Words that Sell

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Magic words that sell… We’ll dig this in a moment.

But first…

I want to demonstrate how important this topic is…


Life is all about sales. You sell or you are being sold to.

You are here, because you want to make more sales, right?

Well done! You are in the right place


Very shortly, you are going to discover words that sell.

Words have unreal power. It is the most efficient weapon to sell anything.

This is the one marketing tool that has created more multimillion-dollar empires than any other tools combined!

All (well…nearly all) millionaires have levered this skill. They know that it’s the power of words that they use, made them rich.

Because there are Words that sell…

It is an enormous business skill that can provide you with a comfortable six-figure annual income.

Just think about it…

We make the most important life decisions just by saying three words:

 “Yes, I Do”!

Words can attract people to you, or drive them away. Words can cause pain, conflict and even war. Words can persuade others to take all sorts of actions. Words can melt people’s hearts… Words can increase love, life’s most powerful emotion.

Words can may people sad and happy, cry, laugh or…buy.

Guess what is one common skill all millionaires have in common?

It is…

The ability to choose the words and phrases which make a sales message successful. Simply put, they use words that sell.

Did you know, that people get rich just by using proven words and phrases?

Because there are words that sell…

There are entrepreneurs, that made €1,000,000 from a single ad, from one presentation, from one webinar, from one sales page…

How? Thanks to magic words! Words, that sell…

For the first time…

I got in sales when I was about 9 years old. My mum and I were selling pears in the market. I have sold more than my mu. I got so excited!

Then I got interested in sales when I was 12 years old. It was during our visit to my mum’s sister, when a vacuum cleaner Kirby sales people knocked on my auntie’s door.

We left in the beginning of the presentation, and by the time we got home I learned my auntie has bought the Kirby vacuum cleaner.

I couldn’t believe it! The vacuum cleaner from a complete stranger for over €1,000 just 40 mins later. It was my auntie’s three months wages…. I was dying to know what they said, how did they do it.

Later on, I experienced Kirby’s terrific presentation.

I also witnessed lots of big table rushes in live presentations. These people were selling courses for over €1000, €2000.

All these million € sales, ability to turn words into sales fascinated me. It still does.

I started to dig deeper, how to sell anything. I started to study human behaviour, sales psychology, persuasion. I attended webinars and seminars, read books and attended live events. I learned from the greatest minds in the world. Then I practised, tested and tested. I was hooked!

What I discovered was shocking….

Words sell…

How great sales people make millions?

Using magic words… Because these are the words, that sell.

A little sceptical? That’s OK too.

Because you will see the remarkable difference…

Once you add these magic words in your business messages.

Words are the most powerful sales weapon.

Imagine yourself knowing these words and phrases…


Every time you use them, it turns into money…

You don’t realize it yet, but you’re very lucky…


By the end of this article, you’ll be on the way to sell more…

Did you know, that there are certain words, that:

  • change minds
  • make people buy

Get excited!


Very shortly, you are going to discover how to increase trust and reduce risk, the two words that are magic when used in in one sentence.

 You are going to discover how to turn words into money. Words and phrases, that have been proven it works like magic!

There are words and phrases that sell! They trigger buy button in heads and make people buy.  

I am going to pull the curtain and reveal magic words and phrases.

Just one agreement, OK?

I want to ask you that whatever you sell, you are not going to use these words and phrases in an unethical way. You stand behind your product wholeheartedly. After all, this is your name on the line, and you always want to be found selling with complete integrity.

Choose words you say on your website, sales pages, advertising, presentations that sell.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into the juicy secrets how you can attract and convert using just words.



#1 15 Power Words that Sell


  1. You

One of the 3 most powerful words in marketing of all time

Wonder why? Because…

The word “you” speaks directly to a person. By simply adding the word “You”, you make your message feel personal.

When people see “You” they feel your copy is made just for them.

  1. Secret

Who doesn’t like secrets? I guess I have answered why this word is remarkably powerful. Ha. When you use this word, you get attention straight away.

  1. Immediately

The majority of us have no patience. That’s why this word works.

  1. New

We humans are curious to try new things. That’s while this word works.

  1. How to

How to guides are extremely popular and grab attention on the web.

Millions of people around the globe google “how to” phrases every second.

  1. Easy

Humans want easy answers and problem solvers. A short and straight to the point 10 pages e-book is perceived as more valuable than a 200 Pages Book.

  1. Effective

It tells us that it has been tested, that’s why it is effective.

  1. Powerful

You’re about to discover powerful things. It gets attention!

  1. Limited

Humans what is hard to get and has exclusivity, VIP access only.  The word “limited” increase fear of missing out and it whispers to take action now.

