results.

The test measured the willingness of those waiting in line to let another person cut in.

The experiment had three steps. In each, the person attempting to cut in would approach those in the line and ask them if he could use the machine first.

In the first step, he simply said,

Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine?” which received a 60% success rate.

Step two saw the introduction of a reason,

I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I am in a rush?” receiving an impressive 94% success rate.

The final step saw the reason lessen in importance,

 “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make copies?” which still received a very respectable 93% success rate.

So, if you want results, use You + because.

Explain them a reason.


Congratulations, rock star!

You’ve unlocked the power of words that sell, and now your sales pages are about to transform your business and bank account.

It’s time to take your sales pages to unimaginable heights.

Picture this

Your audience being irresistibly drawn to your captivating copy, unable to resist its magnetic pull. With your newfound knowledge, you’re equipped to craft compelling and persuasive messages that not only attract, but also convert like crazy.

Embrace this exciting journey towards growing your business.

Craft successful sales messages that resonate with your audience on a profound level.

Now that you know the easy ways to turn words into money, your copy will possess an irresistible charm, evoking emotions and stirring up a sense of connection within your readers.

It’s time to put your knowledge into action and witness your conversions soar to new heights.

This invaluable lesson in effective communication is one of the vital ingredients in the recipe for a thriving business.

As you implement your newfound skills, you’ll discover the extraordinary ability to turn your words into money.

Remember, the power of words that sell extends beyond the realms of the internet. Whether it’s public speaking, ads, direct mail, email, radio, or television, these magical words will work wonders in every avenue.

So, embrace this exciting chapter, armed with the confidence to captivate and inspire through your compelling message.

Happy selling, and may your words forge a path to unparalleled success!

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