  1. Hurry

The word “hurry” also increases the fear of missing out.

  1. Deadline

Another great word that increases fair of missing out and tells to act before the deadline. Otherwise… you’re going to miss out.

  1. Bonus

Adds perceived value.

  1. Instantly

It tells us that we are not going to waste time. For example, invest now and get instant access.

  1. Special

Explain Why your product is special and you’ll sell more.

  1. Today

Tells people there is no waiting. All good things happen today.

Did you know, that you can talk straight to the subconscious brain?

It’s crucially important in sales, because…

The subconscious brain is a powerful tool in every-day decision-making. Why?

Because it is preprogramed through our conditioning to make decisions without overanalysing them.

I know now you wonder How to speak directly to the subconscious brain?

Simple. Use powerful words/phrases




#2 12 the Most Powerful Sales


that bypass the critical part of the brain:

  • Just imagine…
  • How would you feel if…
  • If only it did was…
  • How open-minded are you
  • I’m not sure if it’s for you, but
  • I bet you’re a bit like me:
  • If…then…
  • Most people
  • Sooner or later
  • The Good News
  • Here is what happens next
  • Find Yourself




#3 101 Most Powerful Marketing Words


 that has been proven to work:

  • free
  • sale
  • new
  • guaranteed
  • special
  • tested
  • improved
  • immediately
  • no obligation
  • simplistic
  • powerful
  • essential
  • valuable
  • how to
  • discount
  • reduced
  • enormous
  • authentic
  • announcing
  • introducing
  • practical
  • easy step-by-step
  • best-selling
  • insider
  • lifetime
  • affordable
  • limited
  • last minute
  • special offer
  • lifetime
  • epic
  • unbelievable
  • approved
  • latest
  • competitive
  • full
  • important
  • urgent
  • amazing
  • exciting
  • portfolio
  • revealing
  • excellent
  • just arrived
  • beautiful
  • growth
  • astonishing
  • greatest bonus
  • remarkable
  • unique
  • bargain
  • hurry
  • informative
  • complete
  • last chance
  • final
  • reliable
  • terrific
  • breakthrough
  • profitable
  • unconditional
  • refundable
  • unlimited
  • insider
  • inspire
  • quickly
  • revolutionary
  • magic
  • guaranteed
  • reward
  • surprise
  • delighted
  • delivered
  • secrets
  • outstanding
  • energy
  • quality
  • confidential
  • wonderful
  • simple
  • forever
  • proven
  • be-aware
  • fascinating
  • simplified
  • tremendous
  • helpful
  • successful
  • opportunities
  • quick
  • unbeatable
  • direct
  • value
  • results
  • limited time
  • grab now
  • download
  • certified
  • exclusive




#4 Top 7 Words that Increase Curiosity

  • Secret
  • Forbidden
  • Confidential
  • Private
  • Controversial
  • Confession
  • Insider



#5 Top Phrases That Get People to Buy


Here are some popular phrases that get people to buy. These are words that will help increase your sales…

  • Inventory won’t last long
  • Be one of the few
  • Only available to the first 20 who take action now
  • Tested
  • Tried and tested
  • Only available to subscribers
  • Best deal all the year
  • Bestsellers
  • Best deal of the year
  • Biggest sale of the season
  • Biggest sale of the year
  • No one can beat our prices
  • Guaranteed
  • Imagine…
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Be the first
  • Close out sale
  • Bonus
  • Going out of business sale
  • When I started using this… (list a benefit)
  • Hassle-free
  • Door buster deals
  • Everything must go
  • Ironclad
  • Lifetime
  • Small investment
  • Hurry or everything will be gone
  • Let me take care of that for you
  • I’d be happy to solve this for you
  • Exclusive
  • Factory deals
  • …for pennies a day
  • New
  • Half off
  • Save 50% on additional
  • Get this deal here only
  • Mega sales
  • Massive liquidation
  • One day only
  • Online sale only
  • Only 10 available
  • Protected
  • Only 3 left
  • Now
  • Only available online
  • All the bells and whistles
  • Savings won’t last long
  • Best-selling
  • Proven
  • Cancel anytime
  • Offer
  • Secret Sale
  • Results
  • Refund
  • Invitation only sale
  • Members only
  • Premiere
  • Complete
  • Pulled some strings to offer
  • Get them while they last
  • These deals won’t last
  • Time is running out
  • Join us
  • Free trial
  • Unbelievable discounts
  • While supplies last



#6 The 5 Most Persuasive Words in English   

  • You
  • Because
  • Free
  • Instantly
  • New


#7 The 5 Best Magic Sales Word

  • Instant
  • Easy
  • Increase
  • Fast
  • Guaranteed

I’ll squeeze in one big fat bonus. Because I truly want you to be successful!

The truth is…

Your headline, sub-headline and first sentence is crucially important. Start STRONG!

It will make somebody stay or leave…

Therefore… I decided to add


#8 Top 101 Most Powerful Opening Statements


  1. It’s no secret that …
  2. Let me ask you a simple question.
  3. Now you can …
  4. Think “what if” …
  5. Believe it or not, …
  6. Let’s face it.
  7. Let’s be honest.
  8. Take off for …
  9. Leap into the …
  10. Dive into the …
  11. Discover the secret of …
  12. Explore the …
  13. Encounter the …
  14. Experience the …
  15. Meet the …
  16. Learn about the …
  17. Nine times out of ten…
  18. ______That’s what every ___industry expert is saying
  19. Say “yes” to …
  20. Join the …
  21. Capture the …
  22. Recapture the
  23. Listen, it will change your mind about …
  24. Forget everything you’ve heard about …
  25. Here’s an idea worth considering.
  26. You’ve probably noticed that …
  27. Just wait until you …
  28. Today, I’d like to…
  29. I’m extremely pleased to tell you that …
  30. Imagine being able to get a _____ for only €
  31. The results are in.
  32. Recent research shows that …
  33. As you’re aware, …
  34. Did you know, that…
  35. It’s not every day that …
  36. Just a note to tell you about …
  37. Prepare yourself for the greatest…
  38. Have you ever….
  39. Get ready for…
  40. Don’t let _____ keep you from getting ahead.
  41. Don’t be caught without _____.
  42. ____ often spells the difference between failure and success.
  43. Within 30 days, you could be …
  44. You can organize a successful _____.
  45. Look to your left and to your right.  One of your …… 
  46. Think about …
  47. Fasten your seatbelt!
  48. I bet you’re here because….
  49. What you’re about to learn is going to shock you…
  50. Who wouldn’t want to…?
  51. For under €_____ you can …
  52. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who …
  53. As a _____, you know how important it is to …
  54. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.
  55. If you’re like most people, you probably …
  56. If _____ is your passion, then you’ll appreciate …
  57. In today’s competitive market-place, …
  58. I used to think that …
  59. In today’s uncertain economy, …
  60. In today’s volatile market
  61. _____ industry experts estimate that …
  62. We live in an increasingly complex society.
  63. Today, more than ever before, …
  64. Here is a game-changing lesson…
  65. It’s true fact that …
  66. For once in your life,
  67. __ like a professional.
  68. _____ like an expert.
  69. _____ like a millionaire.
  70. … Join the group of people who …
  71. It’s never too early to …
  72. It’s never too late to …
  73. Now, the real truth about _____.
  74. Sometimes I wonder why …
  75. Let’s talk about why you need _____.
  76. If you seriously want to …
  77. Your _____ is just weeks away.
  78. Anyone who knows _____ will tell you that …
  79. It isn’t enough to be …
  80. Here is the solution to your …
  81. Dare to live your dreams.
  82. Are you also making this common mistake, that…..
  83. You’ll be shocked by what you’re about to discover…
  84. Every once in a while, you come across a _____ that …
  85. _____ could determine the future of your business.
  86. How has _______ changed the way you live your life?
  87. What I’d like to reveal to you today is…
  88. If you’ve been waiting for the right _____, you don’t have to wait any longer.
  89. We are effectively wasting over €2 billion per year on
  90. You don’t know it yet, but in the next 30 mins you are about to…
  91. Imagine being thirsty all the time, but never having anything to drink
  92. It’s hard enough to _____ without having to worry about _____.
  93. Remember the time when you….
  94. The most common industry myth is…….
  95. If you tried……. Then you….
  96. By the end of this presentation/article, you are going to learn the most….
  97. The biggest lie ever…
  98. What they don’t tell you is that…
  99. Have you ever wondered how…?
  100. How on earth…..
  101. Listen.


You have just discovered words that sell…

Words hold the key to unlocking success.  The words we choose have the power to evoke emotions, to ignite desires, and to drive action.
Just as the painter strokes their canvas with vibrant hues, we wield our words with precision and purpose, painting pictures of possibility and shaping the world around us.

In a sea of digital noise, we strive to cut through the clutter, to craft messages that not only sell products and services but also touch lives and inspire change.

Use magic words to create experiences that leave an indelible mark.

As you navigate this dynamic field, may your words be a beacon of authenticity, integrity, and connection, forging lasting relationships and propelling brands to new heights.

Remember, within each sentence lies the potential to spark a revolution, to shape the future.

So craft your messages with purpose and passion, knowing that the right words, in the right context, can truly change the world.


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